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Me and the zoom

my 3 week reality

By Kia T Cooper-ErbstPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Recently, I was assigned to a three week zoom class that was mandatory but also came a very busy time in my life which resulted in having to reschedule some things. ( thank god this is the last week)

The classes have been interesting despite me having to be on the move during most of them and not really using the materials given for each of the classes. For the most part i truly enjoyed only cutting my camera off when I had to use the bathroom or being somewhere that stated no cameras on ( yeah that happened on 3 occasions,bleh).

I'm currently in the class right now as I write this..... which makes it interesting since i have to keep my laptop out of sight since im using my phone for the zoom. Aaand the instructor, gave me an idea for this story about how an introverted writer (namely me) managed to survive with the constant bombardment of voices not belonging to the ideas and stories that regularly torment me into putting them down on paper or the screen.

The past couple of days have been busy ones with me half ass writing this on paper during the class breaks and then trying to type it up later when i can listen to the story as the spirits speak to me. The writer has tried to finish several stories during the three weeks but it has been futile and frustrating for them because the quiet needed to write has been scarce.

I know this story makes no since and that's because its a humorous take on a portion of my life right now..... and that reminds me Halloween is coming up so my concentration is fractured but who cares?

Back to the point of this story.... being able to listen to the instructors with your camera on but keeping what you are really doing out of sight can be challenging while transferring text from paper to screen but it can be done. The spirits of the story say that they don't need to be fully present because they just want to get the story out there.

Again who cares....... this story is just to work out the kinks of not writing for the past month and hopefully get the rest of the stories that the author is working on with an incredibly slow pace.....

Ah great..... time for another pause because because my laptop battery s about to die and I hate to work on it while its trying to charge plus this author also feels her stomach sticking to her back bone (lol)Well we shall get back to work on this later.......

Its been a month and the zoom long since ended and on a positive note to boot. I found it interesting at how quickly my phone was drained of not just the battery but also of data while using it but that was only because when ya gotta be on the go that is what happens.

Now its almost Christmas as we say good bye to thanksgiving and I'm wondering when the next journey of my zoom odessey will be next and also how long will it be. I'm also glad to finishing up some stories to start fresh for the new year and all the good things that it has planned.

Hmm, I wonder if i did a zoom call on here would people respond or is that just a pipe dream? Well let me close this story by wishing everyone a happy wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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Kia T Cooper-Erbst

Writer, poet, author. submissive. Mom of three wonderful human beings. These are the first things that come to mind when I think of myself besides being the obvious.... which is daughter, wife,etc.

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