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The tragic song of Jesa

by Saucy Weightloss 3 days ago in literature

No pain no love

The tragic song of Jesa

There once lived a young man named Jesa in the city of those who don’t sleep Harare (the Capital City of the African country Zimbabwe).

Jesa was a God fearing man, had a considerate heart and had love for even those that wronged him.

He was a humble man, who sold tomatoes within the Mbare vegetable Market.

The ladies who had vending stalls across from him would often entrust him to look over their stalls when they went to pick up their children from school.

Jesa would often be seen picking up litter from the surrounding streets, in an attempt to keep the city clean for others.

‘Jesa why do you waste your time? The streets will be dirty again tomorrow.’ the other street vendors would ask, but Jesa would smile and say to them a clean street might just improve someone’s day.

Always smiling and of good character, anyone having a bad day would often find their feet directing them to Jesa’s stall for comfort because Jesa always had a way of lifting peoples spirits and making them feel better.

One thing did however make Jesa’s face glimmer more than indulging in a fresh candy cake during lunch.

Her name was Katarina, a fair maiden who had caught Jesa’s eye.

Katarina worked as a doctor at a clinic 2 blocks away from where Jesa had his stall.

She would always greet Jesa on her way to work and occasionally picked some tomatoes on her way home from Jesa’s stall.

Jesa though a poor man, would always strive to give her a discount and always emphasize that they had a sale when really Jesa had barely made enough to purchase a meal that day.

But as much as Katarina made Jesa’s face glimmer, she also made his heart sink.

Jesa was dirt poor, he had no strong education, no car no assets and nothing that he could offer Katarina.

He was even embarrassed to approach her and ask her out for a coffee.

Jesa had grown fond of Katarina, who made Jesa’s heart beat faster.

Katarina had a big heart and had studied medicine for the sole purpose of helping and improving people’s lives.

Jesa and Katarina were two similar but different individuals. Both had big hearts but lived in different worlds.

One day Jesa’s spirits where particularly down, he did not smile and seemed troubled.

He sat quietly with his hands folded, motionless, his head on the side and stared right through his tomatoes stand.

He was numb to his surrounding environment and did not respond when people talked to him.

What is the problem Jesa? Grace one of the vendors asked Jesa. You are not yourself today.

Jesa, sighed and responded – ‘today I saw Katarina with George Chiyangwa’ a very rich business man who owned half of the cities property.

He knew he did not have as much wealth as compared to George, but that’s not what troubled him.

George was known to be a player with no regard for other people’s dignity.

He was worried that a wonderful girl like Katarina would end up hurt.

Jesa, mustered his strength confronted George, who was sitting in a luxury Mercedes benz waiting to pick up Katarina from work close to Jesa’s stand.

‘George I need you to stay clear away from Katarina, she is a good girl and not your type. I promise you if you hurt her in anyway you will answer to me’.

To which George responded, ‘Jesa, you need to mind your own business, you are a nobody, Katarina is a big girl and she will do as she pleases’.

Jesa, did not know how to warn Katarina to stay away from George, it hurt him so much and tore him apart when he saw them both together.

After a couple of months, Jesa started to see the 2 arguing. One day when Katarina was walking past he finally mustered the courage to ask Katarina if everything was ok to which she just burst in tears and shared the root of her torment.

George has been cheating on me, he admitted it to me and I don’t know what to do.

Jesa, felt so bitter and almost collapsed with anger. He wanted to commit a crime and hurt George badly but his senses finally got the better of him.

‘Katarina, I am so sorry this happened to you. I have known George for a longtime and he does not have respect for women. I wanted to tell you but didn’t know how to and I was also afraid that you would think I was jealous’.

‘Jesa, it’s not your fault, I know you did what you thought was best. But why would I think you were jealous? Katarina asked emotional from her heart break but also confused.

‘Well, Jesa said looking down, then mustering the courage to look into Katarina’s eyes. I have always wanted you Katarina. Ever since the first time you came past this stand and purchased those 3 tomatoes. You are such a kind and loving person; I really enjoy being around you and I would love to spend more time with you.

Katarina stopped crying immediately and looking Jesa in the eyes, and with a sad face responded to Jesa. I am so sorry Jesa I did not know you felt that way about me, I. I. I… do not see you in that light. You are a close and very Dear friend of mine and I never want to lose your friendship. Jesa with a muffled voice (showing his emotion) responded, I understand and slowly walked away with his head facing downward.

He had a defeated body language, the pain for Jesa was so strong that he decided to take his own life by jumping through his apartment window that night.

Whilst that same night Katarina could not sleep thinking of what Jesa had said, first thing in the morning she got up and headed straight to the vegetable market where Jesa worked.

She had changed her mind and wanted to get to know Jesa more. But by that time it was too late. Jesa could not bare to live his life without Katarina and therefore ended his life.

If only he had waited for another day. So when Katarina heard that Jesa had taken his life because she had rejected him. She too decided to take her own life, to follow her new found love.

Often at this stall you will find 2 birds singing, they only started to appear after Jesa and Katarina took their lives out of love for each other. Many say it is the 2 lovers who came back, now they make music and brighten everyone else’s day with their love. Although Jesa and Katarina, maybe gone from this world they will live forever through this strory.

Saucy Weightloss
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