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why do we love?

we all need to be loved ...

By Rowan SharkawyPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Oh, romantic love—beautiful, intoxicating, heartbreaking, soul-destroying, often all at once. Why do we choose to put ourselves through heartache? Does love give meaning to our lives, or does it free us from loneliness and pain? Is love a product of our sexual desires or a biological trick that allows us to reproduce? Is this what we need? Do we really need it? If romantic love has a purpose, science and psychology have yet to discover it. But throughout history, some of our great philosophers have come up with some interesting theories. Love brings us back to life. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato explored the idea that we love in order to live. In his "Symposium," he wrote about a dinner party at which the comedian Aristophanes told his guests the following: Man is a creature with four arms and four legs. , two faces. One day they angered the gods and Zeus cut them all in half.

Since then, half of all have disappeared. Love is the desire to find a soul mate with whom we may or may not live, and that's what Plato thinks when a drunken comedian talks about it at a party. Love tricks us into having children. Later, the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said that love based on sexual desire is a dream. He thinks that we love because our needs lead us to believe that the other person will make us happy, but we are very wrong. When nature tricks us into procreating, we find the union of love we seek in our children. When our sexual desires are satisfied, we return to a life of misery, and we only succeed in preserving the species and perpetuating the cycle of human suffering. Looks like someone needs a hug. Love is our way to escape loneliness. According to Nobel Prize-winning British philosopher Bertrand Russell, we like to satisfy our physical and mental needs. Humans are designed to reproduce, but a woman is not good without a heart of love. Our fear of a cold and cruel world drives us to build strong defenses to protect and isolate ourselves. Joy, intimacy and the warmth of love help us to overcome our fear of the world, come out of the shell of loneliness, and have more opportunities in the world.

Love enriches our whole life and makes it the best thing in life. Love is an unconscious pain. Siddhartha Gautama, later known as the Buddha or Enlightenment, had a good argument with Russell. The Buddha told us to love because we seek to fulfill our basic needs. However, our strong desires have their problems, and attachment, even love, is the cause of great pain. Fortunately, the Buddha found the eightfold path, a plan to extinguish the fire of desire so that we can achieve nirvana, the state of enlightenment that is peace, light, wisdom, and heart. love Author Cao Xueqin describes the Buddhist view that romantic love is foolishness in one of China's most famous novels, "A Dream of Red Mansions." In a small trap, Jia Rui falls in love with Sister Feng, who teases and embarrasses him. The emotions of love and hate divide him, so a Taoist priest gives him a magic mirror to save him if he doesn't look ahead. But of course, he looks forward. He saw Xifeng. His soul entered the mirror and he was dragged in chains to his death. Not all Buddhists see love and sexuality in this way, but the moral of the story is that these attachments can lead to disaster, and should be avoided, as in the case of a magic mirror. . Love takes us beyond ourselves. Let's end on a positive note.

The French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir believed that love is the desire to be united with another person, which gives meaning to our lives. Instead, he is less interested in why we love than how we can love better. He sees that the problem with traditional love is that it is so delusional that we try to make it our own. However, relying on others to fix our lives can easily lead to boredom and power play. To avoid this trap, Beauvoir refers to true love, which is like a close friend. The couple supports each other, sees each other, surpasses each other, and enriches their lives and the world. Although we may not know why we fall in love, we do know that it is an emotional ride. This is both scary and exciting. When we suffer, we rise above it. We may be lost. Maybe we'll find out for ourselves. It can be heartbreaking or it can be the best thing in the world. Do you dare to know?


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