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Vedic Astrology vs. Western Astrology

To understand vedic astrology vs. western astrology, get connected today to the best vedic astrologer in India Ankit Sharma Ji, who has deep insights and knowledge in the same.

By Best Astrologer IndiaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Sadly, astrology is the most misunderstood modality. It is NOT about foretelling and doing magical stuff only but is extended to a more comprehensive version. It's a scientific yet spiritual mechanism specifically devised thousands of years back to help people gain complete transparency & take better decisions in their life. You could also use astrology to epitomize anything you desire in your life. Whether you want to entice your dream partner, enhance your affinity with your spouse, and become emotionally & financially self-reliant, Astrology can be an instant help. And that is why Astrology must assemble some unique space in the conventional world & help every day the individuals who are seeking solutions. Besides, it is pretty substantial to comprehend its true power and potency, and on that basis, people sitting in any part of the world should perceive its invisible energy, which lets the magical things happen. Today, we will discuss a very interesting topic- vedic astrology vs. western astrology- to alleviate a few doubts and perplex ions via some helpful pointers.

  1. Vedic astrology is also noted as 'sidereal' because it is the antiquity study of distant stars. However, Western astrology includes consideration of the newly discovered transcendent planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and many more; thus, it is cited as 'continental/tropical.'
  2. Vedic is the ancients, around 5000 years old, whereas Western is historically based on Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos (2nd century).
  3. The Vedic astrologer or the Jyotish works with a diamond-shaped chart as compared to the 360° spin graph that the Western astrologer uses.
  4. Many distinguished personalities of medieval history like Kalidas, Mihir, Varaha, and many more had contributed their spiritual ideas and holy insights to develop Vedic astrology. In contrast, western astrologers have tried to find links between the astrological factors and the psychological concepts.
  5. The continental aka Western system does not use the divisional charts, dasha or transit calculations, and ad-hoc configurations, in comparison to the fact that the Jyotish or Vedic System is indispensably dependent on natal and birth charts, dashas, analyses, etc.
  6. In astrology, the shorter the period, the more the accuracy is. So the Moon sign gives better consequences, and the ascendant gives the best in the Vedic one. While Western astrology believes in the Sun sign, which is fixed for one month compared to the moon's two days.

Who is the Best Vedic Astrologer in India?

Both systems are very competent in bringing meaningful information about the cosmic world, the planetary systems, the stars, the sun, the moon, and your subconscious mind. It is like two separate languages: English and Russian. Both are skilled in yielding noteworthy ideas and momentous notions concatenated with our mind, soul, body, world, and nature around. You just have to decide which one seems more compatible with the way you want to explore the complexity of human consciousness. The clarification can genuinely be done with the support of an extremely talented and best vedic astrologer in india, Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji since he will be able to illustrate to you more transparently. Anyone contact Astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji for astrology services through direct call or WhatsApp at +91-98154-18307.

No doubt, vedic astrology is definitely the oldest, finest, and surpassing. It uses some really interesting fashion and modernized patterns to proffer the best outcomes to the sufferers, with the help of a horoscope, birth chart, moon & zodiac signs, and some basic details. Yes, the actual difference between vedic astrology vs. western astrology will solely be given by the one who is an expert in Vedic Astrology, not by the commoners. So consult one and get the services accordingly. For that, you may also connect with our guruji Ankit Sharma, who has gained immense knowledge and gathered a lot of information on Vedic astrology vs. western astrology. He has been studying deeply since his childhood days and slowly grasping monumental insight to learn more and more.


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