Some People Will Have to Learn the Hard Way

by Shauna Campbell 11 months ago in advice

Giving the Word Stubborn a Different Meaning

Some People Will Have to Learn the Hard Way

You will win some and you will lose some.

You can't save everybody, because you will find out that some people are just stuck in their own ways and don’t want to change. Even if you know that the person is making a dumb decision, or if they are walking down a destructive path, guess what? You can't stop them if they don't want you to.


You can't spoon feed people or force them down the right path. Sometimes you just have to step back and allow people to do what they want to do. Don't say anything, don’t make a move, just let them be. It is hard, and it can be very sad to watch the people who you care about go down a path you know will destroy them. Sometimes, though, when you try and stop them, then you become the bad person. They will treat it like you are telling them something wrong and draw away from you.


Everyone learns in a different way. Some people, you can talk to them and they will listen; while you have other, more stubborn people who just want to go out and do things their own way. Those people you could warn them 99 different times not to go down that dark tunnel but they will go down it any way.

Listen to me: with those kind of people, it is best for you to shut your mouth and get out of their way. Tell them once or twice, and that is it. Just leave them be. They have to learn the hard way. It is hard to watch, trust me, I know, but if you do anything else you may push them further down the dark path.

Some people take years to learn from their mistakes. They will keep doing the same thing over and over but still they get the same results. Getting the same results every time doesn't wake them up or change them; before you know it they are doing the same thing again. Not learning from what they just went through. Those people won't learn until something drastic happens to wake them up and cause change within them.

You will watch from afar and wonder why they haven't learned from their mistakes yet.

I know me, personally, I am a very stubborn person, but there are some people who just bring a totally different meaning to the word STUBBORN. I know for me because I think a lot and analyze every situation; it doesn't take a lot to wake me up. However, not everyone is like me; there are some people that even if you tell them don't go too far out into that water it is too deep you will drown. They still find themselves out in the deepest parts of the water. They literally have to start choking on the water and flapping around trying to get some air in their lungs before they realize that the water is too deep and that they are drowning.

Some people just take things too far and it takes way too much for them to wake up. If you were to chase behind them trying to correct them and lead them down the right path you would be exhausted. You would drain all of your energy. You would talk until your mouth hurts.

They just have to learn things differently.

Their brain is just programmed differently.

It literally takes some serious traumatic situations to wake them up and stir up change within them.

So I am going to tell you this right now: only try and help them the best you can, but don't use up all of your energy. Step back and let them learn things their way. Trust me they can hear all that you are saying to them but they have to still test out everything in life to the next extreme.

There will come a day when they will wake up and change but sadly it won't be today.

When they finally wake up, they will remember every word that you have ever said to them and they will finally see that you were just trying to help.

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