My Worst Date
My Worst Date


by Erin Taylor 2 years ago in dating

My Dream Girl


So there I was on the good ole Meetme site. You know that one where you can just slap any random picture down as your profile pic and start searching for your perfect match while trying to sidestep those nasty messages you disgust so much. Well that was me. I created an account and put some crappy pictures of me on there. Might as well right? If the person I meet is my “perfect match” they are going to see my good, bad, and ugly side. So why not just show them who I am right then and there? Sure people will look at the photos and think negatively about them. But if they like the photos then they will like the real me so there's nothing to worry about. At least that's what I thought.

So I get my profile set up and head to the amazing Match section. Now we all know as soon as you create your account your photo is on that section so people are clicking the buttons I call the “I want you button” or the “hell no button.” So it seemed like every person I clicked the “I want you button” on, clicked that same button for me. It felt like they were all bots and they just clicked the “I want you button” to make me feel better about myself. There I was clicking away thinking I wouldn't find a single human on there that actually looked like they were real from their profile and not some cartoon of SpongeBob Squarepants or Bart from The Simpsons but I couldn't find a single profile that liked me that wasn't fake! I obviously don't want to talk to people who use cartoon figures and I don't trust a one pic profile and that's all I got!

I had some hits, got some messages not a big deal. They were all unpleasant messages of wanting to meet up for one night or wanting photos that they were never going to get in their life. No messages, just saying hey how are you or hey you're pretty or some crap like that. So after a week of undesirable messages, I kind of just stopped getting on the site every day. I'd check it maybe twice a week and only got unappealing messages, fake profiles, and dreadful photos that will haunt my brain for the rest of my life. About a month or so goes by, my laptop overheats, and I get the app on my phone so I can check to see if I got anything. Three weeks after I got the app, I got a notification. There I was thinking oh great, another person that just wants a good booty call or possibly another bot so I didn't even bother to check it. Then I get another notification about 8 minutes later. Still didn't check it. About an hour later my phone starts going crazy with notifications. Damn whoever this person is really wants my attention or can't seem to find a good chat apparently. So I open the app to see what the hell I was getting myself into.

Holy hell was I glad I stuck with this site for a bit, downloaded it on my phone, and looked at my notifications. She was beautiful, talkative, and real from what it seemed in her profile. There were 3 photos posted but there were comments saying I’m so glad we met from a year ago so obviously she's real! She messaged me saying she had hoped I would answer and that she wanted to get to know me. Then she sent a shit load of emoji’s with some cute ass stickers. Could this be the one? She hasn't asked me for anything bad, hasn’t sent me anything bad. I thought she was perfect! We talked just about every day except for the days we had work.

We followed each other on social media, had amazing conversations; it was all fantastic. Then out of the blue she disappeared. I was heartbroken thinking she didn't like me or found someone else. For 3 months I sat there wondering what had happened. What did I do wrong? Was she scared of the distance or was I not good enough? After the 5th month I figured she was gone and my dream girl had slipped right through my fingers. I decided to give up dating until I knew I had found the right one.

For about a month or two I went to school, worked a lot, paid my bills, and went clubbing. People approached me but they never wanted to stick around. They were there at the club to dance but nowhere to be seen outside of the club. Then one night I thought I saw her. The long brown hair. The beautiful face and eyes but it was like my head was just playing games with me. I started walking up to her and it wasn't her. It was a complete stranger I had never seen before. She looked at me in disgust like I had done something wrong. So I turned away and bumped into some lady with glasses latched on to a man. I said sorry and they didn't say a word, they just smiled. So I left the club.

The next morning I woke up to my phone going off. It was her! The girl of my dreams messaged me back saying she was moving here! She was gone because her phone had shattered when she was at work. But she saved up the money to buy a new phone and move here with some friends she knew. I was so excited I wanted to jump out of my bed and go meet her at the airport but she said her friends were getting her and she wanted to meet me once she got settled in. Of course I’ll respect that, I completely understood. So a week went by and she finally allows me to come meet her. I got the address went to the store and bought her a necklace with some flowers. I know cheesy right? And I headed over to her friend’s house. I knocked on the door and the lady I bumped into at the club answered. I know she recognized me because she grabbed me and hugged me.

