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Hamas' Terrorist Invasion Against Israel

A match that could give Israel significant advantages

By Casimiro Filipe Published 9 days ago 3 min read
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It's exactly 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 7 here in the arena that shares the Gaza Strip with Israel and the match between the two teams is about to begin. It's time to sing the national anthems, and remember that both teams are missing because three players from each side were killed in the incident last night, but everything is ready for the start of the game. And what about this historic clash, which is more of a clash than a historic one, and they say that if any players get hurt they'll be healed with Gaza.

Now the coin is going to be tossed up at that moment, the referee tosses the coin up and the Jews fight over the coin, would it be a $1 coin? The Jewish players from the Al-Aqsa neighborhood fight over the coin and the game begin, the game begins and neither player dares to invade the other's territory.

territory, is anyone going to try to settle in enemy territory? The two teams just surround each other, no one wants to invade anyone else's lane. Yeah, and it looks like the Palestinian goalkeeper is preparing a missile that has no destination to try and hit Israel's penalty area, and there's a bit of a narrow-minded player over there in the Palestinian team who looks more like a burqa.

Everyone respects each other very much and no one invades each other's territory, there are no settlements here or there, and it's been 3,000 years of play and so far nothing. Look, finally an invasion, trying to get the Palestinian settlement until it's overthrown, it's overthrown by the United States and the European Union and various other families.

The referee arrives and he's been bought by the UN, but he looks as if he's going to warn someone and the game goes on, let's go and have a new ball out, now the players respect each other's territory a lot, but it's not the same.

But the madness in the Palestinian team makes a feint, runs over here and the player invades the field, and now he even goes towards the referee, he hugs the referee and blows up the referee with the Israeli player, and the game ends.

Victory for Palestine!

Until next time, stay tuned for the continuation of the game, because there are reports that Israel has declared retaliation against Palestine and this has caused Israel to expand its territory, and the 53% of territory under Israeli control has increased to 79%. The Palestinians recognized this revenge as nakba, a word meaning "tragedy" in Arabic. This is because, as well as losing territory, around 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their stands in the stadium.

And in the face of this revenge by Israel, there are many opposing and favorable opinions, a huge discussion and fight involving fans all over the world, because the match was one of the games that resulted in the death of fans. Some say that the issue of Palestinians blowing up the referee along with an Israeli player on the pitch is attributed to the movement of Palestinian peoples seeking the creation of a national state of Palestine in the Middle East, which is why it originated in a historical conflict between the two formations and because of the territories situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan.

The information also states that the number of fans killed in the stadium by the confrontation between Israel and the Palestinians exceeds 12,400. The clash between Israel and the Palestinians has claimed more than 12,400 lives, on both the Palestinian and Israeli sides, according to figures released by the health authorities on both sides on Friday, November 10.

We still don't know how far this dispute will go.


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