Update on My LDR

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Where are we now?

Update on My LDR

First of all I'd like to thank you for following my story and reading my first post! Now let's get into it...

In my last post I talked about the issues I was facing in my LDR. I mentioned that I was dying to see my boyfriend again and SURPRISE! We spent an amazing three weeks together in Swansea. I made the long journey down on April 23 and traveled home on May 15. The whole time together was amazing. We were both pretty broke so we didn't do too much while I was there but I think that was the beauty of it—we didn't need to spend money on nights out to enjoy ourselves. We were quite happy just sat in at night with some cheap snacks from the shop watching movies or playing horror games.

I don't know what it was this time being there but I just felt so comfortable and happy, being with him is home to me now. I didn't know that I could fall in love with him more than I already had but I think those three weeks were the making of our relationship. We both are so happy and I have never been so in love. To see the amount of support and love he has for me is amazing and that truly shows.

But of course, like any long distance relationship, the day comes again when you have to leave. I won't lie to you, it doesn't get any easier and yes it is a struggle. I cried a LOT but my boyfriend has his exams right now and it's hard for him to focus on revising when I am there, which is completely understandable. It makes it easier this time though. Although we have to spend a month apart now as soon as his exams are over we will be spending the whole summer together. Now the most exciting part, I will be moving in with him in September! Finally, I will be able to feel like I'm truly home. Being at the home I grew up in with my parents just isn't the same anymore. I'm always really sad when I'm here but I try to not let that show. I don't want him worrying about me when he has all his exams to focus on. And even though when I visit him I feel at home, in the back of my mind I always know I have to leave again. But now I get to actually live with him and I cannot wait.

The past few days we have discussed our future a lot. My sister just recently booked her wedding date and my boyfriend and I have been talking about just getting to get all dressed up, walk down the aisle together, dance together then daydreaming about what our own wedding would look like. When you know you have someone you will spend your life with and you start planning these things together, it is just the best feeling in the world. I cannot describe how happy I am and how much my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

This is the strangest thing I will ever say but I'm actually glad that my boyfriend and I lived so far apart when we met. The challenges life has already thrown at us have been crazy but we have just overcome them together and came out of the other side even stronger. Surely if we can go through the challenges of being in a long distance relationship, anything life throws at us when we are together we will be able to overcome so easily. There is undeniably so much love and commitment in our relationship. We are such a strong couple capable of tackling anything life throws at us.

Thank you for listening to me go on and on again!

Just a little note, I will try to post every two weeks with an update!

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