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Are You Ready to Return to or Start Writing for Vocal Media in 2024?

Here Are Some Obvious Reasons Why You Should.

By Casimiro Filipe Published 3 months ago 5 min read
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Vocal is a social blog publishing platform created specifically to support, discover, give voice to, and reward creators. Since its founding in 2016, the platform has been betting more and more on diversifying its ways of rewarding quality content from creators. Since then, the platform has evolved a lot, becoming more and more up-to-date with modern social media blogging standards and giving more and more voices to creators around the world.

Vocal recently made its initial public offering, making its authors more than just authors, but also partners with only a minimum amount of $100 to invest in their shares. Vocal is among the five best blog publishing platforms on the market, with a valuation of $10M behind Wattpad, Medium, Substack, and Patreon, which tops the list of the most valuable companies in the industry.

IPO aside, the platform has invested heavily in advertising to help creators build their audience engagingly and deeply, adding a more effective curation team, selecting the best and highest-rated quality stories, and better ways of contributing and rewarding authors so that both veteran and newer authors don't go without earning something during a monthly journey.

"Vocal has developed several ways to make creators earn money at least once a month, providing more than 13 ways to earn money as a creator within the platform. "

If you're a creator whose goal is to maximize your online income, Vocal is one of the right places for you to start writing, because Vocal doesn't have a partner program, they have one focus and one mission, which is to support, discover, give voice to and reward creators. If you're a creator who wants to be supported, discovered, and rewarded, Vocal fits the bill.

Vocal is the platform where the creator can put in mind that I am here for three purposes: to be discovered as an author, to be supported after being discovered, and to be rewarded for my work. Of course, there has to be a certain interest on the part of the creator, maintaining productivity, engaging with other creators, and giving voice to their vocation in the community, this simple relationship already gives them the advantage of receiving a bonus of up to $10.

The leaderboard option increasingly helps creators to stay productive and engage with other creators on the platform. After all, a simple gesture of commenting, reading, giving likes, and causing a discussion between stories is enough to generate some profit on the platform. This is simply incredible and out of the ordinary among other competitors.

Why Come Back or Start Writing on Vocal Media in 2024?

1. Content Production Challenge.

There are several obvious reasons to return or start writing on Vocal in 2024, not that the focus or intention of returning or starting is the high rewards that the platform makes available with a few very simple gestures, but because of the challenge that is created in the minds of creators. Because of the scalability of the earnings, prizes, challenges, and bonuses that the platform makes available to authors, writers' minds are stimulated to not get lazy in producing quality writing, they are constantly motivated to produce after seeing the weekly prizes being announced to the winners, and in addition, the challenges help them to produce content that will make them think about winning at least one challenge where they may have the chance to win more than 3 digits in a single challenge.

"Vocal is the content creation stage when it comes to rewards offered on content creation platforms. "

2. Audience

Vocal is the platform where both internal and external audiences work, where impressions from both audiences are eligible for optimization, i.e. we're looking at a built-in Google Adsense without ads. Something that struck me is how the information you find on the Vocal+ sign-up panel says that free members earn $3.80 per 1,000 article views, and I sell my articles with 742 views generating more than $3. This implies that we can earn more than $3 if we complete the 1,000 article views, i.e. the information is just a probability, depending on where the readers' impressions come from.

3. Content Protection

Since then Vocal has had a reputation for protecting the articles of both internal and external authors, and they take this matter very seriously. If you copy and paste articles that have already been created and reused, Vocal is not the ideal platform for such things, because your article will be rejected. After all, its curators analyze all plagiarism factors and high rates of articles generated by Artificial Intelligence.

Speaking of Artificial Intelligence, Vocal 100% rejects articles generated by artificial intelligence or that have some traces of content generated by theft, I've already been rejected twice for publishing articles of mine published elsewhere on the web, so unlike other platforms that fight articles generated by artificial intelligence but don't block these articles, on Vocal they have no place, at least that's what I've been able to understand according to Vocal's guidelines.

4. More Flexible Curation

Vocal has an incomparable team of curators because of its simple method of analyzing authors' articles and making them available to thousands of readers. I don't know if each publication, which on Vocal is called a community, has a team of curators, but there's nothing to complain about in terms of the efficiency and speed with which they analyze articles and how they even give tips for correcting articles if they fail.

5. Platform of the Future

Vocal certainly has a lot to deliver shortly, we'll be following the updates as each period passes, and I'm certain that this will be one of the best places to share written content.

Why am I Saying This?

Because of what Vocal has ended up doing in recent months. Nine months ago Vocal published a post with the theme: "Why you should post your Medium and Substack articles on Vocal." I confess I've never seen this anywhere else, a platform recommending that articles posted on its competitors be shared on Vocal, to make the audiences of these authors more consolidated. Normally, platforms fight for power and everyone wants to play to their strengths, but Vocal has made its platform available to help creators grow more by sharing their articles already published elsewhere to come here. That's reason enough to applaud and come running to create content within Vocal and start 2024 on a high note.

Vocal is to be congratulated for what they have become and are increasingly becoming by supporting and rewarding creators.

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