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Some Thoughts On Writing On Vocal

by Mike Singleton - Mikeydred 28 days ago in literature / how to / fact or fiction / diy / advice · updated 27 days ago
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Can I Write A Totally Positive Fiction?


I wanted to write a fiction story but I want it to be full of positivity. I did not want any adversity, failure or bad vibes, I wanted it all sunshine and light.

Almost all stories have bad parts even if the final outcome is good. So rather than write a story I thought I would write about writing a story.

Now I am the worst writer, I do not plan anything really although the “Sandman and Sea Girl” series has forced me into some planning, which I think worked. A lot of people in the Vocal Facebook Groups have continually told me that my writing is very poor without actually offering any constructive criticism, so I just pass them by. They will not read this just because I have written it.

So what do I think?

Are Stories Like Life?

In life things sometimes go well, sometimes we smile, and sometimes things don’t go well, and sometimes things go very badly. When we write a story, introducing a bad situation gives the writer a lot of openings to feed into their story. A bad situation causes lots of situations for the inhabitants of the story to react to and either fail to overcome and actually succeed in overcoming.

If something unexpectedly good happens at the start of a story it becomes almost boring for those being told the story. Humans sometimes have a desire for bad things to happen to others, just not them.

In comedy someone slipping on a rogue banana skin can be seen as funny or tragic, but not pleasant and someone gets hurt or is at least inconvenienced.

Looking at these situations a muder mystery or a robbery is an easy write. I am trying to think of a book that has zero negativity and at the moment my mind is coming up with a blank.

Telling Tales Or Writing Songs and Poetry?

Songs can be totally positive and also absolutely brilliant and uplifting. The thing is a song does not need a back story so can be positive from start to end. A short story can maybe fulfil that criteria, but again we probably always crave a little jeopardy or else the story becomes stale and boring. Music doesn’t need that and is often either just about the bad or just about the good.

I do find it easier to write fiction that has something bad happening, but my poetry can be either very dark or very positive. When it is dark, it is the subject material I choose rather than being depressing, and when it is positive it is usually fairly easy to just list lots of positive ideas, so poetry and songwriting can both be easy rides for me.

Concluding These Thoughts

I have sort of backed myself into a literary cul-de-sac in that if I do want to write fiction there has to be some negative aspects there even if the final outcome is to be upbeat and positive. Think of the film “It’s A Wonderful Life”, that is full of terrible events but the eventual result is extremely heartwarming but I do find all the bad things still difficult to take.

That is maybe why I want to put together a totally positive heartwarming story, to make others feel good and put a smile on their faces. There are people who want to pull others down but that is not my modus operandi. I want you to be happy.

Yes, I write dark stuff, but I do want you to come out of it feeling OK, and I always want to provide something that will make you feel good.

I will eventually come up with a totally positive, uplifting piece of fiction. It may be a pipedream but it is something to work towards.

Addendum - A Postive Fiction

This is the story I came up with which hopefully people will see as a totally positive story, although like life, we sometimes forget when everything runs smoothly.

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  • Stéphane Dreyfus3 days ago

    I think a great deal of Shakespeare's sonnets are just purely positive. But they are quite short. I wonder if the human mind just doesn't have the space for extended pleasantness in reading. Catharsis by experiencing emotions that are not usual to us seems to be what grabs our attention.

  • LaJenna11 days ago

    I enjoyed your honesty which makes for the best kind of writer.

  • Russell Ormsby 20 days ago

    Nice job my friend. Clear and well explained, deserved a heart from me. 👍

  • ~Tiffany~ 23 days ago

    I enjoyed it Much Love 😘 Tiffany

  • Donna Harris23 days ago

    Me personally, I think I prefer to write dark.

  • Donna Harris23 days ago

    Thank you Mike for the insights. I have recently had taken a writing workshop for short story. In the class you are required to read other people stories and give honest feedback. It was very hard for me to give constructive criticism because I am a super nice person. My class thought me that is how we grow to be better writers. I appreciated when my classmates gave me feedback both good and bad. Congrats on making a top story. Loved reading this.

