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Update: Bring Chanel Home

Chanel IS Home!

By Sai Marie JohnsonPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The Bring Chanel Home Campaign has concluded with a beautiful result — Chanel was returned to her brother, Preston, and her grandmother, Arlene to Selawik where she’s now all smiles in photographs.

Though it will still be a long road to healing and recovery for this family, the support and unity of Native activists and their allies united for the greater good has been exhibited by this conclusion.

May the Creator continually bless Chanel and her family.

I was happy to advocate for this cause which sheds light on Native American children and their tribal rights being honored to keep Native children with their families — as opposed to being left to foster care systems that do not have their best interests in mind.

Chanel’s case is one of triumph where heartache and tragedy took place and I am grateful to every advocate and activist who took the time to relentlessly write, protest, and fight to ensure that we could all finally say;


To continue supporting this family feel free to donate/share the GoFundMe and Amazon wishlist as well as CashApp for Arlene links and info below:

Link to GoFundMe:

Link to Amazon Wish List:

Arlene’s CashApp: $arleneballot


From Bring Chanel

A white couple in Alaska is fighting to keep baby Chanel away from her biological family while posting photos of her online with racist comments.

Sign this petition to demand legal action against them.

We urgently and emphatically request immediate action to reunite Chanel with her loving grandmother, Aana Arlene, in Selawik. Chanel's biological mother, Kristen Ballot-Huntington, tragically lost her life at the hands of her father, Eric Rustad, and Chanel is currently under the care of racist foster parents due to her paternal grandparents regrettably declining the responsibility of caring for her.

Chanel's rightful home is with her grandmother, Aana Arlene, where she can find solace, love, and support within her own family. Her foster parents are keeping Chanel separated from her grandmother and brother, depriving her of the nurturing relationships that are crucial for her emotional well-being and overall development.

Chanel’s foster parents have proven themselves to be unfit to care for Chanel as a Native child, subjected her to derogatory terms such as "native baby" and "Mowgli," along with comments suggesting exploitation for labor and even trading her for muktuk when she was only 9 months old. Such remarks perpetuate harmful stereotypes and demonstrate a profound lack of understanding and respect, attitudes that put Chanel’s entire identity as a Native child at risk of erasure. She deserves the opportunity to grow up with a strong sense of self, pride in her cultural heritage, and a connection to her community.

We implore you to prioritize Chanel's best interests, cultural heritage, and emotional well-being by facilitating her reunification with her grandmother, Aana Arlene.

Let us take immediate action to ensure that Chanel's future is not tainted by the pain of her past, but rather filled with love, support, and the nurturing environment she undeniably deserves.



Nikki has refused to comply with the tribal court order and is actively keeping Chanel from Arlene. The latter was granted custody just two weeks ago and was set to begin a transitional period with Chanel today. Nikki is currently preventing that from happening.


Nikki charges Arlene with stalking. She argues that she is trying to “kidnap” Chanel in trying to adhere to the court-mandated visitations. A short-term protective order is granted.


Nikki pleads her case for a long-term protective order against Arlene. During her testimony, she indicates that she does not recognize the Selawik tribal court as legitimate and will not adhere to any of its rulings. A long-term TPO is denied, though the judge will let the short-term one run its course as part of a “cooling off” period. That will expire on August 22nd. Another trial regarding a writ of assistance will take place on September 7th.


Bring Chanel Home campaign announces Chanel has been reunited with her family.

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