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Why I'm Thinking of Leaving Vocal

It's a tough decision

By Rebecca SmithPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Why I'm Thinking of Leaving Vocal
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I started writing on Vocal a few years ago. I thought it would be a good way to get myself out there, and earn a little bit of extra money on the side. I was under no illusion that I'd be earning enough to live off of, or anything like that, but I wasn't expecting it to be only $30 in three years...

I studied writing at university and I have a Masters Degree in it. But my Masters was during Covid, so sadly, I've never been able to use my degree and do a job that I want to do - which is writing for TV and film, or at the very least, edit screenplays. So writing on here still made me feel like I had a purpose. I'd see the figures of people reading my work, and seeing the likes and it made me feel good. I wasn't getting hundreds or anything close to that, but knowing that even a handful of people liked my work, made me feel good.

Fast-forward to now, and Vocal is becoming a chore. One that I don't enjoy at all. Unless you're a Plus member, you can't enter challenges - which is horrible! It gave me a writing focus and I really enjoyed participating. I never won, because winning was only ever a Plus Member's treat, but it was still nice to be in with a chance. Also, I don't know what they've done, but my stories are getting likes, but they reckon I've had no views, meaning I can't earn anything from it. Well, HOW am I getting likes for what I've written if no one is reading it? Seems a little off to me. It now just feels like one massive con. I actually feel really put out by it. I spent ages writing for this site, having a few 'top stories' and now they treat me like this? I feel like I'm being scammed by the very site that gave me a reason and purpose all those years ago.

Becoming a Plus Member has its benefits, but I can't afford a subscription. I have hardly any money left after bills for food, or clothes, or even basic every day essentials, so £90 a year for this website is extremely far-fetched. It's actually quite demoralising how they treat non-Plus members now. A few years back, I had a month of free Plus Membership. It was great. I could submit to challenges, and I earned a little more on reads, but none of it really showed me what I'd be getting for the money of the subscription.

It also feels like they now only give 'top stories' status to AI written work, maybe the odd thing that is culturally appropriate at the time. Real writing seems to be slipping by the algorithm, and I'm not the only one. I know of five people who have quite Vocal this year alone; and we're only just into May. I think Vocal needs to start treating us better to be honest.

I feel awful for saying anything against this, as like I said earlier, it used to give me purpose, but I feel so let down. I've even stopped receiving emails from them. Tried to get in contact via customer support, and I've still had no response, all these weeks later. Between that and the lack of reads being accurately recorded, I think my days on here are very numbered.

My personal life is in tatters at the moment, and writing is usually the thing that drags me away from it all, but when I try to write something, I just think 'why bother? Vocal don't care. They'll just pretend I've had no readers and I won't earn anything from it.' So then, I put the laptop down and struggle with my life without distraction.

So yeah, thank you to those who read my stuff, and to those who like and interact with it. It's a shame that it has come to this, but I think leaving might be my only choice. I guess time will tell.

And if we don't see one another again, just remember what I've got in my bio:


Thanks, Rebecca x


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