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No relationship is ever strong, never overestimate your relationship with anyone!

Never overestimate your relationship with anyone

By CustoPublished 4 months ago 8 min read
No relationship is ever strong, never overestimate your relationship with anyone!
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Life is like a train, in the process of moving forward, some people come up and some people go down.

You will make some people, of course, will also lose some people, no one will accompany you for the whole journey.

Similarly, you will gain some feelings, but also will lose some feelings.

No relationship is ever strong, so don't overestimate your relationship with anyone!

Not every relationship

Not every relationship lasts and works as intended

There was a story circulating on the internet.

In a prison, two inmates became good friends.

Every day, the prison would give the inmates an apple.

Inmate A didn't like apples very much, so he would give the apple to Inmate B, who liked apples, every time.

As three years passed, the two men had a good relationship and the gift became natural.

But suddenly, one day, prisoner A wanted to taste the apple, so instead of giving it to prisoner B, he ate it himself.

By Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Inmate A thought his friend would be understanding, but Inmate B lost his temper with him.

Inmate B felt that the apple should have been his own and was angry that he didn't get it. The two of them had a big fight over it and broke off their friendship from then on.

This is a long year of accumulated love, but I did not expect that it would be so fragile. Three years of friendship ended because of an apple.

The story of these two prisoners also tells us the truth.

"Human feelings are inherently fragile, so don't overestimate any relationship."

This is true not only for friendship but also for love.

Some seemingly sensational feelings, sea and stone vows, ultimately can not escape the gathering and parting, of human feelings.

Some time ago, Weirdo was paralyzed by the announcement of the divorce of Song He Wyo and Song Jung Kit and the breakup of Fan Sing Ring and Li Chen.

Those once loving couples, in the blink of an eye, will go their separate ways, so people can't help but feel saddened.

But think about it from another perspective, the edge of the edge is just human nature.

If two people are destined to end, there will be no room for retention.

I think back then, Li Longshoremen and Lin Lilian are also the envy of everyone a pair of talented people.

But after six years of marriage, the two broke up due to personality disagreements, leaving only a paper divorce statement from Li Longshoremen.

"If our love is wrong, may you and I not suffer in vain. sandy, wish you happiness and find what you want and what you think is worthy."

There are few perfect relationships in the world, as Li Nu said in "Send You a Bullet".

"Those who have nothing to do with you, just have nothing to do with you. From the first day, you know. Even if you smile sweetly, even if you try to run the relationship. And those who are related to you are related to you, escape can not escape, even if you have only seen three times, three years to take care of once, even if you are separated by a hundred thousand miles. Some people are destined to be cancer in your life, while others are just a sneeze."

Excessive trust

Instead, it is more likely to be hurt

As the saying goes, "deep love does not live, wisdom will hurt."

Many people have thought that the relationship between people is sincere for sincere. You give sincerely, you will receive the same return.

But some good people, often do not see the malice of the world.

In "White Night", Keillor Higashiosaka wrote: "There are two things in the world that cannot be looked at directly, one is the sun, and the other is the heart. "

Some people, you to his heart and soul, defenseless, but he can be for their benefit at any time will betray you.

Previously, news on micro-blogging has caused a hot debate.

Chongqing 26-year-old Miss Xe, with the company's best friends, agreed to resign together after the partnership to open a clothing store.

But then, Miss Xe resigned for more than a month, and the friend is in the hands of the project as the reason, repeatedly delayed, delayed resignation, and even applied for active overtime on May Day.

Miss Xe a good friend stood up very angry, feeling that they have suffered a "betrayal".

And in the face of Miss Xe's dissatisfaction, the friend just breezily returned a sentence: "She is too impulsive ......"

In the news below, the highest number of likes and comments are as follows.

"The whole heart-to-heart thing is very childish. Not to encourage you to become complicated, just hope you can learn to protect yourself."

Whether in the workplace or in everyday life friendships, do not blindly trust and befriend, because your heart may not be exchanged for a heart of equal value.

You treat him as a destined lover, he may only treat you as a spare tire.

You treat her as a best friend, maybe she only treats you as a tool to get ahead.

So, not casual friendships, friendship, is the real sign of a person's maturity.

Remember, the much talked about "9-year-old lost girl Dioxin's death" broke everyone's heart, and the culprit of this tragedy was the lack of defensiveness and excessive trust in strangers.

When two unidentified tenants took Xinjiang as a flower girl, the 9-year-old girl was defenseless.

Not only was she not afraid when she followed people she was not related to out to play, but she innocently told her family, "I had a great time."

When Dioxin's grandparents "lent" their granddaughter to the tenant, they did not advise the child to protect herself.

Ultimately, the family's weak sense of precaution caused an irreparable tragedy ......

People who deliver trust too easily cannot protect themselves properly and are more likely to be taken advantage of.

The people who are too attached to their feelings, do not get the same response and are more likely to be hurt by their feelings.

You need to know that "the heart of the people", so do not overestimate the feelings between you and anyone.

But "do not easily trust your heart" does not mean that you do not trust others or are not kind, just that your trust should be polished and your kindness should be sharp!

Do not rely on, do not force

To go longer

Life comes and goes, and those people who appear in your years are ultimately free to come and go.

I once read on the Internet that a mother and her daughter had this conversation while walking on the beach.

The young daughter was sad that her friend was transferring to another school. The mother said, "Don't be so sad, you will meet new friends."

The daughter said, "But I'm so sad to lose a friend ......"

The mother intoned, "Actually, relationships between people are like sand in your hands."

Then she asked her puzzled daughter to grab a handful of sand in her palm.

The little girl grabbed the sand and held it tightly in her hand. But some of the sand quickly drained from the clenched fingers.

At this point, the mother asked her daughter to spread her hand, and on the spreading palm, the sand stopped flowing away but was firmly piled up in her hand like a small hill.

The mother explained.

"In our lifetime, we will meet many people. The relationship between you and them is like sand in your hand. The tighter you hold on to it, the faster it fades away. But when you spread your palm, the sand in the middle of your hand will always be there."

There is always some passing that is beyond our control. Whether you spread it out or hold it tight, what's going to go, will go.

But the loss does not mean you will have nothing, there will always be some people like the sand in the palm of your hand, who stay in your life, always with you, and never fade away.

It is your, can never go away, not your, what you do, can not stay.

So, as we grow older, what we can do is put our minds at ease, face people openly, and accept the warmth of human feelings.

The most important thing is not to rely on, not to force, not to deliberately pursue a certain relationship, and not to overestimate the feelings of anyone.

The most stable relationship is "no relationship"

Everyone desires to be included, affirmed, and taken care of.

But when you overestimate your relationship with others, and even overestimate your position in the hearts of others, what awaits you will be a great disappointment.

A friend you've known for years but haven't contacted for a long time will disappoint you.

A newlywed lover who did not remember an important anniversary will disappoint you.

A relative who is related by blood but refuses to help at a critical moment will disappoint you ......

But in this world there is no care taken for granted, nor is there dedication taken for granted.

Instead of struggling with discontent, it is better to look at everything and learn to live your life well.

When you are truly strong, you will understand.

In life, some disappointments are inevitable; some relationships cannot be overestimated.

The most stable relationship between people is "no relationship".

The love and hate are as they should be, the affinity is free, no need to dwell too much.

Time, you will always be left with the most genuine person.

When the edge goes, say goodbye, when the edge comes, cherish it.

As Lang Shiatsu said in "Sending off".

"You go, I do not send you. When you come, no matter how windy or rainy it is, I will go to pick you up!"


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