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Running to Pay for Twitter Blue and Start Making Money as a Creator?

Monetization on Twitter will work by Revenue Exchange between the Platform and the creators.

By Casimiro Filipe Published about a year ago 5 min read
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“Come Understand This.”

Twitter has released monetization and I am looking forward to it for a very interesting reason that I will talk about below, but also concerned about some situations. According to Uncle Musk, to be eligible for monetization which will be through ads linked in tweets, creators must be subscribed to Twitter Blue, and something caught my attention in all of this, and that’s where my concern comes in.

What Caught my Attention?

“Subscribe to Twitter Blue, to be eligible for monetization that will be done by ads. “

Do you mean creators will pay a subscription fee so they can make money through ads running in their Tweets? Yes, so we would be seeing a revenue exchange through the creators and platform owners, like here’s what you do, here’s what you pay?

Let’s see, if creators will have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to access monetization, and being in monetization can only make money through ads that advertisers will run through Twitter, then we would be looking at a revenue exchange between the platform and the creators; where the creators pay the platform to join the partner program, and the platform pays the creators through a portion of the revenue generated through advertiser ads.

I was concerned that this style of working may not have much impact, even more so when it comes to small creators, with most creators who are eager to make money with Twitter not having a huge audience within Twitter, unless, and this is the part that got me most interested, unless the creators who pay the monthly fee to join the monetization through ads, are self-promoted by the platform through the algorithm, and manage to reach as many visits as possible to their tweets and thus earn something in revenue. If so, you can expect new millionaires through Twitter content creation.

Is This Possible?

In the last two months, Twitter made an update, where each creator can see their own statistics and those of other creators, Não regarding how much their tweets are engaging within the platform. And I confess that it exceeded expectations, I for example have only 75 followers on Twitter, but my most recent Tweet had more than 90 views, this shows that Twitter’s algorithm is very powerful and can make a lot of history among creators. So in my opinion, if everything depends on the engagement of how much the tweets are being viewed and each view passes an ad, there will be no disappointment, we will be facing a new giant of monetization on the internet and there will be the center of the new content creators; without forgetting that now lacks the release of the functionality to share long articles within Twitter, something that Facebook also eventually released.

Twitter can make history with its partner program, now all that’s left is for creators to keep the engagement and productivity in there and start moving forward.

4 Ways to Make Money as a Twitter Creator in 2023

There are already 4 ways to make money as a creator on Twitter and I will tell you about them, and how they all work.

Twitter’s core monetization has been officially released, any creator, no matter the amount of the audience, is ready to make money as a Twitter creator. The first and second form of monetization is still kind of tricky for small creators, but no need to be sad, because ahead there are 2 other ways for any creator to make money as a creator on Twitter.

Check out the 4 ways to make money from Twitter below.

1 — Paid Promotion

To be monetized as a creator in this category, the requirements are a bit higher, usually paid content by promotion, which is made when some advertisers want to promote their products through creators and collect audience or organic customers for their business, in this aspect, sponsors look for creators with more consolidated audiences and make paid offers in exchange for promoting their products. This happens a lot among creators on YouTube, here on Medium, and on Twitter itself, and sometimes this type of monetization is more profitable than ad monetization.

2 — Twitter Spaces

This is the second monetization option, monetization in Space is done through meetings between creators, where the more meetings the creator makes during the month and the more access these meetings have, the more chances of making money the creator will have; and to be monetized as a creator in this category, the creator needs to have at least a thousand followers and make one meeting a month.

3 — Tips

From this category onwards the creator only needs to have an account with 60 working days, a profile picture, no minimum amount of followers, and set up the option to receive tips. After having this option, every visitor that visits your profile will be able to see a menu in the form of money bills and will have the chance to choose to tip you in fiat money or cryptocurrencies.

To set up this option simply click on edit profile, then click on Tips, simply activate the Tips option and select your payment method, being able to put Patreon or cryptocurrencies depending on your geographical location.

4 — Monetization Through Twitter Ads

This is the most coveted and the most expected form of monetization so far because it works like Adsense, the creators are paid through ads served in their Tweets, and the more engagement the creators have with their Tweets, the more money users will make monthly. And to be eligible for this form of monetization, all you have to do is be part of Twitter Blue, just pay the monthly Twitter Blue fee and you’re done.

Those are the four ways to currently make money as a creator through Twitter, now all that’s left is for creators to start engaging and growing their audience.

So, what is your opinion about Twitter monetization?

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