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Signs He Has A Side Chick

by Ossiana Tepfenhart 5 years ago in how to / dating
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Whether it's a new fling or a serious relationship, signs he has a side chick are the same either way.

One of the saddest aspects of our current dating scene is the commonplace existence of a man who openly admits he has a side chick. Only 20 years ago, men actually used to be loyal and used to look down upon guys who openly had affairs. But, now, it's common to the point that it seems socially accepted.

So, if you're going out looking for a relationship with a guy, you have to keep an eye out for signs he has a side chick. If you notice these signs, you may need to just drop him. After all, there's no reason to try to date a liar and a cheater.

He won't admit he's in a relationship with you, even though he's been seeing you for more than three months.

One of the more subtle signs he has a side chick is his attitude towards commitment and being openly with you. Guys who are cheaters often will do things on the down-low, simply because they don't want to get hell from people who know the main girl, the side chick, or both of them.

This is also the reason why guys who are cheaters tend to be unaffectionate with partners in public; they don't want anyone to know they have someone else.

The more they drag their feet on commitment, the more likely it is that they have another woman's number in their cellphone as their actual girlfriend. This is particularly true if he tells you that he's "not looking for marriage."

He owns a "brick" phone or a cheap phone.

This isn't always one of the surefire signs he has a side chick, but it is strange enough that you should take note. In most cases, it's never a good discovery to make - particularly if he never mentions why he has that phone.

Most cheaters who are regularly having affairs will have something called a "booster" or a "jump phone." These are disposable phones they use to talk to affair partners that they can throw away should things get sticky.

If you find one of these phones, or notice that he owns one that he uses to talk to you, you should be suspicious. In many cases, it's a sign that something is afoot - either of the affair type, or of the illegal type.

He puts "in a relationship" on Facebook - but refuses to mention your name.

A lot of men will do this little social media trick when they think they're being sly. The fact is that there's no reason why he shouldn't cite you as his girlfriend when he has a relationship status – unless you yourself do not have a Facebook.

If you can't get him to admit you're his girlfriend online, you can probably bet that you'll notice other signs he has a side chick...or that you yourself are the side chick.

You found him on Tinder, OkCupid, PoF, or other dating sites.

When it comes to looking for signs he has a side chick, you can't get much more obvious than his activity on dating and hookup sites. You can't excuse this – there's no other reason why he'd be on there.

If he's on Tinder, he is not "looking for friends." If you two are supposed to be together and official, there's absolutely no reason why he should be cruising dating sites. If you see him on Tinder, he's already cheating on you – or at the very least, trying to find other women.

He won't introduce you to friends or family – and if you run into his people, they seem to be very confused by you.

Never, ever get into a relationship with a man who hates the idea of introducing you to his friends and family. This is a sign that, at best, says he only sees you as a temporary girlfriend. At worst, it may mean that you're the side chick.

Many of the more socially-observed signs that he has a side chick is how his friends treat you. This is why it's so crucial that you meet his entourage when you're dating him.

Do some of them seem confused, as if they've seen him introduce someone else as his girlfriend recently? Do some of them seem immediately hostile towards you? If this is the case, you're looking at clues that suggest you may be the other woman.

On the other hand, if his guys look at you sympathetically or act very awkward around you, it could be that they know he's cheating on you. Either way, both situations are signs he has a side chick in his life.

You catch him on PUA forums, or you see that he's posting really misogynistic things online.

This should be a red flag, no matter what you're doing with him. If you notice he's posting some disturbing things about "treating women badly because that's what gets you laid" or saying things like "all girls are like that" online, you need to dump him.

Of all the signs he has a side chick, this one is the worst to find because it means that he's not only cheating, but he's proud of it and possibly also gearing up to abuse at least one of his partners.

Generally speaking, if a guy is on a Pick-Up Artist forum and using tricks that really work, he's looking to have sex with as many women as he possibly can. If you see him on multiple sites, chances are that he's been learning "game" as a way to get as many side chicks as possible.

