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"Heat exchanger"

SERPENTINE, var. 3, psichological fiction by P. I.

By Patty412024Published 3 months ago 3 min read



An unmade bed in a lodge. A 53-year-old guy walks around with skis in hand, as if he's just stepped inside.

He sees a student on the stairs who, with a cigarette between his fingers, hurries to grab a windmill from under the bed.

E-There you are! I hope you had a good time!

T - With the rain outside, I was hoping at least I wouldn't find anyone.

E (getting up, looking at the guy for a long time) - Good afternoon, because the master has no mouth!

T - Is the G400 on your lap yours?

E (holding out his hand) - I'm in 9th grade, but I look like my paternal great-grandfather, you can be sure of that.

T(throws one of the skis on the bed) - You don't like the odds, I take it. And yet you walked in here in my absence.

E(shakes the windmill of imaginary dust) - Not me, my mother doesn't like them. And since it was stormy weather, the door slammed against the wall at 4 a.m., I went after her...

T (turns away from the pupil and reattaches his good ski to the wall next to the bed) - Goodbye hot water! After an escapade, women laze around with their hours in...

E(twisting on his heels, he grabs the guy by the neck with his left hand, while his right hand twists his right arm behind his back and puts him in a knee) - Repeat what you said! Repeat, you didn't hear! Come on, steal it! I'll barely have a reason to ...

T (coughs in annoyance, annoyed by the swelling in his right thigh) - Don't take yourself too seriously, boy! Besides, I vote right!

E (bends down to the windmill on the floor, without loosening his grip): Bucharest in a madman's stride! It can't be true!

T (laughs mockingly, tormented by the pain in his thigh) - You haven't even learned to do your hair properly, and you already have no room for anyone else!

E(suddenly pulls the tall, solid 53-year-old to his feet): Come on, left around, easy! The night wind will be like a cold shower, trust me!

T(lets himself be led by the pupil to the cabin door, intrigued by his virulence) - Shout her down, better. And once you're faced with a fait accompli, you'll see for yourself....


"The streets were eerily quiet as Sarah ventured out into the night again, her senses alert. Every shadow seemed to hide a potential threat, every sound sending a jolt of adrenaline through her veins. But she refused to let fear paralyze her. With each step, she moved closer to uncovering the truth behind the mysterious figure that stalked her."

E(grunts, frowning) - Well, damn! No way!

T( winked, not letting go) - You bet she's... missed us?!? She can keep us both out in the wind!

From above, the radio, with interference this time:

"As she strolled through the dimly lit streets, Sarah's mind was churning with possibilities. Could it be an ex-boyfriend seeking revenge? A disgruntled co-worker with a sinister plan? Or perhaps something even more sinister lurked in the darkness, something beyond her wildest nightmares?!"

E (tense, fearing he'd stumbled right into ... 'his man') - Come on, old man, take a bitch-chase through the dark, and if you run into a wolf....

T (with numb right arm, and shirt swollen with wind) - Don't taste hypothermia, it hasn't your humour, kid...

Upstairs, the radio blares again, turned up to full blast, only to tickle annoyingly, "It's 7:00. On "Free Europe" listen to..."


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