I enter the house asking if Hanna (my dream girl) was there but she wasn't. Her roommates said she had to run to the store real quick but she would be back. It was kind of late so I didn't want to stay long and keep them up. I gave her roommates the flowers and necklace and asked to give them to her and left. As soon as I arrived home, Hannah messaged me apologizing for not being there when I was there and asked me to come by the next morning so I did as she asked. Went to the store and bought some candy and movies. Went to her house and once again she wasn't there. This time she was helping her mother move some stuff around because her mother wanted to be close to her daughter so she moved from California to the lovely state we lived in.

I left the stuff and went home, got a message and a picture of her sitting at the club saying she thought we were meeting there. So I told her I'd meet here there as soon as I was done eating. I went to the club, asked around and no one saw her that whole night the only thing I got was people telling me she only came in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Well there was proof she was real once again. I texted her and she left because she claimed she thought I wasn't coming. Now at this point I’m pretty irritated. I've been to her house twice like she asked and the club and she was nowhere to be found.

Her and I kept in touch and she kept sending me pictures of her out having fun but I barely responded. I was still upset about her never being there when she asked me to show up so I kept my distance for a while. I'm pretty sure she started to notice my annoyance two weeks later when I wasn't responding as much as I used to. She called me and asked if I would like to go on a double with her and her roommates. So I decided to give her one more chance and told her I'd meet them at Olive Garden at 6:00pm the next night. It was a date. The next morning I went to work. Got off at 4:30 and went home to get ready. This was a date at Olive Garden with my dream girl so I had to dress nice.

I headed out at around 5:30 so I could be there in time. I walk in and there she was. Her back towards the door and my knees feeling weak. I walk up to the table, pull out my chair and sit. The person I thought was Hanna got up, said it was nice chatting, but I should go now that the rest of your party is here and she left. Eyebrows raised, I turned my head to Hannah’s roommates and asked where she was. “Her mom called and needed her help with something but she will be right back but she said to order her food.” I've heard something like that before. So we ordered food, we ate and she still wasn't there! I asked them to excuse me while I went to go call Hannah and see what was going on but they stopped me saying Hannah had texted them and she was on her way back. I gave her male roommate a glare. None of them touched their phone the whole night and why didn't she message me and let me know?

I mentioned that I didn't see them touch their phones and then it started pouring out. I remember it all like it happened an hour ago. They said “Look, Hannah loves you so much and talks about you every night. She loves when you come to visit her at the house.” Here I am confused as hell because I’ve never met her and she's never told me she loved me! Then it hit me… I gave Hannah my username on every social media account I had and five minutes later both her roommates would add me. I only got 17 pictures of her, I saw her live stream on Younow once but I was told not to comment in the stream. It was exactly what I thought it was. “We are Hannah. We used another girl to get to you. We had you come over to hang out with us and when you left, we would roleplay and make love thinking about you. We fell in love with you but when you didn't stay long, it would upset us and we wanted you more. But now we are ready to ask you something we've been wanting to ask for a while now.”

Freaked out I just sat there biting my tongue hoping it was all going to end soon or that it was a joke. Then they asked me to have a threesome with them in a not so hush-hush way and be their third piece. They were very straightforward then; why couldn't they be straightforward when they first met me on meetme? Now at that time I just about shit myself. First they tell me they were Hannah then they are in love with me and want me to be their third piece. Um no thank you I think I am good! I don't know why they thought they could lie to me and I'd be OK with it and forgive them! I remember asking if everything about that girl was made up too. Unfortunately it wasn't. They went to the club every day she went and learned a lot about her and her stories. They took pictures of her and used them which explained why most of the pics I got weren't selfies.

They became the reason I never got on dating sites ever again. I took a deep breath, smiled, stood up and walked out. Three blocks down the street was the club so I decided to go there instead of wasting my night alone. As soon as I entered the club, I sat down by the stage, looked over and there she was… the real Hannah kissing another woman having the time of her life. My heart wanted Hannah but my head knew that I had to break up with the thought of being with her because the only real part was me being a complete stranger to the girl of my dreams. That was #MyWorstDate

Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor
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