Men who post this kind of stuff are showing their true selves – not letting on hot air. Don't listen to his excuses; run and warn others before it gets ugly on your end.

He takes a lot of private phone calls, is vague about who he talks to, and often will "take business calls outside."

In a normal relationship, guys will take business calls in front of longtime partners. After all, it's not like their partners will really mind if they are talking about the "latest portfolio shots," or the "biggest innovator award" at work. Literally, honest guys have nothing left to hide.

If a guy seems to be very secretive about who he's talking to, or if you spot him inside his car on your parking lot gabbing it up with someone, you should be wary. This is one of those signs he has a side chick that is almost always right.

If he's innocent, why is he being so sneaky about these calls?

Random women have confronted you about him.

This isn't so much one of the signs he has a side chick as much as it is a sign that you are the side chick. Even most "crazy exes" will not go so far as to chase around a guy's new girlfriend in order to get their ex back.

Many men who try to sneak a side chick around will warn the other woman about a "crazy ex" who thinks they're still dating. If you find that multiple people sided with the girl who confronted you, chances are that the warning he told you about the crazy ex may have been a lie.

You find occasional items that are clearly from a girl, but aren't yours, around his home.

This is one of those signs he has a side chick that you really can't ignore. If you notice that there are unexplained bras, ID cards, or used tampons lying around his house, you have to ask yourself who he had over.

Obviously, there could be a chance that the ID card belonged to a coworker, or even that used tampons happened when his little sister came over. But, when you're talking about used panties or earrings found in his bed, you're looking at something very suspicious.

The more incriminating the item is, the more likely it is that it didn't "just belong to a friend."

He only has one job, but he's regularly "just busy."

Though there may be some legitimate reasons why this can happen, it's wise to be a bit wary of guys who work only 40 hours per week, but regularly tell you they're "just busy" for extended periods of time due to work.

Whether people realize it or not, the average American working a single job only works about 47 hours per week. If you're only part-time, then your typical work week is 34.

Therefore, if he only has one job, it isn't likely for him to be "working" from 6 AM until 9 PM five days a week or more. Unless he has an insane commute or is a CEO, he won't be working 60 hours a week.

Should you notice that the work is piling on but his pay is remaining stable, you're probably neck deep in signs he has a side chick that you just haven't noticed yet. This is doubly true if you caught him lying about being at work.

Another way this clue takes form happens if your guy insists that he needs "a day out with the guys" or a lot more "guys' nights out" than he used to. More often than not, the "guys" he is meeting up with are female.

You caught him lying about other things.

Studies have shown that guys who lie about smaller things are more likely to lie about big things, too. Though this isn't one of the surefire signs he has a side chick, it's something that suggests that he may have more issues than he's letting on.

Even if he doesn't have a side chick, you should be cautious with guys who are so flippant about lying. After all, you never know what skeletons he could be hiding.

Sex requests have dropped – or have always been low.

One of the easiest to gauge signs he has a side chick is how often he requests sex from you. On average, most men will want to get it on at least twice a week, assuming they aren't overworked, sick, or dealing with testosterone drops.

If he doesn't seem that interested in sleeping with you, chances are high that he's getting it from someone else. Or, he may just really not be interested in you sexually. No matter what the reason is, a guy who doesn't want to sleep with you is never a guy you should be in a relationship with. Dump him, already!

He's emotionally distant from you, no matter what you say to him.

"I love you."

"Eh, I love you too, I guess."

Sound familiar? Generally speaking, most people who have an affair tend to be more "cool" towards both their affair partners and their main partners. If you notice that he keeps his distance emotionally, or that he constantly remains stoic even when you're trying to get him to open up, there may be something up here.

Some guys are naturally stoic, but if you notice this sign along with other signs he has a side chick, it's time to bail.

Things just don't add up.

Does he seem constantly broke despite working two jobs? Or, does he straight up refuse to show you his ID card? Does his Facebook seem oddly still, or does he refuse to add you on Facebook?

Don't blindly trust guys when it's clear that something isn't quite right. When things don't seem all right, it's usually because they're signs he has a side piece, a double life, or worse.

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