Who Are You Entertaining?

Judas could be at your table.

Who Are You Entertaining?

Just going to be honest right now and tell you that not everyone is cheering you on. Sad to say there is a few people out there that are cheering against you. People who don't want you to succeed. Those people who would rather see you in the same place you were last year and never growing.

There is a couple of different people out there who you will encounter in your life.

You have the secretly jealous person. This person will pretend that they are excited for you but will criticize every little thing you do. They always have a negative response to everything in your life. They are the ones who will smile in your face and then turn around and talk about you. They are the ones that if you buy a new pair of shoes that they wanted they would make comments like;

“Did you really buy those shoes?”


“OMG! Do you know how much better those shoes would look on me?”

The secretly jealous people in your life will pretend so well like they are interested in your well being but instead all they really care about is themselves. They are professional pretenders. Their not really genuine people. Everything you have they wish it was theirs.

Then you have the friend-enemy. These are probably the most dangerous people you may ever meet in your life. They pretend to be your friend but they hate you and try and bring you down. They wish to see you fail and will do anything to jeopardize your happiness. If they see you standing on a ladder they will kick the legs to make you fall and pretend as if they did you nothing. They will stir up any lies to try and bring you down. They pretend to be your friend and act as if they care so much about you but instead they are just getting close to you just to try and destroy you. These people will knock you while you are down, and gossip about you. They will always play the victim in every situation. Friend enemies are the modern day Judas, they plan your destruction. They will smile with you and come over your house but partner with people who hate you. Friend enemies are very deceptive people. They will do a very good job at pretending to be real. They plan for you to fail. They will dine with you and still have a seat at your enemies table.

Both secretly jealous people and Friend Enemies are very dangerous and are not great companies. They will slowly make your life a living hell and try and bring you down. They will slander your very name and wish all sorts of evil to come your way.

These people will nice to you and use you. They are not very genuine at all; they are very selfish people but they act as if they are not. They will help you out if it benefits them.

Life is already so hard, why entertain people who are like this? Honestly, you don’t need that in your life. No more reasons to stress you out or to be paranoid; always wondering what the person is up to. Why did they ask this question?

What were their intentions?

People do things for very different reasons. If someone in your life gives you the cold shoulder and doesn't show that they care about you then you should believe them. If their name constantly gets called up in gossip about you and they always seem to have the wrong motives. They always seem to work against you; sit with the people who work to tear you down then you should believe these people aren't for you and you should watch out for them.

Honestly, if a person is not doing anything from a good place; if it is not coming from their heart and there is truly a hidden motive to all that they do. You really don’t need that kind of toxic behavior in your environment; polluting the very air around you. If it's not from a good place, and they don't act really then they can keep anything they want to give you and can stop anything they do for you. Everyone struggles and has a lot on their plates, you don’t need people around your table who plot against you.

Be careful who you entertain at your table. It could very much be Judas.

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