How We Started

by Ada Zuba 11 months ago in dating

The story of how I met my love

How We Started

Now, dating is hard. No. It's difficult. You think you met a nice guy and then his idea of a good time is taking you out and drinking until you pass out so he can take advantage of your credit card or worse your drinking tab, and you're left to pay the bill of $105.60. Online dating is worse, you wait for a guy and some old dude shows up and you turn and walk the other way. Or you are shooting each other messages and it's getting good but then he sends the picture that you wish you never saw, but then your friends take advantage of the pic and they send a picture of their knees back to make it look like a butt. Sometimes you get lucky though and you try a few dates, they pay for your food like you are a princess. Then, you decided to have some fun and get some free food with it. So, I decided to meet this guy, who in the picture had blue hair and was wearing a leather jacket. We decided to meet at the front of the Boston Pizza. However, there were two entrances, which we did not think about. I was on the mall side and I waited and waited, then I was texting him saying "I don't see you" and then at the same time an old east Indian guy looked at his phone. All I could think was 'dear lord I hope not.' Anyways, I walked into the Boston Pizza and had to admit I was on a blind date and I was looking for a guy. I was about to walk outside when a slender guy wearing skinny jeans and a plaid shirt with black hair walked in. He removed his sunglasses and revealed his sky silver blue eyes. Nice. I thought. Nice. So far he is cute. The waitress took us to our table and he both smiled nervously at each other and then at the menu. I ordered an iced tea I believe and Cody ordered his Pepsi or Coke, I can't remember what Boston Pizza serves. I asked my date if he was willing to split a pizza.

He said "Yes, I am all for it."

Good, I thought, that means he likes to share food, so no deal breakers here.

"Let's not do vegetables," I suggested. and he glanced at me.

"It's all about the meat," I said and he agreed.

"Good, I am glad you aren't a vegetarian, otherwise this would be a little more difficult for me," he said and it made me laugh.

"So bacon is definitely going on here," I said and it was his turn to laugh.

We had been chatting online and in text, so I knew about his karate and I asked him questions about it because I never really met anyone that has done karate or any sport so competitively especially someone that won numerous awards for it.

"Are you into video games at all?" he asked me, and I answered honestly.

"I was always interested in them, but I have not really played anything before," I answered.

"Great. I can show all the ropes!" he said, very excitedly.

We ate our food and he let me have the last of the pizza. Yup, that's love right there.

We then went to the movie theater and saw what was available for watching.

"How about Central Intelligence, that way it's not too late, so you can be home on time and not get into trouble," he said and I thought, 'wow this guy is responsible and he clearly knows what he is doing.'

The movie was still almost an hour and half before starting, so I suggested we go to Chapters because that's the store I always go to whenever I am at the mall. It's the one stop I always make. So we stopped by I showed him the fantasy novels that I read and he got excited about me liking fantasy. He pointed out some anime and manga and I asked the difference and he explained that it is the style of the drawings, but essentially the same thing. We stood close to each other, but we still were not touching. He said a few funny comments, which I took the opportunity to touch his arm once in a while. We somehow managed to kill the time in Chapters and I had no idea how fast the time went. So, we were having a good time.

He was spontaneous and I liked that. I liked that a lot. We then went into the theater and chatted about what he liked and what I liked. The movie started and he had a really contagious laugh and part way through the movie he held my hand and it felt right. It was not awkward. Once in a while he would whisper in my ear a few comments about the movie.

Then, he walked me to my car and out of nowhere he kissed me and I blushed a lot. He then told me he would text me later. But I drove home and a few minutes later he texted me. He did not do that stupid wait three days or followed any of the rules and I appreciated it. The rest is history and now I cant wait to plan our lives together and have an amazing future and many date nights to come.

Ada Zuba
Ada Zuba
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