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Tale of a Dragon.

By AlbinPublished 3 months ago โ€ข 3 min read
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In Nigeria, once in a small village between Oshodi-Isolo, there lived a young girl named Maria She was known for her curiosity and determination. As she grew, the village elders noticed her innate strength and wisdom, qualities that would shape her journey into womanhood.

Maria's path wasn't without challenges. She faced societal expectations and stereotypes that sought to confine her spirit. Yet, she persevered, embracing her uniqueness. A wise elder named Elara became her guide, teaching her the ancient art of storytelling.

Through the seasons of life, Maria's tales reflected the myriad facets of womanhood. From the tender bloom of youth to the resilience of facing adversity, her stories resonated with the hearts of those who listened. She wove narratives of courage, compassion, and the power within.

As the years passed, Maria's influence extended beyond the village. She became a beacon for women seeking their voices and identities. Her stories inspired others to break free from the chains of societal expectations, celebrating the diverse tapestry of womanhood.

In the twilight of her life, Maria gathered the village under the ancient oak tree. With a twinkle in her eye, she shared a final tale, encapsulating the essence of womanhoodโ€”a journey of self-discovery, strength, and interconnectedness.

As Maria's story echoed through the hills, the village realized that womanhood wasn't a singular experience but a collective symphony of shared struggles and triumphs. Maria's legacy lived on, woven into the fabric of the village, a timeless reminder that the true power of womanhood lies in embracing one's authenticity and lifting others along the way before, during and after marriage.


1: Marry a man that has sense enough to know that paying your bride price is not equal to buying you.

2: Marry a man who has sense enough to know that marrying you is not doing you a favor.

3: Marry a man that has sense enough to know that you pose to have cramps and mood swings during your monthly circle, and shouldn't use it against you.

4: Marry a man who has sense enough to know that as a woman you also have a right to say "NO" to sex at times and if he must have his way he should at least try to make you happy and put you in the mood.

5: Marry a man who has sense enough to know that after childbirth you are posed to have stretch marks, big stomach, sag boobs and not too good shape, and he shouldn't because of that compare you to a sweet 16, your sag boobs or stretch marks is a sign of motherhood.

(Although you can work it out and be back to shape which is proper.)

6: Marry a man who has sense enough to know that there are times you are just too tired to cook, and him taking you to the eatery to eat dinner or him fixing the meal that day to save you the stress is not a taboo.

7: Marry a man who has sense enough to know that you have a right to voice out your frustration, a right to agree and disagree, a right to air your opinions.

8: Marry a man who has sense enough to know that you deserve to hear "sorry" from him and he's obliged to plead and ask for forgiveness when he errs and not use his headship as a means to escape saying "sorry"

9: Marry a man who has sense enough to know that hitting a lady is a crime against humanity.

10: Marry a man who loves your soul not just your body, marry a man who enjoys talking to you even without touching your body, not someone who cannot talk to you without touching you.

Summarily, to the Lady reading this, May you not waste your years loving someone that is only playing games with your ๐Ÿ’ž heart๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘‘ after a wonderful hard work to achieve life goals.


Chairman, First Bank Nigeria Limited; Founder & CEO, The Chair Centre Group and Founding Trustee, WIMBIZ on being named Winner of the 2020 Beta Gamma Sigma, Business Achievement Award.


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  • scoggin2 months ago

    please keep up the efforts! it's appreciated

  • Angela Unung2 months ago

    I Love it....just made me appreciate my womanhood. Thanks

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