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Ways to Tell If You're the Side Chick

by Kelsey Lange 3 years ago in dating

Here are the top ten ways to tell if you're the side chick, and why you need to run in the opposite direction, fast.

If you're Googling this question, you're most likely the side chick. A woman's intuition is very strong, and feeling as if something is off in your relationship is reason enough to question your stance in a man's life, especially if he shows any of these signs.

These are the top ten ways to tell if you're the side chick, from never meeting the family to refusing to spend the night with you; he either has a whole other girlfriend, or has serious commitment issues. Either way, you need to run.

He always goes to your place.

A man refusing to allow you to his place is definitely a red flag. First on our list of the best ways to tell if you're the side chick is that there is a big reason behind the fact that your man isn't allowing you inside his home.

Whether this specifically means that he has a main chick is unknown. But if he does, it is sure that he will not make any evidence of your presence apparent in his apartment or home. This is especially true if he lives with an actual girlfriend or wife. If you find yourself always opening your door to him, but the same not being reciprocated, this is something you should look more into.

He doesn't want you to follow him on social media.

If the person you have been seeing refuses to allow you to view his social media, follow him, or just altogether denies the fact that he has accounts, this is a telltale sign that you are the side chick. Social media is a very important aspect to today's relationships, and almost always, you can tell if someone is in a relationship by simply searching up their name.

One of the best ways to tell if you're the side chick is if this information is all too hard to find. Men who hide their relationship status online, refuse to follow you, allow you to follow them, or flat out have pictures of a girl he's never mentioned before, run away from them.

He never spends the night.

On top of always hanging out at your house, you find that he always has an excuse to sleep in his own bed, even though you've been dating or hanging out for a while now.

You even ask him to stay the night, but he has no issue telling you no. As one of the most obvious ways to tell if you're the side chick, a man who has a girlfriend or wife will never stay over his booty call's home. It would look suspicious. But what should seem suspicious to you, is the fact that he always has an excuse.

He's protective over his phone.

A man that is overprotective with his phone is certainly giving off all types of red flags. As one of the number one ways to tell if you're the side chick, if he makes a point to hide, silence, and protect his phone, he is hiding something much larger than the contents inside.

Most likely, he either has a girlfriend, or talks to a whole lot of other women. The main reason why he doesn't want you looking over his shoulder is that he is hiding something from you. You won't even have to ask or snoop; the fact that he is being sketchy with it is all you need to know.

You haven't met his family or friends.

If you've been seeing a man for months, and you have yet to meet his friends or family, even despite how much be brings them up, you're the side chick. A man will avoid introducing you to people who may spill the beans to his girlfriend, or simply because of the fact that they do not value your relationship with him.

When the time that you spend together is just the two of you, it turns into feeling like a booty call more than anything. You should be able to do things with his friends and vice versa. If this is a problem, there is a much bigger problem looming in your relationship with this man.

You never do things outside of the house together.

If you feel like you're a booty call, this is definitely one of the main components of your feeling. If you and your man never do things together outside of hanging out and watch movies in the house, you are most likely being kept a secret. A man who wants to make you his will certainly make it a point to do things together.

And as one of the best ways to tell if you're the side chick, this reasoning could be that you are just an afterthought to him, and that he has a girlfriend whom he spends the majority of his time with outside of the house. It could also be because he doesn't want to be seen by any of his friends, or her friends, in public.

He blows you off a lot.

A man who is already preoccupied with another woman has no problem blowing off his side piece. If you are not the priority in your man's life, you need to act accordingly. Why stick around with someone who clearly does not value your time?

A man who has already occupied his life with another woman, a job, or anything else, puts you in the backseat. Don't sit there for much longer. Because even if you're not a side chick to a girlfriend or wife, you could be a side chick to a lot of other things in a man's life if he refuses to make you a priority.

He's MIA for major holidays.

Next on our list of the best ways to tell if you're the side chick is that he is constantly busy on holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.

This goes to show that one, you are not a priority to him, and two, he is inviting someone else to his family events, celebrations, and quality time. The holidays are meant to be spent with the people you love, so why wait around for an invitation that you know you will never get?

He doesn't like putting a label on things.

Though this could just mean that he is just not ready for a relationship quite yet, not putting a label on your relationship with him could very well mean that he already has a relationship occupying that spot in his life for him to do that.

This is especially true if you have been spending time with this person for a long time, and you feel as if you need some clarity about the place in their life that you hold. A man who tells you that he would rather not put a label on things is saying that he doesn't want to commit to you in so many words.

His social media has posts of another girl.

If you can find his social media, as opposed to a man whose social media accounts are almost impossible to find, this is one of the best ways to tell if you're the side chick.

To complete our list, finding a social media account of his that has posts of another girl you've never seen before is a telltale sign. Even if it doesn't show them kissing or lovey-dovey, recent pictures of him and a woman he's never mentioned will tell you all you need to know.

Kelsey Lange
Kelsey Lange
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