The Way WE Think

by Shea Matthew about a year ago in humanity

What we think doesn't matter as much as how we think.

The Way WE Think

As I walk down this path of self-discovery, there are a few things I come to understand.

First, it’s that everyone has their own truth—now sometimes these truths can be similar and at other times they can be opposites. It seems that 99% of the time a personal truth stems from prior belief systems that one may have. I find that most of the time these belief systems come from social conditioning or from parents instilling what they “know” into their children. I realized that a lot of what I “believed” in was actually someone else’s belief and I’ve worked tirelessly to find my own truths. I’m finding that my truths are constantly being shattered by newfound knowledge or they’re evolving to better fit my understanding of reality.

I’m going to delve into my views on consciousness for a sec. In my eyes, I see a correlation between expanding consciousness and the ability to understand and comprehend concepts that previously would have never been imagined. I'll use my views and beliefs on why we have individual consciousness as an example. Through a series of epiphanies, I’ve come to my own understanding of “god”/ “source” or whatever you want to call it. Take this as you may. This is simply what I’ve come to accept for myself…

Say “God” was located at a single point in space and was omnipotent. So, for God to experience itself, it would need to create a separate consciousness or rather two.

• <-Say this is ‘god’ or ‘source’


0 0 <- now say god split its consciousness into two pieces while retaining his omnipotence

/\ /\ and then say those to fractals did the same

0 0 0 0 and those 4 did the same

And so, on and so on until there’s an infinite number of fractals.

So, in my theory, when that initial split or severance occurred, that’s the moment of the big bang. If we think of the universe as energy and light, then we would measure this as waves or frequency. Now the big bang would have been emitted that is so radiant we as humans can't begin to perceive its glow.

So, the farther away from source the less radiant the light becomes, the lower the frequency, and the lower the vibration of energy. At some point the vibrations become low enough to create physical matter. Hence Earth, our Galaxy, our bodies are created….

So, before I go crazy on a tangent (beyond what I’ve already said lmao)….

That was just an example of how I used an expanded and unconventional way of thinking to formulate my own theory. The sad thing is that this type of thinking is considered crazy and irrational. That because I have no mathematical formula it can’t possibly be true. Now from my point of view, I see it as thinking outside the box, I took pieces of information that made sense to me and created my own theory. In our school systems, they tell us to show our work on math problems to make sure we do it by the book. They force us to comprehend things the way they comprehend things, in turn taking our individuality from us. They start when we are young because "we simply don’t know better." Yet it seems like every day we prove an outdated formula or piece of knowledge wrong and replace it with something that fits with our current understanding.

The point I’m trying to get at is that the way we were raised is outdated. The way they taught us is meant to keep everyone equal and suppress our individuality. I’m tired of living in a world of "normal" that doesn’t feel right to me. Are you?

Shea Matthew
Shea Matthew
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