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by John Ames Birch 2 years ago in humanity

Evolution of Institution

Forward march towards evolution 

Humankind, we have come so far from where we began all those years ago. We have joined together to build with common purpose. Look around at what we have accomplished so far. Great monuments and testaments lay in our wake. We must always ensure that those monuments honor who we are and where we want to go.

We have created institutions to uphold order and justice, and we pass laws to uphold the base tenements of our society, regulating our social interactions to a framework on an orderly society.

Our institutions, they both help to order our daily life and needs and also serve as expressions on who we are. How these institutions are run matters, as they make a statement on who we are as a people.

In my opinion, the ends don’t justify the means; when your means are corrupt, your ends will inevitability be corrupt. This happens gradually as you allow more and more to slip past your conscience. Each time you do as a member of an institution, you chip away at the bedrock of that same institution.

Each concession brings down the entire definition of our humanity. A strong society is built on three views. These are the standards on which to measure and the standards that must be upheld.

The three tenants are: how a society views its people, how a society treats all of its people and how a society evolves with its people.

The institutions we create and the people within become entities unto themselves. Looking collectively at the collective to help us define who we are. How do those institutions and the people within them view the people? Do they count them as equal in all facets, does it see sides or agendas? What is the definition of self and the collective put forth in society?

These questions are fundamental to the definition of our society and our species, for they set a precedent on further definition. A society is measured by its people, they collectively define themselves and society by expression and identity. As our people evolve, our institutions need to recognize that growth to expand the view of all so that they too may evolve forward.

This definition of self and society is symbiotic to how it treats its people. Is a society fair? Are its people fair and noble? What defines the rights guaranteed to all of our people?

All people are created equal and are due the proper equality. A society is measured by its people, how it recognizes its people, how it educates its people, how it heals its people and feeds them, how it defends its people and most importantly how it supports the people.

A society must stand for all its people regardless of who they are, how they were born or what their definition of identity means to them. Any society that stands for all its people not only strengthens itself and its people, but creates evolution in society itself.

The evolution of institution and society is important to ensure that the institutions we create reflect the people. As we evolve, identify and grow, our society must do so to continue to not only understand its people but it’s purpose.

We cannot have the same institutional archetypes that the previous generation used to define the evolution of the next generation. Each generation, each person, changes over the course of their lives. We shift independently as well as collectively as we learn, grow and evolve. So too must our constructs and definitions evolve with the changing society.

Definitions of marriage, masculinity, gender, orientation and equality have grown as our understanding of ourselves and each other changed. This evolution is timeless; as long as we exist, we will change, define and then redefine ourselves, build and rebuild, teach and learn, grow and evolve.

Through these tenants we create our own definition of self which evolves the definition of society. Through society we build up both the collective and the self to know and understand the unknown, to dream and believe in a new and better society for all humankind built from the ever evolving landscape of our institutions. Our institutions must represent and uphold the best of us, so we in turn be the best of us.

“You either create a world for everyone or else you will end up in a world fit for no one”

John Ames Birch

John Ames Birch
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John Ames Birch

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“You either create a world for everyone or else you will end up in a world fit for no one”

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