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The absence of parents, no nostalgia from now on, no home "wanderer" how desolate?

One of the most beautiful sounds in the world is the call of a mother.

By Ma Luo sePublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Nowadays, how many people leave their hometown at a very young age to go to school or work outside? How long have you remembered your hometown? How long have you been back in your hometown? The rolling hills, the babbling streams, and the playful partners are our fondest memories of our hometown.

Although there were no busy streets or lively parks in our hometown, we had our mother's call and our father's teachings. At that time, people lived in poverty, and the houses were low earth houses, and the source of livelihood for the family was a few acres of fields. But we didn't feel that life was hard and we lived every day without any worries. Even if there are no sumptuous meals, but also can eat and wear warm.

No matter how far we have traveled, we still remember the mountains and waters of our hometown. Even though life is getting better now, I still miss everything about my hometown. It is said that nostalgia is like a bowl of poison, but we can not control the thoughts of home.

Because that is the taste that is in our bones, the blood of our parents. No matter how long we leave, our hometown is still guiding us forward.

Think about how long it's been since you've been back home, and whether you still have a mother to pick you up in the village you left. Remember when you first left home? Your parents stood at the entrance of the village for a long time, and you watched them get smaller and smaller until you couldn't see the last shadow. You finally couldn't hold back, and tears fell one by one.

You recall back that your parents have been working hard for you for as long as you can remember. Although the family was poor, I would never have suffered from you. For you to go to school and for you not to be discriminated against in your class, they would do everything they could to give you what your peers had. At that time they were worried that you would be bullied, worried about your poor grades, worried that everyday life revolved around you.

Then you grew up and left home. For the first month, mom and dad had a hard time sleeping at night. They were afraid that you would suffer outside, and they were afraid that they were too far away to take care of you. Later you worked and started a family, and your parents were still worried about you.

They took out all their savings to help you buy a house and a car. I even feel sorry for your work too tired, to take the initiative to take on the task of bringing up the children.

Parents' love is the greatest and most selfless. They are gentle and strong, preferring to work harder than to let you have a good life.

The silent father, who stood in front of you when you were bullied, would never allow anyone to hurt you. Although not a man of words, he always protected you in his way.

If you are observant, you will notice that your parents' hair is slowly turning gray. The upright father begins to walk with a hunched back, and the parents need to hold each other up when walking together. Whenever you say you are coming home, they will prepare a meal in advance. It's hard work, but they still enjoy it. When you leave, you will fill your suitcase. Even if you know you can buy it in town, you still have to leave something good for you to eat. No matter how old you are, in their hearts, you are a child and need their care.

Our parents have worked hard for us all our lives and spent all their time and money on us. They don't need us to do anything big, they just want us to be safe. Parents, home is home, and home will hold.

If my parents were gone, my hometown would no longer be beautiful. At that moment, it was as if we were orphans. Even when we return to this homeland, we no longer feel at home.

I once saw a discussion about my hometown on the Internet, and someone asked, "If your parents were gone, would you go back to your hometown?" What would you do if your parents were gone? This question resonated with many people, and everyone left positive comments below.

Some people said, "That's where we grew up, even if our parents are gone, our memories are still there, our roots are still there. So I will often go back to see. Others said that the old home has completely changed and the old house is no longer inhabited. Going back will only increase the sadness, simply can not go back.

Indeed, in my opinion, if the parents are no longer there, then the hometown also becomes meaningless. There is no longer anyone waiting for me to come home in front of the village, and there is no one to prepare meals for me. I can no longer hear my parents' nagging and advice, and I can no longer say, "Dad, Mom, I'm home.

If my parents are gone, my hometown will never be warm again. My brothers and sisters are all in foreign countries, and no one will go back for a reunion. I don't want to go back to my hometown without my parents. We still have to live our own lives, and our hometown is getting farther and farther away in our memories.

Looking back, I find that you are no longer a spirited teenager. The hometown we once yearned for is not something that people can do when they arrive. What worries us is our loved ones back home, not our parents. If my parents are gone, my heart will not stop for my hometown. Even if I pass by, I don't want to stop and just glance at it in a hurry.

It's not that I don't want to go back, but I really can't go back. Those who choose their path can only go forward, anyway, and can not go back. When you grow up, you will find that many things are beyond your control.


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