We Return to Each Other in Waves

by Vishakha Agarwal 2 years ago in dating

A Deeper Look Inside

We Return to Each Other in Waves

Sitting across the mesmerizing blue waters of the Charles, I thought to myself, is this real? Do our crests and troughs really match? Do we actually return to each other in waves? Or is it delusional?

And that got me contemplating...

What is a functional relationship in today's fast-moving, technology addictive, self-consumed generation? Does it mean settling down? Hell no! We as humans, succumb; succumb to the needs of finding love, appreciation and attention in each and everything that we do. We are too afraid to face what life throws at us alone, and yet, just to convince ourselves, we do the same.

The essence of love is patience. Patience in waiting for that someone who doesn't suck the life out of you, instead who'll help spread your wings, encourage you, challenge your fiery heart each day,to get up from bed and achieve that one thing that will bring you closer to your dreams. It's that magic that sparkles when you give your person that level of comfort to let him/her be themselves. When you accept them for who they are and not who you wish them to be. Life's too short to have a sugar-coated, and if I may say so — a "fake" relationship.

Crests and troughs are like selflessness and compromise. It goes hand-in-hand — a mutual binding, and that's what makes us return to our companions as we move ahead with life each day. A belief and longingness that no matter what goes right or wrong, when we burrow ourselves in our beds at night and have that one person wrap their arms around us, all the cracks are then sealed. A feeling of truly being at home.

Things won’t always be manageable and effortless, there will be innumerable days when we cannot harmonize our thoughts, align our dreams, be at sharp edges with each other, but that isn’t a downfall, as always considered! Look at it as a learning experience and with every moment of combat, help stimulate the growth and narrow the distance by truly understanding how each one that actually matters functions.

There will be times when I’m gloomy, sulky and for no reason at all, far-flung; days and night’s where I am too self-consumed and too lost in my thoughts, which have been spun around and around overthinking demons, but those are the days when my dark side turns up. Those are the days I need to be handled and treated with love and patience instead of worry.

And in the same manner, I will strive to fathom and grasp all your mood swings, the change in your tone, the look, the words, everything. I will begin to know when to give you space and when to hold you tight and love you unconditionally. I will learn when to let you spread your wings and fly and when to give you mine to help you fly.

Some of these will come to us naturally and the other’s will require tremendous work, dedication, and patience. Most importantly, trust and the belief of us, the belief of being strong together than strong apart. And eventually, we’ll fall back into the smooth rhythm of the crests and troughs. Yes, there will be tides at times and waves coming crashing to the shore, but those are milestones that need to be walked upon together, leaving behind all the ego and negative emotions and taking it as a positive step together for the future.

This, to me, is an enriching and satisfying relationship.

I look for better days ahead, filled with unconditional love, laughter, warmth, positivity, and growth ~

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