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where ignorance is bliss , ti 's folly to be wise

by Rihdkndn Kdbkdnn 2 months ago in humanity
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be wise

where ignorance is bliss , ti 's folly to be wise
Photo by Steven Cordes on Unsplash

It's hard to be confused in life. Maybe today is a game and tomorrow is a dream. Standing at the bridge of the ferry, the travelers, the stories of coming and going, the people who care about, and the people who are distracted are still a few. Some are always wiping their shoulders in a moment, some are always passing through the clouds, and what they grasp in the palm of their hand is the tail of running water.

The empty platform, standing alone, is still a person's stage and a person's play. Can you be more confused and more confused? When the dark season changes, when the story ends, you can worry less and be more tolerant. You can also carry a simple origin and never forget the original intention.

"It's hard to be confused" is a famous saying handed down by Zheng Banqiao during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. It is his way of being an official and his way of life. It's hard to be confused, which means pretending not to know, but actually knowing it in your heart.

Confused life, simple life, can be plain and light, plain tea and plain rice, live happily; Regard walking on thin ice as a passing through of the ups and downs of life. All days, in confusion, get pure and white. Every step and paragraph will be a scene of icing on the cake. Contentment and tolerance contain happiness and fragrance all the time.

Wearing colorful clothes, don't be surprised; Wearing the hat of snow and rain, not sad or sad. Smiling all the time, facing the sun and the sea, the flowers will bloom in spring. Without too much words and too much showing off, living for yourself, a mirror to illuminate what you need at the bottom of your heart, the best is like water, and still water flows deep, which is also a realm of life.

Manage a Qinghuan flower like a happy and festive spring, in high spirits, surpassing the distance of time and the boundary of age. For a time, the spring breeze is ten miles. When it goes, it returns and looks radiant, just like a child. Epitomize that pile of confusion in a corner of the eaves, let the wind and rain blow, and be a tumbler of life and a sonorous rose.

Understand life and contentment. Whenever you are, you will regard all the things in front of you as light and light. Monotonous daily life, potholed problems, ordinary simple heart to right, there is a landscape ahead, which can be described as ups and downs. It's better here.

Whether it's the leading role or supporting role on the stage, Sheng Dan is clean and ugly at the end. In and out of the play, the depiction is penetrating, regardless of which is true. Zhouzhuang Mengdie doesn't know true or false, but it's hard to get confused!

Sometimes, what you care about is not necessarily what you need; What is ignored is often important. Life is like this. What is in front of you is often not cherished; What you can't get is always the best and most beautiful. We have gone through the cold winter together. Don't get lost in the colorful and paranoid desire, but fall in the stubbornness. There is a beautiful Yunfan, which is poisonous to the poppy. The more care, the more insurmountable. The gain and loss lies in one thought, one thought to put down, one thought to heaven.

It's hard to get confused in life. How many people can solve the seemingly simple problem? Wandering under the desire tree, people yearn and chase, their dreams are whitewashed and their expectations are magnified. Dusty, toiling for half a life, chasing the dawn of desire. When you wake up in a trance, you will grow old for half your life, or come and go with bare hands and empty hands, cold and desolate, just like a dream.

The world laughs that I am too crazy. I laugh that the world can't see through it. It's better to be confused many times. It's a blessing to suffer losses, but it's hard to be confused. Grasp the present, cherish the present, be confused when you should be confused, understand when you should understand, and strive to be a clear confused person!


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