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"Una Kill Mohbad Dey Enjoy Life None Of Una Go Love Long" – Angry Nigerians stormed Sam Larry's New Instagram Post Comment Section Demanding Justice For Late Mohbad

Justice For Mohbad

By Hassan ArewaPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Marlians music boss Naira Marley, Sam Larry and Zinoleeksy came under heavy scrutiny after Mohbad died. A lot of things happened before he died which left Zinoleeksy and Naira Marley in a tight spot as they still need Nigerians to listen to their unreleased songs. Mohbad's death caused a huge setback for the fast-rising star, Zinoleeksy, as he has been struggling to get back on his feet after making several attempts to prove his innocence in the death of Mohbad.

On the other hand, Sam Larry who is a promoter and an influencer is already back on his feet as he can be seen on the streets of lagos, especially his hood, Lagos Island, despite receiving death threats from people when the incidence occurred.

After all that, fans still seem unhappy with this three even though the police proved their innocence. A lot of fans are not taking it easy with any of them. Any post about Zinoleeksy, they surely have something negative to say about him. However, Zinoleeksy just celebrated his 24th birthday yesterday.

A fan caused a stir on Instagram after making a hate speech under Sam Larry's new post as he, Naira Marley and Zinoleeksy were seen laughing. The fan said and i quote " Una Kill Mohbad Dey Enjoy Life None Of Una Go Love Long." This comment shows how disgusted people are when they come across any of this three celebrities post.

Mohbad's death didn't only implicated this three, as Mohbad's Father, Wife and Mother were also suspected of having a hand in his death. Through his unlicensed investigation, influencer Verydarkman, made a video, questioning Mohbad's wide who the real father of mohbad's son, Liam is. All she said was, i was with Mohbad when he had nothing. This made me suspect the more as she really have nothing tangible to say, except for her emotional blackmail on her IG story.

Meanwhile, Abosede, mother of the late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, alleged that both Samson Balogun, aka Sam Larry, and Azeez Fashola, aka Naira Marley, frustrated her son to death. According to her, the late singer did not experience peace throughout his lifetime because the duo of Naira Marley and Sam Larry always got him into one problem or another.

Mohbad did not know peace throughout his lifetime. He was always going from one problem to another in the hands of Naira Marley and Sam Larry. His manager was Naira Marley’s brother, and I did not like him. “Every time I went there, I always told Mohbad to stay away from him, yet he was always sleeping on Mohbad’s bed. I told Mohbad to keep away from everyone associated with Naira Marley and should not work with them anymore. I had always been involved in my son’s life. Every curse that Naira Marley rains on me will return to him,” she said.

Speaking further, she narrated how Mohbad hinted her of a conversation with Naira Marley in the middle of the night because he wanted to change his manager and how his ex-signee boss brought out something he wanted him to take, adding, “At that moment, Mohbad was scared, and he ran to the bathroom, from where he called me. I then called my pastor, who asked us to pray.

“Sam Larry beat Mohbad, complaining that he owed him money, but that is not true. My son confided in me. Naira Marley beat him up one time, and he ended up in the hospital. We had to use hot water to massage his body, and he could not talk for two days because he was seriously beaten. He even developed hypertension.

“When Mohbad recovered from the sickness, Naira did not want him back in Marlian Music. He said he was spoiling their name; and Mohbad also did not want to go back. I went with the father to plead with Naira. That was the first time I went to the house. It was Joseph that was always going there. I want justice for my son.”

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