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You Can Stuff Your Narrative

Freedom of thought: A basic human right

By Charlie UnhingedPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

I’m so sick and tired of every extreme’s narrative being shoved down my throat and up my ass. I’m even more sick of seeing how pliant we are and how willing we seem to be to just bend over and take it like a champ because it’s easier than facing the backlash of standing up for what we actually think. I mean, I’ve got kinks as much as the next Jane Doe, but this just ain’t it.

“Pot calling the kettle black, Charlie, hiding behind a made-up name and some lame-ass fake picture.” …Yep. You caught me. I’m a fucking coward. Why? Because I see every damn day what not being a coward gets you, and frankly, I can’t handle the extra drama right now. Got my own shit to deal with, ya know?

I can’t be the only one. Matter of fact, I KNOW I’m not the only one, because I have people telling me about it all the time. The moment they realize my feet are planted firmly on this ball we all live on, they realize I’m a safe place for them to unload. Like-minded, and all that jazz. (And yes, the Earth is a ball. Deal with it.)

Defying the Mainstream Narrative: Why It Matters

I’m starting to really hate the world we live in. We’re constantly bombarded with information coming at us left, right, and centre— social media, news outlets (which, by the way, 95% of them are in the government’s pocket…that % is pulled out of my ass, sure, but it’s probably pretty accurate), and even our friends and family. Don’t lie. There’s at least one person in your circle you consistently butt heads with over this shit.

It can be overwhelming to navigate through the noise and chaos, and figure out what’s true and what’s bullshit. This is where defying the mainstream narrative comes in. It’s time to be a fucking rebel! Okay, maybe not to that extreme…but, maybe?

Aren’t you tired of just sitting back and swallowing the sludge they feed you? I know I am! We need to start questioning the dominant narrative being forced upon us. It’s time to stop blindly accepting what we’re told, and maybe start actually using our heads and critically analyzing the information, making our own damn opinions based on real evidence and facts, and not just the steaming pile of BS spewing from every loud speaker on the globe. Ever watch John Carpenter’s They Live? I mean…it’s really not that far fetched, is it? I’m talking about the subliminal messaging here, friends, not the ugly-ass skeleton aliens.


Why is this so important? Well, for starters, we’re always hearing and talking about ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ …but never stop to think that maybe what’s presented as the mainstream narrative is the real misinformation… it’s so often biased and influenced by shit like political agendas, corporate interests, and sensationalism. We need to take off the blinders!

Whatever happened to free speech, or even free thought, for that matter? I’ll tell you — it’s been conditioned out of us. We’re so brainwashed by what we’re told we SHOULD think that we stoped opening ourselves up to different perspectives and ideas. We’re so damn close-minded we might as well just be like those stupid lemmings in the picture. They say ‘jump,’ we don’t even bother asking ‘how high’ anymore…we just leap off the damn cliff.

Remember the good old days, when we could all think for ourselves without worrying about being canceled or arrested? Being a free-thinker doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. We need to normalize it again. I refuse to be bound by the limitations of ‘conventional’ thinking and I sure as hell am done with bowing down to everyone’s bloody ‘movement.’

Now, don’t get your panties in a twist — I have no issue with standing up for something that’s morally ‘right.’ The problem I have is when we start demonizing and dehumanizing folks who don’t necessarily agree with those things, for whatever reason…be it religious beliefs, the way they were raised, whatever! Speaking plainly: EVERY HUMAN IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINION WITHOUT BEING ATTACKED FOR IT.

I said what I said.

Don’t agree with Tom, Dick, or Harry’s opinions? That’s fine! That’s your God-given right! Don’t forget that an opinion is just that, an opinion — it doesn’t make it right, but it also doesn’t make it wrong.

We’re co-existing in a world that’s burning down around us — both literally and figuratively. We’ve got extremes of everything, but no common ground. No happy medium. No live-and-let-fucking-live. You know, for a society that screams from the rooftops about being so ‘advanced,’ I have to say, the way we treat each other us deplorable at best. “Love thy neighbor.” Ha! Good one.

We all just need top stop being damn snowflakes and getting our precious feelings hurt whenever someone says something we don’t agree with. Snap out of the delusion and grow a pair, yeah?

Let’s take back our individuality, pull it out out from God-only-knows where it’s been stuffed for the last decade, dust off the crap stuck to it and tell anyone who doesn’t like it to… well… you know.


This piece is cross-posted on Medium.

My name’s Charlie — yes, that part’s real — and I’m a little unhinged, if you hadn’t noticed. I’m here to speak the truth as I see it…you may not agree, and that’s cool. If you do, you can give me a follow on Twitter @UnhingedCharlie, or not, I’m not the boss of you.


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