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What kind of horrible imagination do you have?

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By 肖湾Published about a year ago 6 min read
What kind of horrible imagination do you have?
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Three days after my sister went missing. The toilet in the house suddenly began to purr. Next thing you know, part of my sister's body appears in the toilet. To be precise, it is my sister's face. A thin piece of face, floating out of the toilet. With lots of smelly blood and bits of debris. The pungent smell of blood fills the end of my nose. The man who unclotted the toilet let out a shrill scream and rolled and crawled back. I went straight to the floor. My mother covered her mouth in horror and fainted. Half an hour later, the police arrived. The sister was missing for three days. At first, I thought she'd just run away. The younger sister was sixteen years old, just in the period of teenage rebellion. I had been away from home for a few days before, not answering my messages, and finally came back by myself. Little did I know that she'd been killed and that her body had been stuck in the toilet drain the whole time. The police took some of the sister's things and left. After I calmed my heartbroken mother, I went to my sister's room alone. Suddenly, on her desk, I found a line of letters and symbols the size of ants. The letters and symbols looked like a jumble, but I knew at once that it was Morse code. My sister and I love Morse Code. We often talk in Morse code about things that Mom doesn't know. I gently read the meaning of this layer of code, but my pupils suddenly constricted. "There were two mothers at home, and one of them killed me." What does that mean? What do you mean two moms in the house? Just then, I felt someone walking behind me. I turned around and saw my mother in a red nightdress, standing in the kitchen drinking water. "Mom, are you awake?" I unconsciously erased the handwriting on the table. "Awake, a little thirsty, get up and drink some water." My mother smiled at me. Just then, I heard a cough coming from my mother's room. I was surprised to turn my head, when I turned back, but found that my mother was missing. "Miaomiao, help me pour a glass of water, mother is very thirsty." My mother's husky voice came from the room. I was stunned. The whole body shuddered. Wasn't my mom just in the kitchen? Why are you suddenly in the room now? I poured a glass of water and carried it into the room. I saw my mother lying in bed, wearing a white nightdress, looking straight at me. I handed the water to my mother. When she finished, I asked, "Mom, have you been in the kitchen? In a red nightgown." My mother gave me a suspicious look. "I just woke up. I haven't left the room." A chill rose from the soles of my feet. I remembered the warning my sister left me. There are two moms at home. My mother drank the water and suddenly started crying again. "Miao Miao, I really didn't expect your sister to meet this kind of thing, mom thought she was just the same as before, and angry ran where crazy play, mom sorry her." My mom couldn't stop crying. My nose is sore. My mom actually had a very tense relationship with my sister. My sister was a rebel, and I liked to antagonize her from an early age. My dad got in a car accident when we were four, and my mom raised us all the time. They fought a lot, and after every fight, my sister would run out. At least two or three days, as long as a week. We were nervous at first, but then we got used to it. But I did not expect that this time, it is my sister to die such a cruel way. And her body, it was cut up into a million pieces and flushed down the toilet. 02 "Who do you think killed her, Mother?" "I asked quietly. My sister usually has no grudge against anyone, but the body was strangely found in the toilet at home. "I don't know. I haven't heard anything." My mother bit her lip and said painfully. After telling her to go to bed early, I went to my sister's room. The police already took most of her stuff, so I don't have much to go on. I thought about the day she disappeared. That day, it was my mom who called me. She said in a bad tone that my sister had run away from home after another fight. I wasn't on vacation yet, so I told her not to worry too much. But little did I know that my sister had been murdered. And according to the Morse code she left behind, the person she identified as the killer, it was the other mother. I went through all the rest of my sister's stuff, but I couldn't find anything useful. Just as I was about to give up and leave, my phone suddenly rang. The familiar music began, a piano piece dedicated to Alice. I was stunned. This is the music I set for my sister. Because we all like this piano music very much. On the caller ID, it was my sister's name. A phone call from the dead. Trembling, I picked up the phone. "Xuan Xuan, is that you?" There was a strange noise on the other end of the line. The next, I heard my sister's voice from inside. She spoke very fast and her voice was very sharp. When I couldn't make out what she was saying, the phone was cut off. When I hung up, I realized that the call was a pre-set call. My sister set it three days ago. Three days ago, the day my sister was killed. I held my phone tight. It's a good thing I started recording the call. I quickly uploaded the audio to my computer. By slowing down the audio, I finally understood what my sister was saying. "Sister, I know how Dad died, he didn't die in a car accident, he was killed by the mother, the extra mother in the family." "I may be dead by the time you hear this recording, you must be careful of the second mother...." I pressed the pause button. The heart is beating very fast. Because in addition to my sister's voice, I heard a strange sound. I slow down the audio over and over again. Soon, my hand shook involuntarily. Is laughter. A very thin, high-pitched laugh. That's not my sister's voice. Suddenly, I saw a man standing behind me on the reflection of my computer screen. My mother was standing behind me, her body not moving, but her head turned to me at full swing. She squinted at me expressionless, but a thin, high-pitched laugh came out of her mouth. It's the exact same laugh you heard on the audio.

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