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~ The Nerve ~

By Jay KantorPublished 2 years ago Updated 6 months ago 3 min read
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🏆 The NERVE 🏆

The post-war so called "Boomers" didn't have social-media or electronic devices/games that would occupy us much of the time; as this generation is engrossed-in. There were no instant digital recording phones to tell "Our Kids Someday" about some standout events. Thanks to the V.M. Platform we can now offer our non-digitally-archived life experiences, in which the next generations may enjoy, with these brief blueprints.

We relished outdoor activities—some really daring! The Beach Boys '60's Group sang about Fast Cars and Surfing; hence the 'In-Crowd' really jumped into these dangerous crazes with vigor.

My Twin, Lar, was way into drag-racing his modified Chevy. Although we didn't do any street racing, the San Fernando Drag Strip was close by where he could compete with his overwhelming competitive itch at 130+ mph! —Whew the "NERVE!"

He would line his rear windows displaying 'Winner' decal-stickers. Later on when showing his Jensen (British sports car) he won 'Trophies' 5 times in a row. Then he was asked NOT to show in certain competitions to give others a chance to 'SHINE'....!

His car landed on the cover of a national magazine. Proof is proudly framed ALL over his Corporate office walls, among other Trophy-Wins. Wife probably didn't want a Trophy-Wall hanging in HER hallway — Since she's the only In-House Trophy he would ever need!

Once married he was 'Instructed' to 'Grow-Up' and began driving a Datsun (Nissan) Sedan!

Then, of course, there's the "World-Class-Poker-Player!" Don't know what took more 'NERVE' the Drag Strip or Bluffing in a High-Stake Poker Game — Or, messing with the I.R.S. for that matter!

Never to be identified as your stereotypical stuffed-shirt C.P.A. Along with his Tally-Up-Skills and large-staff administering expertise, his personality has kept butts in their seats across the desk from him, all of these years.


— Stereotyping twins as being more alike than dissimilar is common —

Often it is said that 'Twins' are alike; well sometimes. Although our Sarcastic traits seem to be genetically implanted, others often are not tuned into it. Trophies are not me! Different choices about almost everything else stand out. But, we could always 'see into' one another's differences, whether pointed out or not, better than we could ourselves. Perhaps too close to the shaded 'Family Tree' to see what may be shadowing us.

For Instance: Long ago Lar warned me, in his never subtle fashion, if I marry a woman I was then engaged to that I will turn into 'HER' — last name, identity and all. Once I absorbed this, I called off the wedding right before it started; numerous costly consequences and cleanup thereafter! She's probably the one who dodged the bullet.

— Do we see the world differently? —

The 'Twin-Stand-Alone-Theory' was always encouraged with us; especially in school. Never quite understood that, but I don't believe that 'Theory' is prevalent today.

We all have a choice; who's right? Things that may have motivated us, as individuals, to succeed: Power orientation ~ Fame orientation ~ Money orientation, even fear-of-failure orientation. No, I've never wanted to be the class President or win trophies, but I understand that he does, and good for him! In hind-sight I regret that I didn't listen to some of the advice he has given to me over the years, and vice versa!

But, Personality and Wise~Guy~Wise, pretty close; especially in the 'sarcasm' department. Always been there for one-another, no matter what. Special standout was when Rita died. Lucky-Lar sat alone (at 4:00 am) in the waiting room for me to come out, with a big-long-hug: Never forget that! Never enough payback—Hands down!

~ Always there if ever I fall ~

— The Other-Brother —

Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, Ca.

"Senior" Vocal Author

For Our Kids Someday


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Jay Kantor

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  • Rachel Deeming4 months ago

    My dad always wanted a Jensen Interceptor. If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to buy him one. Another great insight into your family, Jay. I love the fact he was there for you through your darkest time. That's the tester, I think. Who steps up without being asked. I get a real sense of your voice when you write about your folks. It's warm and nostalgic.

  • Doc Sherwood9 months ago

    Thank you for the shout-out to the Youngin' re: Walbrook! Glad to see the students are taking notes. Your theme in this very article is indeed highly resonant with hers, for I can well imagine how different that era of The Beach Boys and drag-racing must seem to the digital generation. No doubt about it though, it was rather harder to generate a story with AI then, and even plagiarism took longer! Happy Memorial Day, "J." You're one of two veterans I know, but I truly admire you all. I'm honoured to hear about your trowel-related plans, so on this morning's themes (the drag strip and, as I was just prattling to Cezanne, the Fifties) here's a science fiction treatment to start your engines!

  • Dana Crandell9 months ago

    Great insights into the lives of twins. I enjoyed the story. I also really appreciate the last line on the page (your dedication).

  • Janet Carpenter10 months ago

    My older sister and I were called "Irish twins" (Like...9 months apart, if you know what I mean..."nudge-nudge, wink-wink!") We grew up sharing practically everything (okay...I got her "hand-me-downs" to wear, but she had such a sense of style that I didn't mind!). It was funny how some people swore we "looked identical" while so many others thought we weren't even related. And then everyone thought I was the older sister because she was very shy and I was outgoing. She passed away 4 years ago, and I miss her every day. Top three "worst days of my life" was my birthday that year when I became older than she'll ever be...

  • Janet Carpenter10 months ago

    Your brother's British Jensen reminded me that the first car I learned to drive on was a 1960 Triumph TR3. Pure engine. I think I gave my mother a heart attack going around a corner on two wheels!

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