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Hyms of the Fallen

by Shea Matthew 3 years ago in social commentary

Just a poem I wrote a while back, hope you enjoy:)

This time, its time

Define what's mine

My voice

My choice

A poignant point to anoint

Myself as king

Spread each wing

The angels sing

In sync

Sounds free

Like synchronicity

You see

I thought it up to me

To save the masses

mass of energy in movement

Moving to Be free

See the trees

Beauty in all

Let the leaves sing the songs of the breeze

As they dance towards the sea

Just be

Lost in all

Feels like awe

To the nth degree

As I fall

An angel who's lost his wings

An individual not swallowed by ideals

Of a clock with cogs that have no goal

Still blessed by a "god"

Given a power to Shine a light through the fog

For all the lost to view

A simple reminder

Of what you can do

When masks are torn off

When you embody your truth

Light your own way

Own your light

for tonight we fight

All the self-righteous eyes

As they try to pry

To perceive through eyes

That see through lies

My, my

Don't try to fake an enlightened state

Its time to redeem thyself

Live ones own hell

See the darkest day

Realize you're light and fight your way back

From the void of the night that's devoid of right

Wrong to assume societal norms

Are normal for you if they don't feel true

For contrast brings joy

In the separation of hate

Love lost

Is only lost

If we lose the feeling that love caused

It's a pleasure

It's pain

The gains will measure that of buried treasure

We all will relate when the next step

Rears its face

The efferent state

The expiration of this physical space

It's enough to contemplate existence

Exonerate the sins of the ones who hurt

Make their hate inert

Don't blame the earth or universe

For things not of worth

Heal the pain

Embrace it

Not through ignorance

Or a blissful placebo

A mantra of sorts

Like nothing matters, if we're all just matter

Moving though a moment in space

Creating meaning by how we relate

To a corresponding event

Then deciding its fate

Chosen by the exuberant power of the mighty

That might be

Divine in essence

Or just a singularity condemned by physics to stay in place

This moment is all

And all we exist in

The heavenly fall from the all

For experience

For growth

Nothing more



It turns into infinity.

Time is nothing more

Yet its the stress

Of linearity that we must abide by

Caveats embellish the allotment

Of monumental moments

That exudes prosperity or freedom

So own it

Rename it

Defame it

Embrace this place

It's beauty

It's space

The never-ending wondrous atonement of karmic relations

That station the place we see

Call it reality

Views from a composite consciousness

Opposite spectrum emboldened

As we elect them

The delegates of hell

Come from the rectum of what I perceive as good

Yet contingency allows the optics to be altered

It's wordplay

it's absurdity

Trance states of unrefined uncertainty

Perfectly sliced

Like slices of pie

Lifted into the air

That turn into to rays shining down from the all-seeing eye

Magnification of representation of

The so-called Eloquent freemasonry

That stands stationary in time slash space

The waste

Using inequity to drive a line between

All of our minds

Don't mind them though

As they quote on quote win

The truth becomes transparent

The parent of truth becomes apparent

For all to view

social commentary

Shea Matthew

Just a man making the best of reality.

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