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The Printing Business: A Thriving Venture in the Digital Age

Promising bussiness for future?

By adhie jwPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Amidst the digital era, one type of business that continues to flourish is the printing industry. Despite the widespread shift towards digital platforms for information access, printing services remain highly sought-after for producing a variety of customer needs, including pamphlets, banners, invitations, business cards, and more. The advancement of printing technology has enabled printing businesses to remain competitive in today's landscape. Modern printing techniques allow businesses to fulfill customer demands efficiently, producing high-quality products in large quantities within short turnaround times.

If you aspire to venture into the printing industry, this article is a valuable resource for you. BFI Finance presents a comprehensive guide on how to start a printing business, covering the different types of printing, business ideas, and essential tips for success.

Types of Printing Businesses

Before embarking on your printing business journey, it's crucial to understand the different printing methods and techniques commonly used in the industry.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a printing method that utilizes digital technology throughout the printing process. Compared to conventional printing methods, digital printing offers faster turnaround times. Products that can be produced using digital printing include:

Custom products (cases, mugs, tumblers)

Business cards




Wedding invitations

And many more

Offset Printing

Before digital printing gained popularity, offset printing was the predominant method in the printing industry. Offset printing is known for its large printing presses and the ability to produce high volumes, often reaching thousands of copies. However, offset printing is limited to printing on paper-based materials. This makes it suitable for businesses specializing in printing wedding invitations, magazines, books, and other paper-based products. An advantage of offset printing is its cost-effectiveness compared to digital printing. On the other hand, offset printing requires a longer production process due to the need to transfer the printed material onto printing plates beforehand.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is another common printing method. Many are familiar with screen-printed products, such as customized t-shirts. Screen printing employs a unique technique where ink is applied to the printing surface using a squeegee or roller through a mesh screen. This technique is often labor-intensive. For designs requiring more than four colors, screen printing can be done using machines.

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing utilizes roll-shaped equipment to print materials. This method is commonly used for printing newspapers, stickers, and cardboard boxes. An advantage of flexographic printing is its low ink consumption. It also requires minimal additional raw materials during the printing process.

Rotogravure Printing

Rotogravure printing is a method primarily used for printing plastic packaging materials, such as food and beverage packaging. Similar to flexographic printing, rotogravure employs roll-shaped equipment. However, rotogravure is more commonly used for printing on plastic and cardboard-based materials.

Printing Business Ideas

Once you have a grasp of the different printing methods and techniques, explore these business ideas to launch your venture:

1. Cutting Sticker and Printing Sticker Printing Business

Cutting stickers are created using a cutting machine and designed using software. They differ from regular printing stickers in terms of price, quality, and color selection. Cutting stickers typically offer better durability compared to printing stickers. They are also generally more expensive.

Cutting stickers are in demand by businesses that want to incorporate their branding into their products. Additionally, cutting stickers are widely used as community identifiers or simply for decorative purposes. Considering these factors, there is a promising opportunity to establish a cutting sticker and printing sticker printing business.

2. Invitation Printing Business

Another printing business idea is to offer invitation printing services for various events, such as weddings, circumcisions, and other occasions. For printing invitation cards, you can utilize either offset or digital printing techniques. To minimize costs, you can start with basic equipment like a printer, colored ink, a computer, and paper tailored to client requirements. Ensure that your equipment can handle large-scale production.

3. Promotional Media Printing Business

Offline promotional materials like brochures, pamphlets, and posters continue to be popular. Recognizing this demand, starting a promotional media printing business can be a viable venture. Digital printing is the preferred method for this type of printing, as designs usually require preparation using editing software before the printing process.

While the equipment and supplies for digital printing can be quite expensive, especially the printing machines, the investment can be justified by the promising market potential and the ongoing demand for printing services.

4. T-shirt Printing Business

Venturing into the t-shirt printing business remains a lucrative opportunity. T-shirt printing can be done for both large and small-scale productions. Communities or organizations often order bulk quantities of custom-designed t-shirts.

5. Lanyard Printing

Lanyard printing presents a promising business opportunity within the printing industry. With its high demand, versatility, affordability, durability, and portability, lanyard Jakarta printing offers a rewarding venture for entrepreneurs seeking to enter the world of personalized branding and identification solutions.

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