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The magic formula for spending the rest of your life in peace

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By Ma Luo sePublished 2 years ago 5 min read
The magic formula for spending the rest of your life in peace
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Middle age is a very sensitive word. Middle age represents pressure, aging, and the backbone of society. When people reach middle age, most of them will have some sense of life to a greater or lesser extent.

Some people feel that the biggest change in middle age is less naive, beginning to love money, no longer the cynicism of the young, but also no longer the kind of blood; some people will feel that the biggest change in middle age is to put health in the first place, began to focus on fitness, health, afraid of their own body collapsed that day, the family also collapsed.

Some people also feel that after reaching middle age, it seems to take everything lightly, not fighting in the unit, what the wife says at home, there is no passion, there is no desire ......

These are the feelings of middle-aged people only, there is no right or wrong, only the uniqueness of each person. But most middle-aged people, are very agreeable to such a thing: people in middle age find that the two major assets to spend the rest of their lives in peace are not money and love, but health and gratitude.

Health naturally goes without saying. Wang Yuan is 40 years old. On his 40th birthday, Wang Yuan had a strong reaction after he accidentally fell down, and when he did not get better after recuperating for half a year, he suddenly felt old and realized the importance of health.

No matter what age, health is in the first place, without a healthy body how do have a quality of life? Many people do not pay attention to their bodies when they are young, and a long time of overdraft, making most people's bodies have not yet reached middle age has begun to show the state of the down slope.


Wang Yuan himself is a very bad example. Wang Yuan has been used to a hard life since childhood, he is the oldest in the family, and his parents are biased, about what good things are available to younger siblings first, so, until adulthood, Wang Yuan's 180 cm height is not more than 120 pounds.

During long periods of malnutrition, Wang Yuan's physical ability did not reach the state of a normal man. As an adult, Wang Yuan did not care about health problems, but instead, he worked hard to make a living and live a life that would be envied. During the five years of his career, Wang Yuan could count on one hand the number of times he ate breakfast.

For a long time after his marriage, Wang Yuan was able to eat on time under the supervision of his wife, but the long hours of overload still defeated Wang Yuan, which was not only reflected in his life, but even seriously affected his married life.

People are actually most likely to complain when they are in a sub-healthy state. Wang Yuan's complaints were often too much for his wife to bear, and there were more and more points of conflict between the two of them and more and more quarrels. More sadly, because of Wang Yuan's health, the intimate life of the two couples was almost non-existent.

How can a couple who have no love but only complaints and grumbles live together peacefully under one roof? At this time, the scales of life are tilted and life becomes tiring, just like climbing a mountain, suddenly coming to a very steep section of the peak, going forward, not knowing how to go on, filled with fear inside, and going backward, knowing deep down that it is meaningless.

When people are stuck in this position, there is no positive energy in the mind, and all you can think of every day is just toil. In this kind of life wanting to spend the rest of your life peacefully is almost impossible, even if you have a lot of wealth, even if the people around you still love you.

By Elijah M. Henderson on Unsplash


Another word that can make us spend the rest of our lives in peace is "gratitude".

Perhaps many people do not understand the meaning of gratitude. I once read a story about a boy who had a difficult time from birth, his head was stuck in his mother's stomach for several hours did not come out, and then in the doctor's efforts he came out but did not breathe, the doctor tapped for ten hours before he let out the first cry. But he survived and became disabled.

He got into high school with his efforts, but just when he reported he was seen by the principal, who was very surprised and threw him and his father out of the school, with the implication that how could a disabled person like him come to school and take up their places!

He was sad, and angry, and felt the injustice of God. But his father told him not to complain, we have to be grateful to live for our examinations, and since we want to study, we should go and work hard, instead of expressing our discontent here.

Later, he got into university. After graduation, he still encountered difficulties in finding a job, but he did not complain this time, think about the people he met in life, the things he encountered, so many happy things, so many people who helped him, and why do we have to grab their unhappy things?

So he set up a stall, opened an Internet cafe, then he set up an e-commerce company, and opened a chameleon store, there are profits and losses, but for him, he learned the most in his life, is the word gratitude! He is grateful to his mother for giving birth to him, to the doctor who did not give up on him and let him live, and to the friends around him who helped him and gave him hope through their encouragement. He is also grateful for the "bad guys" in his life, these people, so he learned to be strong.


Now he lives a good life, he has his ideals, has his own business. A disabled person can take care of life, let alone a normal person.

Only when we are middle-aged do we understand that gratitude can make us more positive, and only when we are more positive, life can develop towards a sunny state, otherwise, a strong complaint can only consume our lives.

Middle-aged people bear too much pressure, children need to be raised, parents need to be taken care of, the emotions of their loved ones need to be taken care of, and the pressure from work is even more devastating. If we are not healthy at this time, and our hearts are not full of gratitude to the world, what strength will support us to go on?

Human emotions are like this, when we discover our positive and sunny side, when we have a healthy body, when we are full of gratitude for the world inside, we will find that there is nothing in this world that can not be passed, natural good luck will follow, and vice versa, bad luck will follow, everything will become downhill.

Therefore, the world is originally unreal, there is no need to waste time on unhappy things, and there is no need to dwell on the pressure from the outside world. Can let us, middle-aged people, spend our twilight years as the treasure of health and gratitude, will do these two, our life will be smooth!


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