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When Your Child, Your Sibling Or Friend Has Covid What Do You Do?

by Denise E Lindquist 2 months ago in feature
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Do you worry, fret, panic? Do you hate it, and think you probably have it too!

When Your Child, Your Sibling Or Friend Has Covid What Do You Do?
Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

My brother died in March of 2021 with covid. Most of our seven children have had covid and survived. My brother was only 48 years old. He left behind 4 daughters and a grandson. We have seven children. Our children are fast approaching 50. Our youngest is in her 30's yet. The others are all in their 40's.

I had the conversation with my husband that with that many children, one could die before us. He hated having that conversation. My brother was the same age as 2 of our children. I was worrying, fretting, panicking. I hated every minute of this pandemic.

Once my brother died, I thought anyone could die from covid!

After all, he was strong and healthy and he died. He didn't get the vaccine. He said it wasn't because of the church. He was a redneck. Some people are proud of that. Seems like it is church, redneck, or right-wing on the political spectrum that don't get vaccinated.

Many didn't grow up where everyone stood in line at school to get vaccinated to prevent this illness or that. The hubby and I did and understand vaccines and aren't into conspiracy theories. And don't believe God will save us if we don't do what we can that is put in place to save us!

Okay, I said it. That is just what many people I know have said and I believe that too! It is just not my original thoughts or words.

Do as I say, not as I do. Do what you can to care for yourself and then let it go! I have had 2 boosters now and haven't had covid. My brother next in line to me hasn't had any vaccines and has had covid twice as has his wife. A friend's husband had covid and she didn't get it and she was fully vaccinated.

By Nick Fewings on Unsplash

When it is a friend or family member that is older that dies, it is truthfully, easier to take. Especially friends and family that have lived a full life and what has appeared to be a happy life.

I hate hearing about anyone who has committed suicide or overdosed. I think that the pandemic can be responsible for that too. People have been so isolated for too long now. It is even too long for the introverts out there. And you can't pick out who is going to be next.

It appears to me that if there is a suicide in your family, then suicide is an option.

I have struggled with depression in the past and tried 3 different antidepressants before going to a medicine man. Since the pandemic started I have been using laughter yoga for my medicine. It has worked until recently when I have not been using it.

My memory and spaciness are not good right now. I decided to go to a therapist as that is a depression symptom. After I ruled out other reasons for memory and spaciness. I invited my daughter to sit in with me. She agreed.

The first appointment felt like it took forever to get in for the diagnostic assessment. Insurance needs that to pay for the sessions.

Then for our first session, the therapist had something come up, so I decided I'm not going until my primary offered to help me get in sooner. I agreed. Her nurse did that for me and called me back with two dates and times and a question about in-person or online.

I didn't understand why it took so long. I asked and was told that there are not enough therapists to work with everyone. Once you are in, you have appointment times slotted for you. So regular clients don't have to worry about seeing their therapist. It is just new people.

Those new people are my concern and it seems like something should be done about this. Would I be aware of this if I didn't go in for counseling? Probably not. Is there something I can do? I know people that work for the state and may have some authority in matters like this.

I think it is a good idea to attempt to do something when we can.

Back to covid and the worry, panic, fretting, hating it, and thinking I probably have it too. I had a slight cough this morning. Not at all unusual for me as I have allergies, but I thought briefly that it is covid and so this story.

Then I changed the subject as it is less painful than spending a whole day or even a whole story thinking and talking about covid. That's what I do when I do not want to dwell on something as scary and horrid as covid. Was changing the subject not related to covid. It is.

Not as closely related to covid as I may think depression is! But still close!


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Denise E Lindquist

I am married and we have 7 children, 25 grands and 9 greatgrandchildren. I work part-time as a culture consultant. I started writing A Poem a Day in February 5 years ago. I've written 4 - 50,000 words in NaNoWriMo. Now Vocal and Medium.

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  • stephanie cetoute2 months ago

    It was the worst nightmare. I lost a lot of people.

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