Sleeping Debate

Banter between three friends.

Sleeping Debate

It had been five days since Rita and Ivy had returned from their trip to Amsterdam. The holiday did not go as planned at all, but that wasn't bad thing as far as they were concerned. Rita and Ivy had been friends since their first day of high school.

Rita had hoped her older sister, Vicky would join them for the trip of a lifetime in Amsterdam, but Vicky never got her passport sorted. So because of that, Rita and Ivy had to go on their own.

It was the best weekend of Rita's life. Now that her journey to Europe was over, she felt that the sun was less vibrant at home. A little part of her wished that she could have shared that experience with her sister.

It would be the first the time the three of them would have met since the holiday, there was so much that Rita wanted to say, but wasn't sure if

"So how was the trip?" Vicky asked in an eager tone. Crumbs of coffee cake sticking to her lips.

"Amazing," Rita said. "You would have loved it."

"I saw the pictures on Facebook," Vicky said with a sigh, gazing at the floor. "I really wish I came with you both to Amsterdam."

Ivy bit her lip. "Well, if you want to come with us next time, you should get your passport sorted."

"We had a great time," Rita said. "But I do wish people would stop saying me and Ivy are a couple."

"Now my mum thinks we're dating," Ivy groaned.

"I'm waiting for Edward Cullen or Mr Grey," Vicky admitted.

Ivy was about to spit her coke out. She clenched her eyes and gulped. There were several things she could say about those two characters - nothing pleasant.

"I think I'd rather be single than be stuck with abusive arseholes."

"What do you mean by that?" Vicky asked. "Twilight and Fifty Shades Of Grey are the best romantic stories ever."

Ivy squinted. If looks could kill, Ivy would be a weapon of mass destruction. "You clearly don't read much."

"All right then," Vicky leant her back against the blue chair. "Name ten fictional characters you'd sleep with."

Rita pretended not to notice, sipping green tea instead. She listened to the conversation with only one ear. The other ear focused on the soothing trumpets on the radio.

Ivy counted her fingers as she spoke. "Jack Sparrow, Draco Malfoy, Will Turner, Mr Darcy, Sasuke Uchiha, Thor, Batman, Superman, Ironman and Gaston from Beauty & The Beast."

"That's an odd mix," Vicky concluded. "You like your beefy men and jerks."

"I like my superheroes too."

Vicky placed her hand on her hips. "Only four of the men you've listed count as a superhero."

Rita was wondering how her sister and friend ever got into this argument in the first place. She felt embarrassed for them both as people turned their heads towards them. The male baristas were struggling to maintain their posture.

Ivy winked. "Nothing wrong with a bit of variety."

Vicky bit her lips as she looked over at Rita. "What about you, which ten fictional characters would you sleep with?"

Rita shrugged her shoulders. "I can't think of ten I'd sleep with. There's one in particular that I find attractive."

"Oh," Ivy slouched over towards Rita with her chin on the edge of the table. "You always told me that you don't find fictional characters attractive. Is it a secret crush?"

"I think he has a good...bedside manner," Rita said, cheeks blushing.

"Lovely voice: I could listen to him all day."

"Come on then," Vicky snapped, banging her fist on the table. "Tell us who it is."

Rita had to think about that. She contemplated leaving, but now everyone was looking at her. She was sure it had nothing to do with her pink hair this time. She pursed her lips. If she said who it was, the judgment in people's eyes would be unbearable.

"I don't think I should tell you."

"Why don't you text it me," Ivy suggested.

"You might as well tell us now," Vicky hissed. "I'll get it out of you somehow."

Rita revealed her crush. "Severus Snape..."

Silence filled the room. Ivy nodded slowly as Vicky squinted her cheeks and wrinkled her nose. "SEVERUS SNAPE?"

"I should have known that," Ivy confessed. "You did a really good portrait of him in the art exam."

"But he's disgusting," Vicky howled. "You know how he's described in the book: a miserable sod with greasy hair and no life."

"Just out of curiosity," Rita said. "How many Harry Potter books have you read?"

"Just the first one," Vicky admitted. "I never got round to the others. Haven't seen the films either."

"Then you wouldn't understand," Rita announced. "Just how I don't understand your obsession with Justin Bieber and whats-his-face with the big glasses. You know the one that Miley Cyrus was twerking with."

"Robin Thicke, ya mean?"

"I think that was his name."

The three girls had a lot in common, but their taste in men couldn't be any more different! Despite that, they were still the best of friends: Even with Ivy's passion for winding Vicky up.

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