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How to Make Your Money the Greatest Side Hustle to Make More Money?

The best Side Hustle is Using Your Money to Make More Money

By Casimiro Filipe Published 2 years ago 4 min read
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We are in a completely revolutionary digital age, everyday innovative ideas are put into practice by experts and others, and every month new projects are launched on the market that makes it possible for anyone to start a new source of extra income and build a very sustainable financial ecosystem. And this trend has led thousands of users to search for the best mechanism to stay consistent and make more money through content, whatever it may be.

I see several content creators addressing issues of how to find the truth or the best Side Hustle for their professional careers. Over the past three years, I have dedicated myself to making exactly this kind of discovery, running after platforms, projects, and various digital ecosystems that would enable me to make more money. And of course, I wasted a lot of time earning nothing, while the best Side Hustle was right in front of me, I just needed to see more, to know and understand that the best Side Hustle was closer to me than I thought.

"For the past three years, I have been looking for the best Side Hustle in the wrong places. While the best Side Hustle was on my own money. I needed to just take some of that money, and use it to make more money."

How to Make Your Money the Greatest Side Hustle to Make More Money?

It's always important to use our skills to build various sources of income, even more so when you have a passion for some skill that you wouldn't want to waste; at that point putting your skills into practice would be one of the great advantages. But many of us get lost in creating content on platforms that waste unnecessary time that we could be investing in a better place where we could be more successful. And in both the traditional market and the digital market, there are several places where we can use the income that we acquire from work, allowance, or gifts, to make ourselves another source of income.

"I'm talking exactly about building an investment portfolio, whether it's in variable or fixed income, where every month we can deposit a minimum amount possible, and have it earn another fee with the volume of the amount invested."

While we write articles on Medium or elsewhere, make videos for Youtube or TikTok, do Courses for Udemy, or else post on-demand services on Fiverr, the income we have from these platforms, instead of being spent regularly, how about taking a portion of them and having them make another income for us? That would have the greatest advantage in the business world.

What Advantage Would My Money Have?

Most content creators are looking for recurring and stable sources of income, but working with content is not equity, it does not guarantee the future of financial stability, because most content creators, the most they do with the money earned by creating content is: make purchases and leave the rest in the bank account. But money in the bank account does not guarantee the future of the owner of the account, but the owner of the bank.

Volkov - CEO of YouHodler said the following: "Money must work. Money must earn money, it is the main principle for money management. That's why it's better to distribute it by using part of your funds in cold storage and a hardware portfolio, and another part by operating in the market."

As we can see, making money is important, but it is important to know what we are going to do with our money, otherwise, we will spend our lives running after places where we are going to make money, while we could simply over our working years take a portion of our money and have that money make us other money and simply retire from hard labor.

From 2019 to now, I have followed many content creators, especially Medium creators, who were making very good money and could take some of that money to build a successful investment portfolio that would give them marked stability, but they chose to spend it all and now that the bad days have come, they are simply running elsewhere to get some source of income.

Our money can work for us, and make it easier for us to reduce attrition with forced labor or prevent bad times in the markets we allocate ourselves to.

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Casimiro Filipe

Startup Entrepreneur, Investor, Content Writer, YouTube Business Influencer and Podcaster.

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