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When you discipline yourself, life is invincible!

by heisnxc 4 months ago in humanity
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One of the best ways to strengthen yourself is to maintain a high degree of self-discipline!

When you discipline yourself, you will find a new self, you will find many impossible, have become possible, you will even feel very incredible, the original oneself can be so powerful, you will even admire yourself.


Remember, when you discipline yourself, life is great!

Self-disciplined people start by forcing themselves, and then get used to it. Most veterans still fold their quilts into tofu when they go home. Why? Why do soldiers come back so disciplined, because there is iron discipline. They were used to that pattern in the army. In other people's eyes, incredible, in fact, it is really simple for him! I like to think of myself as a disciplined person, but I'm not naturally disciplined. I push myself. Why do I push myself? Self-discipline feels like I'm in control of my time. Live my way every day! Full! Self-discipline exercises qualities such as deferring gratification but knowing it will come. It is as if there is a delicious dish sitting there that I will not eat now, but it will be mine sooner or later.(This ability is very few people have, especially in this fast age.) Self-discipline itself is very difficult, and it is very fulfilling. Do you call self-discipline under pressure self-discipline? I can tell you, no one has it easy at first. I've been running for 2 years, every day, and it still takes willpower to drive me to run! But suddenly you don't run for a day, you will find that you will be more uncomfortable, because the total feeling of what is missing today, I think this is a habit! So I would rather go running every day than indulge myself! What is self-discipline? You don't want to do it, but you can do it with your will power. Do you want to give in to pressure?! But always see some people self-discipline seems to be very simple, because the habit, it is simple!

All powerful, is the result of self-discipline

No one is born strong, all strong, is the result of self-discipline.

When you have discipline, you can manage your emotions, you can control your actions, you can even manage your emotions. Don't think it's impossible. You just think it's impossible because you let yourself go.

It's not that easy to be disciplined, but it's so easy to indulge yourself that you don't even have to do it. We are born with inertia, which I also call toxicity, because it erodes our health and destroys our lives. To reverse this inertia, you must maintain a high degree of self-discipline and develop good habits.

When you have good living habits, you will find that you have more energy and confidence in your life than before. But maintaining this high level of self-discipline is very difficult, not for a day or two, but for a year or two, or even a lifetime. If anyone can maintain this high level of self-discipline for a lifetime, he must be a great figure, must be powerful.

A lot of people can't control themselves, can't do self-discipline, so that their lives become a mess, and finally live a person is not ghost, even their own abandon themselves. In fact, we often say to conquer yourself, is to overcome their inertia, let yourself maintain a high degree of self-discipline, so that you will become very strong, not afraid of all difficulties!

When you discipline yourself, life is great

When you discipline yourself, life is invincible! Why do you say that? Because the greatest enemy in this life is not others, but ourselves.

When you begin to discipline yourself, you are already on the road to conquering yourself. When you keep doing it, keep trying, and make self-discipline a habit of your life, what do you think you're afraid of?

People are sometimes very fragile, it is because the lack of security in the heart, whenever this time, many people want to find the so-called security from the outside world. In fact, when you have no confidence in the heart, you with the help of more external forces is of no avail. Only the heart of the real strong, to bring their own greatest sense of security. Everyone should always remember that the sense of security is to their own.

Maintain self-discipline, exercise their body, cultivate their heart, and strive to improve their realm. When you have a good body, a good mind, and a unique understanding, your life is destined to be different, and you can live the way you want to be. Life is like this, why not!

From now on, change your faults step by step, let yourself from sick to normal, and then from normal to full of vitality. When you are alive, you can appreciate the goodness of life and feel that it is good to be alive. No vitality of life, is bound to be a suffering, no one wants to live like this, want to change this way of living, only self-discipline, when you self-discipline, life is invincible!


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