The Hopeless Romantic Wreck

by isabella williams 6 months ago in love

A Short Story

The Hopeless Romantic Wreck

She was sitting in her room... alone... again. Softly in the background, her "sad" music playlist was playing. She was mindlessly sitting and staring out her window with a room temperature coffee in her hand. She tried to squeeze out a tear, but her eyes had been drained out the night before. She sat and thought. How could she be so stupid? She brought this pain on herself. It's no one else's fault but hers. This had never happened before. She fell for someone who didn't even know she existed. Her heart belonged to a man who lived thousands of miles away. They had never met, but she felt as though she knew him. She had created this perfect image in her head and fell in love with the idea. Allowing herself to fall down this tragic path of oblivious self inflicted pain. She thought that maybe other people had made this same mistake, but she knew that only true romantics could be this dumb. Love was not an unfamiliar demon she faced. She had been through this before. She just wasn't sure why she allowed herself to fall again. The uncontrollable pain brought by love was something she knew all too well. Why would she voluntarily do this to herself? That's the thing, she didn't. She was just a hopeless romantic who falls in love too easily and way too fast.

Hi, this is my first story on here. I am a little nervous to post it because it felt very vulnerable to write. I asked a friend of mine what they thought of this story and they told me that I should do more with it than just keep it in my phone notes. So here it goes… I feel like the story can be interpreted in many different ways, so hopefully, you will be able to relate to it in some way. I am a singer/songwriter and I love coming up with different stories. Honestly, I just love to write. I took a creative writing class last semester, and I fell in love with creating new and fictional realities. Whether it be in songs or stories, I think that it can be a very powerful thing to step into a different mindset and create something beautiful. For the longest time, I struggled with vulnerability. I quickly realized that my writing could get so much better if I allowed myself to put myself out there—not playing it safe. There were certain experiences in my life that I was afraid to talk or write about and I think that now, I finally am in a place to open up. Feelings are not bad. A lot of people grow up thinking that we should push our feelings aside, but that is not the case. Feelings help us grow. It does not matter how big or small those feelings are or are not, they are important and deserve respect when people choose to share. I am not sure what all I’ll write about here, but I am excited to see where my mind takes me. The hope for this is that people will be able to find little sprinkles of themselves in every piece that I put out. I think that a lot of people in this generation feel lonely. Hopefully, I can write something that people find some comfort in. Something that lets them know that they are not the only ones going through what they are going through or feeling.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a blessed day!


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