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The Hierophant

The Fools Journey

By Dark Moon EmpirePublished 2 months ago 4 min read
The Hierophant
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As you continue the Journey of The Fool, and bid adieu to the Emperor, you may trudge along your path confident that you have gained all of the knowledge you need to continue. I am afraid you are mistaken. You see, you haven't even reached the initiation process of this journey yet, dear Fool! It isn’t called the The “Fools Journey” for no reason. The amount of times you will be hit with humility and grace along this path will bring severe damage to your ego. If your pride is the glue that holds your personality together, be prepared to lose the very foundation that you believe keeps you intact. The blows you receive will have you questioning whether or not you were made for such an adventure.

If it’s one thing the Universe will not tolerate, it is a big Ego. Be prepared to leave your pride at your feet when you start this journey, otherwise you will be nursing it many times. Just a warning: if you wish to make it to the end of this, plan on accepting that your ego will not survive. Apologies, perhaps I should have mentioned that in the beginning…

Oh well, some things are best learned along the way, I guess.

As you approach the divinity of The Hierophant, you may be eager to share all of the information you have already learned. You are ready to prove to him that you are more experienced than he believes. This is where you find yourself tending to your self esteem because he will annihilate your self worth and confidence. To The Hierophant, you're just a Fool. As you fall to your knees in frustration, you realize the hardest part of this journey hasn't even started yet. Acknowledging your darkness, taking accountability, and initiating action hasn’t even put a dent on all you are about to endure in the days, months, even years to come. You haven't even touched the surface of the greatest journey deep into your soul. You still have much to learn, to experience.

By Redd F on Unsplash

As he, The Hierophant introduces you to your initiation process, he then points to the multiple shelves of books, of lessons, you will have to prepare for. Your curriculum of learning is constructed before you. This isn't just any curriculum. It is teachings and lessons given to you based on the deep dive you have already taken within. It is created from the dreams you shared with the Empress, and the action plans you constructed with the Emperor. With The Hierophant, your schooling officially begins and the synopsis of your purpose is formulated into your lesson plan.

This is not a sit in the back of the classroom, chew on your pencil, and watch the teacher write on the chalkboard as you daydream about your weekend, kind of learning. No! You are either fully invested or get the hell out! Pay attention or quit. The Hierophant will not flinch before he suspends your lessons. Come back when you are ready. He would rather watch you productively fail over and over with the determination to win, before he allows you to waste his time with half-ass antics. Forgive my harshness, but the Universe will knock you to your knees over and over again if you refuse to understand the lesson it is trying to teach you. To prepare you to obtain the strength needed to fulfill your true purpose, The Hierophant is going to need your eyes and ears on him.

The Hierophant is the Universe, and each obstacle you face that holds you back, or that is keeping you stagnant, is the lesson strengthening the core muscles needed to continue on this journey. If you thought pulling out your dark was difficult, wait until it is continually thrown in your face until you figure out how to overcome it. Facing your shadow is only the beginning. The true test is dealing with the triggers it creates when The Hierophant makes you peel through each page of it. It is not enough to acknowledge your blocks, the true work is breaking them down and maneuvering through them so you can move beyond them.

How can you manifest your dreams into reality when you don't have the stability to ground yourself? Are you ready to face the challenges that come along with those desires? We’re all about being delusional here, but understand, the Universe is not going to just hand out gifts. You have to prove to her that you will be responsible with them. If you’re feeling stuck, perhaps your visit with The Hierophant will help you acknowledge the lesson, or lessons, you still need to learn.

By Marius Teodorescu on Unsplash

How’s your ego feeling at this time? Are you ready to release it to the Universe as you surrender to the lessons? Can you take responsibility for the blocks that are holding you back? What are you refusing to deal with or overcome that is preventing you from receiving your manifestations? Are you willing to take that accountability? Can you acknowledge the self sabotaging behaviors so that you can be initiated fully into your purpose? Grab your pen and paper, take the seat upfront, and be prepared to pay attention and take notes. The lessons are tough, but those tests are much harder. The Hierophant will not hold back. Do you have what it takes?


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