The Last Rose

by Rebecca Kroll 3 years ago in love / marriage / family

A poem tribute to my parent's love.

The Last Rose

On their very first date in September 1958,

He arrived promptly after seven.

He was so nervous, spoke no words,

Handed her a red rose so sweet,

With a little note scribbled in pen.

As she read the note, he stared at her,

Hoping she would take the words to heart.

She read the letter; holding her breath:

"Please be the sunlight in my summer sky

Please be the love of my life...

You are the one to make my dreams come true

You are the one I give my roses to..."

She looked at him, with tears in her eyes

Shocked at what the note had said,

She smiled at him, he took her hand.

She knew that he was the one, at that moment,

That he would be her greatest love of her life.

On a sunny day in June 1961,

Her father walked her down the aisle.

Awaited the man with a red rose, at the altar,

Smiling at her, like he's luckiest man in the world.

She stood by his side, hand in hand,

As he said his vow to her, he handed her the perfect rose

And said,

"You'll be the sunlight in my summer sky

You are the love of my life...

You're the one to make my dreams come true

You're the one I give my roses to..."

Their first-born baby girl was born 3 years later,

On a cold, blustery January evening.

When she woke, there awaited a sweet red rose

And a happy, new father who whispered to her

In such a divine voice,

"You are the sunlight of my summer sky

You are the love of all my life...

You have so made my dreams come true

You are the one I'll always give my roses to..."

Thirty-two years later, she lost the battle of cancer

Leaving behind her family and friends.

On the day of her funeral, he stood by her casket

Dressed in all black, holding the reddest rose,

Head bowed low, a single tear escapes...

His heart broken, his true love gone.

He places the delicate rose onto the shiny box,

And said a silent prayer; a vow

That he soon will join her heaven.

He walked away, holding back the sobs...

His youngest daughter handed him a note

Which had been written by his wife before she passed.

He opened the letter, startled by the words he read,

He began to sob uncontrollably, tears flowed freely

As he re-reads the words of his beloved wife,

"You were always the sunlight in every one of my summer skies,

You were always the love of my life, forevermore

You went above and beyond to make my dreams come true,

You gave me everything; loved me unconditionally.

And with that, my dear husband, I give the last rose

To you..."

Just then, a red rose with a black ribbon tied on

Was given to the man, by his little girl.

As he stood there, he looked into his daughter's eyes,

He hugged her hard, and said to his little girl,

"Your mother was the love of my life, the sunlight of my summer skies,

She made all of my dreams come true, and I always gave her a red rose

To let her know of my love for her...

She gave me her last rose, a symbol of her love,

Which I shall now give to you - to remember

That true love, if pursued, can last a lifetime

Even after death.

So, baby girl, you'll be the star of my evening sky

The love of my life, my heart, my soul

The one that came from dreams which came true,

I give to you, a red rose so sweet,

For you're the one now,

I give my roses to...."

My Parents' Wedding Day - 6/24/1961

My Parent's love life was exquisitely beautiful. They had their ups and downs, had been through so much together, and they continued to love each other unconditionally. My mother passed away from cancer in 1993. It broke my father's heart. He passed away in 2005. Now they're spending an eternity together forever.

Rebecca Kroll
Rebecca Kroll
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