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These Are The New Features of the New Medium Partner Program in 2023

There are 4 Hybrid Ways to Monetize Quality Content that Medium released yesterday August 1st.

By Casimiro Filipe Published 7 months ago 4 min read
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The new features of the Medium Partner Program announced a few days ago are now live and it looks like it will be easier for creators to make some income as a creator on the platform whenever readers interact with their stories. Four hybrid forms have been released that will allow creators to be rewarded whenever a reader reads their article, but beware, not just any reader will enable monetization of quality content. Check out what’s new below. I’ll detail everything below, but first I want to explain the term Hybrid Monetization.

What is Hybrid Monetization?

Hybrid Monetization is monetization based on a dependent factor distributed through several other actions within that factor. For example the positive interactions of a reader through an article, where readers can clap, download a certain story, respond or interact with a certain story in several ways and all this is considered only as a single factor, which is the Interaction factor; that is, you generate engagement through several actions, but considered in one.

In the 2023 version of the Medium partner program, for a creator to be part of this program this creator must be registered as a member. If you are not a Medium member you are not eligible to be part of the MPP and monetize your articles, even if they are quality. Well, that’s exactly what you just read, now, it’s not enough to be in a country with eligibility, but also, you have to pay the monthly package, which in my point of view, now has become easier for anyone to join the partner program, even because the limit of 100 minimum followers recommended, have been removed and the geographical amount of countries has increased to 45 new geographical locations and by the end of the year another 50 countries. It is undoubtedly the biggest change that Medium is giving to creators from unavailable geographic locations, to create quality content within the platform and still be monetized.

“Now Let’s Meet the 4 New Hybrid Forms of Monetization within the Medium Partner Program. “

1 — Member Reading Time

Reading time remains the first way to earn money as a creator when readers spend time reading your stories. Only this time Medium has requalified this form of monetization, making it even better.

What was the Requalification?

Previously monetization through reading time was calculated through the heartbeat of an adult male, this caused some members if they didn’t finish reading their story completely, monetization was not calculated, so the reading time instead of going down, was calculated as zero time and distributed above the story. Same you can see here in the screenshot below.

In the screenshots above, you can see the difference in time, the minutes calculated and valid for monetization, are called member reading time, while the minutes not validated for monetization, are called “Average reading time. “ this means that that is the average time some readers spent reading my stories, some finished before the considerable time, others did not finish their time. But now, everything is different, now the reading time will start counting from the first 30 seconds that members spend reading your stories onwards. That is, if a reader reads your story, even if he does not finish reading completely, but spends 30 seconds or more reading your story, then that reading time will be considered for monetization.

2 — Positive Interaction

The claps are back to being monetized on Medium, yes, that’s right; the creators’ request was heard and Medium released not only monetizes through the claps as in the period from August 2017 to October 2019, now creators will be able to earn money when members clap, highlight their stories, respond or interact with their stories in various ways; that is, Medium will pay the creators when members comment on their stories, say something, and get euphoric, this is too good.

3 — Follower Bonus

Well, this monetization method has me completely excited. It’s almost similar to way number 4, only this time, it will be delivered because of the followers. When members follow you and continue to read and interact with your stories, you will receive a Follower Bonus. This is simply amazing, and I can say without fear of being wrong, that this is the Best form of monetization ever created on the internet.

4 — Effort Bonus

And to finish, yes, do you remember the bonuses that Medium distributed in April and May 2020? So, those bonuses are back. It’s time to get more active than ever on the platform, to keep all forms of monetization active and interactive, and generate more income.

These are the 4 hybrid ways of monetizing quality content that Medium has released for all members on the platform. Now it’s just up to you to stay active and start producing high-quality content.

What About the Eligibility Criteria?

Now to be eligible, it is also very simple, you just need to be a Medium member, have a story published in the last 6 months, and live in one of the 45 eligible countries. But calm down, remembering that Stripe allows you to use partner countries to be approved, so you can be from a non-eligible country but be approved in the Medium partner program.

Let’s start creating content. Follow me there and stay for more quality content. Well, I guess.

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