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They won the "Funny Nobel Prize"?

Behind the madness of subcontracting

By Ma Luo sePublished 2 years ago 6 min read
They won the "Funny Nobel Prize"?
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Funny Nobel Prize, founded in 1991, once a year, a total of 10 awards, the award time will be 1 week - 2 weeks before the Nobel Prize, the award venue in Harvard University's Sanders Theater.

Do not think that the inclusion of the word "funny", is a group of boring people to make the crowd and malicious gimmick. Many of the judges are Nobel Prize winners, as well as political figures, such as the President of France and the former Vice President of the United States and others.

Behind each award, there is thought-provoking and thought-provoking research. -- "behind the funny, thought-provoking" is the original intention of Abraham to set up the prize, intended to stimulate people's interest in science, medicine, and technology; therefore, there are also many winners of the prize who later really became Nobel Prize winners.

The list of the 2020 "Funny Nobel Prize" has been released today, including five Chinese killers and U.S. President Donald Trump ......

The case was heard by the Tanning Intermediate People's Court in Xingu, China, on Oct. 17, 2019, in which six suspects, In, Xi (A), Mo (B), Yang (C), Yang (D) and Ling (E), were all sentenced to prison for "intentional homicide. (In the following, the five killers are code named ABCDE)

What happened:

In August 2012, Tanning Quorum invested in two companies, and another real estate company owner Wei reached business cooperation. 2013, the two sides in the process of cooperation disputes, Wei on the two companies in which Quorum participated in civil litigation.

In this regard, In has been haunted, out of business interests, In head decided to spend 2 million to kill Wei, so there is the back of this "black humor" farce!


The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

For the idea of murder, he had a suitable candidate in mind, the single business to A to do.

The reason is that usually when drinking, A always in front of In Mo "boast", so he feels that this person is very reliable.

After the decision, In immediately moved to the town of Li tang A home to discuss the matter and agreed to 2 million cash delivered to A in person.

This buys murder, from the beginning to give people the feeling of unreliable. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

The first thing you need to do is to pay for the whole $2 million to A.

The actual fact is that an actual person is a person who is a person. It is a businessman doing cement business, usually has some business dealings with Quorum, land love to brag when drinking.


The actual fact is that you can find several friends on the road and find a B who thinks he is very influential on the road and subcontract this single business to B with 1 million!

Speaking of B, it is a big deal, people in the world respect him as "three brothers", I heard that his network on the road is very complex, A full of confidence in him.

B is a barbecue store, often bragging to the public, and meeting some people, so people think he is very covered.

B patted his chest to A and said, the matter is wrapped in his body, he can through the Vietnamese road friends, looking for mercenaries from Myanmar to enter the killing.

A was convinced of this.

Within a few days, A received "good news" from B, saying that the Burmese killers were already in place.

A few days later, B came to A again, saying that the assassin from Burma had killed Wei and buried his body in the mountains.

A's intelligence was also anxious, and when he heard that Wei had been killed off, he immediately shelled out 1 million to pay B, without bothering to verify the authenticity.

A informed his employer, In, of this, only to find Wei alive and well. So he went to B's house to seek an explanation.

B flatly said that the "killer" took the money and ran away, looking for him is useless, and if you still want to buy the murderer, you need to pay another 1 million yuan.

Although discontent, the influence of B on the road, also dare not to argue too much. The only thing to do is to ask In for an additional 1 million yuan in fees.

After the last lesson, In learned wisely, this time only a verbal promise, if the matter is completed, then pay another 1 million to A.

A told the news to B and asked him to hurry up and find someone!


B saw that there was money to be made again, immediately enthusiastic, but this time certainly can not cheat again, so really went to find someone.

In his mind, he recalled the image of a "desperado", once fierce fights, C was in prison.

The two had known each other before, and B felt comfortable letting C handle the matter. So he approached C and offered to pay him $500,000 to take over the business.

By James Orr on Unsplash

C agreed.

To let C do it as soon as possible, B took out 270,000 from the previous fraudulent remuneration of 1 million to deliver to C and promised to deliver the balance of 230,000 after the completion of the matter.

Before leaving, B took out a note with Wei's license plate number, with a photo of Wei to C, and again reminded as soon as possible to solve.

C is not a fool, of course, money is the first to enjoy, dangerous things left to others to do.

The company's main business is to provide a service to the customers.

D and C are from the same family, so it's not surprising that they want to work together, and D subcontracts the business to E.

The final decision was made, and the business was taken over by E. The original fee of 2 million was stripped down to 100,000 yuan.


E is not a fool, he already guessed that D must have a superior, and the fee has been swallowed by D.

Of course, E was not happy to take the cheapest fee to do the hardest work.

The aggrieved E did not know what to do? If you take this money to find the next family, people will certainly not want.

Eventually, E also thought of a way to simply notify Wei of the matter, the joint Wei play a "fake murder"!

Through the contact information on the note, the two agreed to meet in a cafe.

After the meeting, E informed Wei that someone had bought a murderer to kill him and asked Wei to take a photo of his hands tied behind his back for his superior.

The two talked well and reached a painful agreement. E also told Wei that it was better to hide outside for safety reasons.

Eventually, E gave the photos to D, D to C, C to B, B to A, and A to In in exchange for a balance of $1 million.

ABCD and In did not suspect from the beginning to the end, all happy ......


Because since then, Wei went into hiding in Shanghai and has been wondering who is trying to kill him.

At first, he thought there was a "traitor" in the company, so secretly tracked for nearly 2 months, found no wrong.

So? What people want to kill themselves? Wei thought left and right, but never could not understand.

However, always this hiding down is not the way, things must be resolved, and finally, Wei decided to call the police.

The police investigation, to find the killer E but do not want to involve a hilarious "black humor" farce.

Eventually, ABCDE and In were all caught.

The first time, Wei realized that it was In, who was prosecuted last year, who wanted to harm himself.

The crazy subcontracting: China's five killers interpreted a "black humor", the seemingly ludicrous story behind it, but also reflects the "layers of outsourcing" performance of many problems!


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