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By Jay KantorPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 4 min read
Top Story - December 2023
Author © Jay Kantor ~ illustration © Terrilynn

— Hooking in the Reader —

MANY among us write with an introduction using logos and 'Handles,' I use my name proudly for better or worse — I Yam what I Yam — And that's All that I Am. I know that I'm not everyone's page-turner preference; I'm ok with that. If we are going to be out-there within this fabulous platform on a Global basis, then be out there as YOU! How would your closest friends over the years describe you? Who from our VM Village would you like to sit down at the Cheesecake Factory and actually speak to in person. No, not just a virtual friend, but touchy-feely 'real,' I can think of several, I'd even treat!

Written for the Reader, and what might pull you in about an article? With so many personal reasons for reactions~distractions, what are the elements that produce 'The Hook' {if you will} into spending their time with our story? We as writer's, always seem to 'percolate' about that.

When curiously looking at a subject through another’s eyes, do you identify with the personality of the tale teller? Will you go with the writer into an Escape Room, but need to be sure they’re going to Show you a Good Time.

Considering the lure of the theme would the reader be the saver or solver with a 'potion' that is 'finger-licked' each page throughout the story? Why not, as it's most likely in you, too. In the best of stories the reader is not idly standing by, but actively participating picturing themselves as the hero of the story – Come-on we all do that.

Romance is such a flexible theme that it can be interwoven with adventure, history or even comedy. Indulgence is the key draw here. Heart and brain are irrevocably intertwined; at least with some of us. So we can feel as deeply as we can think. Yet there can be an element of fantasy here as we are entertained by activities and emotions that may, alas, never come into our real lives. Again though, momentary participation is afoot! May I have this Dance, Mademoiselle?

— Lets Tango —

For whatever reasons, the lure of the story and the passion of those who tell them have been with us as long as humans have rhythmically pranced on this planet. Let this intrigue never end, and your Dance-Card never be filled!

Delving into characters. Do we put ourselves into our subjects to fabricate our many traits to construct a tale? Do characters act out what the writer wishes they had said or done? How many times have we thought about an incident and wished we had written this, or added that?

— From The Short ~ 'Sugar-Daddy' —

How do you see it - What do YOU pick out in an article?

I could say it's a strange phenomenon but it's not, it's just human nature, with so many reasons for personal reactions. What does it speak-to-you? What is the 1st thing that catches your eye, with any topic, then piques your interest enough that viewing a particular short story may be worth your time? Presentation 1st impression intros brings-um-in. None of my writings create anything other than passing interest. No story is everything to someone, we all differ.

— Pieces of the Piece - Perhaps? —

I hadn't really thought about why authors choose certain topics to write about or why they seem to stream within certain genres. What does it say about the author. Do your readers anxiously page-turn trying to solve your 'Tell-Tales' way before the actual Reveal?

~ Authors Quick-Quips ~

— Lifes Full of Flaws ~ Lost Causes —

Sometimes something feels better than nothing but nothing would be something if we could see it as something other than nothing...

Do you remember thinking that once finishing school would be 'It' for you, but was it? After school did you think the big job was 'It' for you, but was it? Was there ever anything that was really 'It' for you? Take some time and look at yourself now. Could this be the 'It' for you, or is there something even more "It" for you in your future? We are always reaching for the next plateau where the grass may be greener.

Just quick thoughts for a future writer, or at least someone willing to hang it out there by putting pencil to paper…then sharing it with others – When in doubt make a fool of yourself - fun to fun yourself - while eveyone's looking.

— 'Type & Ride' —

Attn: VM Brass ~ Merchandise Department - I Just discovered an under the desk 'lectric rotating leg-foot bike. It even has a calorie counter feature for all of us Perpetual Writing~Noshers - No Helmet Required - Can't fall off of the Floor.

Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, California

'Senior' Vocal Author - Vocal Village Community -


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Jay Kantor

Retired: Write for "The Kids Someday"

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  • C. Rommial Butler2 months ago

    The immortals write for reasons even they don't understand. I presume because incarnation is harrowing and intoxicating and leaves a veneer of fog between our temporal and eternal selves. Between something and "nothing"? :) "Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world." -Percy Shelley "What is it? It's it." -Faith No More, "Epic"

  • Hannah Moore3 months ago

    No so see I didnt see it, I'm not subscribed! I never think anything is "it" for me, and I'm surprised how often it is!

