Review of 'The Best of Me'

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Review of 'The Best of Me'
The Best of Me water scene

Another Nicholas Sparks movie has been made, and I once again came to be a victim to watch another romantic movie where somebody dies. Now, here's the thing about me when watching movies like The Notebook and A Walk to Remember. I do not cry when a person dies. I know it makes it sound like I am dead inside, or like something is the matter with me. For me, what gets the tears going is when the couple has their first terrible fight, or when the boy or man does something so romantic that it is unrealistic. The scene in The Notebook that made me cry was when Noah was yelling at Allie "What do you want?" by the car, because it is obvious that she wants him, but she is about to be married, yet she cheated on Lon. They have this big fight and she drives off. I cried when Allie and Noah are already old and Allie suddenly can't remember why she is holding onto Noah. That is what really is tragic; being with someone for many years and then forgetting who that person is. For A Walk to Remember it was incredibly thoughtful for Landon to make her a giant telescope, and he set it up on her balcony, or when they got married even though they were both young.

In The Best of Me I cried when Tommy Cole turns up in Tuck's house, he drags him out and beats him, Tommy bashes Tuck's head so it is bleeding, and then he lifted up his head and told him to watch while he and his sons ruin his beautiful garden that his wife had spent so many years on. It was hard to watch when the gross large truck had dirt under the tires, and the flowers were being pulled out by the roots. That was honestly the most sickening part of the movie. Yes, I do know that Dawson was abused by Tommy constantly, but Dawson had got away thanks to Tuck who took him in, and gave him a place to call home.

The beginning of the movie was probably one of the cheesiest beginnings anyone has ever created. Girl can't fix the car, and handsome man saves her. The boy is ashamed to go out in public, because he is being abused by father. They end up falling in love, and basically no family member agrees about the pair. Tuck was a hero too in the movie, which for a minor character is an important role to play.

Nicholas Spark books and movies are made for that reason though, to bring out the cheesy in you. It starts off with Dawson being a hero, of course, and it also ends that way. Dawson is saving people from the explosion and ends up in the hospital. Then he and his former lover reconnect, and as always, the woman gives in to her feelings and cheats on her drunk husband. Why is there always cheating in these movies? I really dislike that about them, but others may love it because it's taboo, and in the movie, the person ends up with the person they were meant to be with in the beginning. It seems that all the fathers in this movie were bad. When Amanda's father takes Dawson to see the cars, he offers him money to never see his daughter again. Once again parents are in the way of two people being happy. Sound familiar? it should because it is another Notebook moment. Poor boy, a rich girl, they meet, fall in love, and all of the cliches ever heard of are stuck into a movie so girls can cry over boys that do not exist.

The casting was well done overall, they chose a good looking man to play Dawson to make women swoon, but the performance of young Dawson I was impressed with, because he showed the levels of emotions that made Dawson a three-dimensional character. He really brought the character from the book to life, and I can say that since I have also read the book.

I still standby my opinion that the book was better than the movie. However, the movie was a pretty close adaptation of the book. From the details that I remember, they were spot on, except for a few glitches here and there, but it made the movie slightly different than the book. If you like sappy, romantic movies, then I would recommend going to see it. Characters die and characters fall in love. At one point in the movie, the characters get wet in water, and make-out or make love afterward.

I thought that the movie would end once Dawson died, but once again he was playing the hero, when Jeremy looks up who it was that gave his heart to him, and it was, of course, Dawson. So if you are looking for a good cheesy movie to force your girlfriend or boyfriend to watch with you, then you can always turn to Nicholas Sparks.

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