  • Jordan Twiss24 days ago

    This was a great read, and I appreciate you sharing your insights and personal thoughts on the issue. This is something I've been struggling with a lot lately. With everything going on in the world, I'm honestly just SO weary of every story having to be dark. I can see why some people find good heroes without nuance boring and unrealistic. But lately it seems like even the good guys have to be only a few murders away from being the villain. For me, reading has always been about escaping to and inhabiting new worlds. Why do all those worlds have to be ones where Genocide Fridays are the norm? Just my thoughts on the subject. But again, this was a great piece. Congrats on getting a top story!

  • Manisha Dhalani25 days ago

    Congrats on making it to top story. Love this sharing - I wrote fiction once and people said it was a poor effort and I never wrote fiction again. This has been motivating. Thank you.

  • Heather Hubler25 days ago

    First, congrats on this being a Top Story!!! I knew Vocal still loved you (well, at least for this story, lol, just kidding). I love this concept. Truth be told, I don't think I could read all-positive stories all the time, but I can't wait to read what you came up with. Great musings :)

  • Blake O'Connor25 days ago

    Great story Mike. How do you create your cover images?

  • Caroline Jane26 days ago

    Overcoming adversity is where stories happen. I quite like this part of our human condition... that we enjoy triumph over adversity. Still, me must have adversity to achieve a triumph.

  • This was very insightful! I love how you're always challenging yourself like this. Keep it up!

  • Judey Kalchik26 days ago

    I wonder if we tend to remember a situation more, or perhaps it reaches us in a deeper way, when it is a negative situation turned 'round? Food for thought, and a well-earned #TopStory!

  • Babs Iverson27 days ago

    Lovely read!!! Interesting concept, drama requires some kind of conflict. Left a heart!!! Congratulations on the top story too!!!

  • The Coffee Ghost27 days ago

    Honestly in a time where there has been so much struggle, something that is there just to be happy or cozy wouldn't be unwelcome. I believe that there is nothing wrong with that. However, the challenge may come with writing a character that is likable. Without the aspect of overcoming a hardship or challenge, it may feel as if the happiness is undeserved and the reader may simply dislike the character out of a place jealousy. As most people if not everyone can relate to having overcome some sort of challenge big or small in life, seeing others overcome their challenges can be incredibly uplifting and even inspiring. I still think that something just for being happy and cozy can bring comfort (like reading a good book, bundled in blankets with a cup of coffee and a cat on your lap). I'm interested to see what you come up with! One place of inspiration may be just some of the slice of life things that Studio Ghibli does. Focusing in great detail about tangible things and how that makes you feel in great detail. Whatever you do, you've got this!

  • Kendall Defoe27 days ago

    Not a bad look at yourself (self-analysis is always tough).

  • Brilliant my brother. Congratulations on your top story

  • Mariann Carroll28 days ago

    I have written two stories that , I feel did not have anything bad happen and they are both my most read and hearted stories. You can do it if you set your mind on it. I hope these motivates you . 🥰

  • Dawn Salois28 days ago

    This is interesting, Mike. I would be interested to read a story like that. I give most of my stories happy endings, but the stories that get the most attention are the ones that don’t end happily.

  • J. Delaney-Howe28 days ago

    I too have a hard time writing purely positive work. Life is full of struggles and adversity, and that is mostly what I write about. It would be interesting to read a piece like you describe.

  • Cathy holmes28 days ago

    I can only imagine this working with a children's story. You should try it though. Challenge yourself.

  • Luke Foster28 days ago

    I feel your pain. I have trouble writing happy endings, let alone conflict free tales.

  • Keila Aartila28 days ago

    I really don't know if one can write an entirely positive story - story is about overcoming adversity, which usually entails bad things - without the opportunity to overcome, people or characters generally don't learn the lesson. Interesting to consider - I really don't know ... 🤔

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