  • Kenny Penn3 months ago

    Great piece, I especially loved what you wrote ,”Sometimes something feels better than nothing but nothing would be something if we could see it as something other than nothing”. Really struck a chord with me

  • JB - Congrats on another great story. I like the paragraph about the leg-bike exerciser idea to the VM Brass. Also love Terrilynn's Bulldog. Great job all around - Kathy

  • WENNA WILLIE3 months ago

    Love it so much.

  • JB - I’m really glad to see your recently posted “Three Minute Shorts” inspired your fellow “Vocal" writer - Shirley Belk to write her own slant. As with all of your contributions to “Vocal,” you regularly force me to pause, think and reflect on my life, too. So, keep ‘em coming…!! Guy in S.F.

  • Kristen Balyeat3 months ago

    J-Dude, what a wonderfully thought-provoking piece! Love the way you write the deep stuff with a kick of sass and humor! I can tell you one thing, I'd love to have a chat with you over a piece of cheesecake and that delicious ice tea they serve up over at the calorie factory! What hooks me as a reader? Depends on the day. Guaranteed I'll keep reading if you make me feel, make me laugh, make me think. If you can wrap me up in the details so intensely that I go into the pages and find myself there (as the hero), time no longer exists—am I reading or is this my reality? As far as what I write and why...ask the wind. It whispers ideas into my ears and I simply grab a sticky note, the back of an electric bill, or the closest keyboard and try to write the words down before they blow away. Great article, friend!

  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Excellent effort! Keep up the superb work—congrats!s💖

  • DEUXQANE3 months ago

    The advice of just going out and making a fool of yourself, or making fun to have fun with yourself is something I take to heart--just in different words. I always tell myself that the blank page is a battlefield and that I'm free to scratch, tear, bleed, and tumble all over it. The more honest, vulnerable, and real, the better. And I find that emotional kinds of writing and relatable experiences to me are what hook me in. Granted, though, I do also try my best to take my time with what I'm reading. Sometimes I can hear my inner voice telling me "this is boring," but I push through because I want my brain to understand it can do hard things. And when I finish, if I feel something, I'll say something (like right now! Your work made me feel something!), and if not, I just move on. Thanks for putting this together, and congrats on top story!

  • L.C. Schäfer3 months ago

    It's very hard to pin down what can pull you in about a piece. Or a person, if it comes to that. Easier to spot what turns us off. Is that negativity bias in action? 🤔

  • Jay~ It is always nice to take that journey with you as you ponder things that challenge the comfortable confines of our minds. Pencil to paper? You are dating yourself! The young’ns perhaps cannot fathom writing that way! ~ Rob

  • Novel Allen3 months ago

    I get ideas from dreams, from the sky, from peoples stories, from movies, in other words from everywhere. I spin tales from tales and hope someone reads it. Always there will be greater or lesser persons than ourselves-so Just be ourselves and go with the flow. Freedom to do what comes from the heart.

  • The Dani Writer3 months ago

    You've asked some good questions for writers to consider Jay. Congratulations on the top story!

  • Tressa Rose3 months ago

    Back to say congrats on top story, you deserve it!

  • Dave Wettlaufer3 months ago

    😀 👍

  • Conor Darrall3 months ago

    I really love this Jay! The mixture of grounded wisdom and insight, all humorously delivered (and with great timing, which a lot of people forget when someone is reading comedy). I think the pebbles in a can approach works well. It is free form and chaotic, yet contained and directed. Really lovely, understated work. Well done, friend!

  • Kendall Defoe 3 months ago

    TS all the way...!

  • Shirley Belk3 months ago

    Make that cheesecake AND Champagne, Jay! Congratulations. I knew it was a winner way back when.

  • Gerald Holmes3 months ago

    Well done. You made me laugh a few times here but you also made me think. Congrats on Top Story.

  • Babs Iverson3 months ago

    Love your humorous and entertaining story!!! Congratulations on Top Story too!!!💕❤️❤️

  • Cathy holmes3 months ago

    That was a wonderful stream of thoughts and humour. Some interesting questions too. Hmmm. Congrats on the TS.

  • Judey Kalchik 3 months ago

    Many nuggets within this piece. It would be interesting to know: what three words describe me, as revealed by my writing?

  • Heather Hubler3 months ago

    I love how you bring deep stuff to the table, and let us stew on it all while enjoying your unique voice and humor. You kind of stopped me in my tracks with the 'I wonder what it says about the author' in reference to what they write about and choose to read. I've got to think on that. Thanks for the morning musings to go with my caffeine intake :) ~H Congrats on Top Story!

  • Caroline Jane3 months ago

    If we aren't ourselves we are only ever what we manufacture. Human AI. Great article spud. 🥰

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