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Relationship Mistakes Men are Prone to Make

Men fall into certain traps with relationships that can ruin a beautiful partnership, and it is only through identification of these issues that men can avoid mucking up a good thing.

By Miranda O'ConnerPublished 7 years ago 2 min read
Top Story - March 2017

Relationships for whatever reason tend to be a difficult subject matter for men. Maybe it's society's stigma on men emoting and feeling out their personalities that keep an entire gender from exploring the intimate elements of the relationship. Maybe these problems are not specifically male issues, but issues people have with relationships in general.

Regardless, it is clear that, either thanks to gender roles molding men this way or some inherent quality in the male chromosome, men fall into certain traps with their relationships that can ruin a beautiful partnership, and it is only through identification of these issues that men can avoid mucking up a good thing.

  • You don't listen to her when she needs to rant.
  • You don't offer her reinforcement when she comes to you for help.
  • You try to tell her how to sort out her problems, as if only you know what to do.
  • You are indecisive too often about too many important issues.
  • You dismiss her feelings out of hand.
  • You tell her she's being illogical when she's having an emotional moment.
  • You are scared of her, and she knows it... which makes her feel like "the bad guy."
  • You are intimidated by how successful she is—or, worse, feel invalidated if you aren't the "bread winner."
  • You prioritize someone else over her consistently.
  • That someone else you're prioritizing? It's a woman.
  • You don't know how she feels.
  • You don't care how she feels.
  • You never show her that you trust her.
  • You betrayed her trust by lying to her.
  • You betrayed her trust by cheating on her.
  • You are so full of yourself that you piss her off.
  • You are so insecure in your own masculinity that you have to reinforce it constantly, which can be even more irritating.
  • You only care about your own problems, and constantly bring them up, never giving her a chance to vocalize how she feels.
  • You never acknowledge her accomplishments.
  • You talk down to her as though she is stupid or unable to understand what you're going through.
  • You're putting no effort into the relationship, while she is putting in all the effort.
  • You are never spontaneous... or you are never organized.
  • You always have to be right.
  • You are tactless about sensitive issues.
  • You are way too possessive of your girlfriend, and keep her from doing her own things.
  • You don't cherish her.
  • You are complacent with your lot in life.
  • You are still hung-up on an ex.
  • You expect sex from her at all times.
  • Or maybe you are just an asshole.

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