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Using Brass Knuckles Incorrectly Can Be Deadly!

Brass Knuckles

By Mai SophiaPublished 3 days ago 4 min read

Brass knuckles are a type of weapon that consists of a knuckle-duster inside a metal or hard plastic case, which can be worn on the fist. The design is such that the metal surrounding the fist makes contact with an assailant during punching, and using the hand in this way increases the power and range of punches - thus giving them their name.

Adding to their effectiveness, these knuckle dusters often have swivel joints at either hinge so they fit snugly around any size fist. This makes it difficult for an attacker to dislodge them from their grip. These weapons are used for self defense, street crimes and as fashion accessories.

They are also known as knuckle dusters, knucks and fist loaders. They are made from a variety of different materials but the most common type is forged from solid brass, making them heavy and very strong. Because of their weight, a lot of people believe that knuckles are the best self defense weapon to rely on if you ever find yourself in a bad situation.

Knuckles as Powerful Weapons

Brass knuckles are powerful weapons to have in your possession. They are a type of tool that can protect yourself and inflict a lot of pain in a very short time. However, they should not be used as an everyday fashion statement because the consequences could be disastrous. Instead, brass knuckles are great for fighting and training only when necessary.

The main purpose behind these weapons is to inflict damage to your attacker by using them against him or her. They are typically used to hit an opponent in the face or head during a fight because they can cause a lot of damage quickly.

These knuckles are also used for training purposes and this is to ensure that people are never caught off guard when fighting. The other reason why people will choose to use them is because they look scary, which may scare the attacker away.

Danger Related to Knuckles

Many people would say that knuckle dusters are best used during a street fight and the person using them should have some training, experience and knowledge of self defense. They should never be used in a fight without proper training because there could be serious consequences involved.

A lot of people think that these knuckles make great home protection tools but they are not really efficient at defending your own home. But the most important thing to understand before using them for your needs is what are the dangers of using knuckles if you use them incorrectly.

Break Your Fingers

Getting punched in the face is never a pleasant feeling. If you fight with your fists, brass knuckles or other hand protection can help mute some of the impact. But if you pick up a set of knuckles, throw on some gloves and then fight with them without breaking them ahead of time, chances are that they'll send your fingers flying into pieces.

Knuckle dusters are designed to work as an extension to pre-existing gloves (unless they're specially made for bare fists), and therefore require different usage to break in properly than traditional boxing gloves. It's better for you to know them properly before using rather than you will damage your own hand.

Cause Serious Head Injury

Knuckles are a weapon that can be disguised as something else and carried in public. Law enforcement can mistake it for a regular watch or cell phone, but it has the potential to do much more damage than either of those.

These knuckles are a piece of metal with handles on each side and spikes or studs on the exterior that are used to punch someone or break their nose. It can also cause some severe head injury if you hit someone’s head with full force. So, you have to be very careful with them.

Give Cuts and Bruises

Brass knuckles can cause a lot of damage if used incorrectly. They are not safe to use and should be understood before being purchased. There are so many misconceptions about knuckles; they are only for brawling, they will help get people out of a potentially dangerous situation, they won't leave any scars.

But do you know what's true? These knuckle dusters can give you cuts and bruises if used incorrectly and these wounds may last for months! These knuckles also increase your risk for developing arthritis in your hands which can lead to irreversible joint damage.

Practice and Understanding Are Important!

If you are interested in using brass knuckles, it’s important to understand the size and weight of the device. These knuckles can range from just a few ounces to nearly 2 pounds. The “sweet spot” for an effective brass knuckle is between 1-2 ounces.

They are solid metal, which results in blunt force trauma instead of cutting or stabbing injuries sustained with a knife or other deadly weapon. They make skull fractures, jaw fragments and blood loss happen more often than any other type of injury; they are designed specifically to cause harm as well as to protect our hands while punching by transmitting the full power of a punch into an unsuspecting victim.


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