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One Page About My Personality

by Victoria Kert 2 years ago in humanity
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Because if I kept writing everyone would in awe that I can go on about myself for the length of an epic novel no good reason

One Page About My Personality
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The following are all free assessments that I encourage you to take to find strengths and weaknesses or simply to argue with the test about grouping you in the wrong category.

1. Peak Leadership Assessment

2. Signature Strengths

3. Enneagram

4. Personality Test

5. 16 Personalities

Peak Leadership Assessment

My PEAK number is 33. Talk about weakness in the area of a leader. I am seen as a Commander leader according to the assessment and “rank in the bottom half of leaders surveyed in terms of PEAK Leadership skills.” According to the assessment, I am an “Extreme Professor”.

None of this is incorrect. As a worker, I take on more than my fair share, I work more than I should and I make decisions and plans for everyone without allowing others to make decisions for themselves. I do this because I pay attention to people’s patterns, likes, dislikes, and loves and find ways to silently incorporate them into people’s lives unobtrusively. This spares me argument, tough conversations, conflict, or (dare I say it) someone telling me no.

But, the assessment is correct. This style of working will no longer be sustainable as a move into positions where I simply cannot do all the work. I will need to lean on the strengths and abilities of others, which I am in no way oblivious to, but have left alone as acknowledging the strengths of others takes finesse and work. And delegating responsibilities is not a position of power that I believe a have or even should have.

I am an “Extreme Professor”, I work in terms of learning and teaching and moving towards goals after an analysis of what is known, what information is available, what are each of our strengths and abilities, and who is willing and able to do the work. Brainstorming is a strength of mine and something I truly value because it puts all the knowledge and resources and facts on the table where it can be seen and known. This way we can discover what is missing, what is needed, and how to make a trajectory from the points that already exist.

Signature Strengths

My top five signature strengths are Kindness, Fairness, Curiosity, Hope, and Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence. I have always worked from a space of kindness, so this is no surprise to me. I have always values fairness, but it is truly nice to see at the top five. I have no idea what curiosity is doing in the top five because I tend to take things for face value to a fault, unless I do not understand, and then it is not curiousity, but a necessity to know to be able to move to the next step. According to the VIA Character Strengths Profile, curiosity means “taking an interest in ongoing experience for its own sake; finding subjects and topics fascinating; exploring and discovering”. Which, by that definition, is truly, truly where my heart is. Hope is the fourth strength. Without this strength, I would have failed and allowed myself to sit in failure for the rest of my life. The VIA Character Strengths profile says that hope is “expecting the best in the future and working to achieve it; believing that a good future is something that can be brought about”. My heart and soul will not settle for less. I am so greatful that the 5th character strength was one that I did not have on my radar: an Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence: “Noticing and appreciating beauty, excellence, and/or skilled performance in various domains of life, from nature to art to mathematics to science to everyday experience. I am so glad that this came to light as one of my top five strengths. It breaks my heart in all the right ways.


This assessment has me as a “Body Type” and a number 1, which means I work with my gut and my drive is through anger. I also need order. Which is true. The various other parts of me are parts I work within a woven manner to stay balanced. I excel in moments of true chaos.

Personality Test

I am ENFJ, which is Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, and, to my deep dismay, Judging. E: my energy style of being outgoing, energetic, communicative, and warm. N: My cognitive style of being idealistic, imaginative, forward-thinking, and visionary. J: my values style (which I always have to laugh about, because what are values…?) ethical, compassionate, sympathetic, humanitarian.

16 Personalities

I am an ENFJ-A “The Protagonist” at a percentage rate of: Extraverted – 58%, Intuitive – 68%, Feeling - 75%, Judging – 74%, Assertive -64%. My role is one of a Diplomat and my strategy is People Mastery. Hahaha, I am a series of percentages.


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