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My Wife Gets Upset Over Little Things (My Wife Is Always Angry and Now She Wants A Divorce)

Are you in a marriage where you're constantly saying and thinking my wife gets upset over little things? I know this is a very stressful thing, because I was there once...and there are tons of other men there now as well. If you're saying my wife is always angry and now she wants a divorce then you'll want to read every word of this article.

By Melody KhloePublished 2 years ago 5 min read
My Wife Gets Upset Over Little Things (My Wife Is Always Angry and Now She Wants A Divorce)
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So, your wife is angry all the time? You may be wondering "What can save my marriage? Is there a 'save the marriage book' that will help me learn how to fix my marriage?"

Maybe your wife expresses her anger, and she uses some physical actions like raising her voice, slamming drawers, etc. Then maybe you think, "I'll show her. i can be louder. I can show my strength, etc." Likely you don't consciously think that, but underneath the surface, that competition may be set up.

Returning anger for anger does not often work. A very wise man once said that "a soft answer turns away wrath."

Men, you need to understand that controlling yourself is not a sign of weakness. Some think that "meekness" is a sign of "weakness." It can be, but actually meekness is the opposite of anger. It is strength under control. That is the kind of meekness (not weakness) for which we want to strive.

If you are wondering, "What can save my marriage, or can I learn how to fix my marriage" look at these six highly effective ways to turn things around:

1. Avoid getting angry yourself. You just compound the problem when you express anger for anger. Granted, you probably cannot actually not be angry, but you can control the expression of it in the beginning. As success in suppressing your own anger pays off, likely you will become angry less easily.

2. Take most of the responsibility. Ideally, both of you would take responsibility, but that is not likely happen in the heat of an argument. As you step back and look at the situation, take responsibility for what is happening. You can't help what she initiated, but you can work on how you respond. Your tendency is to want to fix things, so go for it. Take responsibility.

3. Don't accept all the blame. When you are taking responsibility, that does not mean that you have to accept all the blame. On the other hand, even when she is to blame, you do not have to point it out. Just don't beat yourself down.

4. Remove the idea of divorce as an option. The easy way out is to escape. Face the problem. If you remove divorce as an option, you will find a lot of options that others miss.

5. Stop trying to win the arguments. Don't lie, but when something is just a matter of opinion, rather than fact, agree with your wife. How can things escalate if you do that? One "save the marriage book" recommends that you always agree with your spouse. While that has many advantages, again, you cannot, or should not, lie. However, you can agree and be silent when needed.

6. Look for advice as to how you can turn things around by yourself. Find a "save the marriage" book. Listen to tapes. Watch DVD's. Don't be so proud to think that there is nothing that you need to learn.

Maybe you and your wife are angry. Maybe she seems to be angry all the time. You can take steps to turn things around.

My Wife is Always Angry and Now She Wants a Divorce

Most husbands tell me that they can't seem to win with their wives. The old saying "Damned if I do, damned if I don't" gets said a lot! But it goes deeper than that if your wife is always angry and now she wants a divorce. You can freak out if you like, but that's not going to help your situation. My advice is to stop worrying and start doing something about it. This may be the most valuable information you ever get!

When your marriage has reached the point where your wife wants a divorce, you have probably been feeling the tension in the air for quite awhile. Her constant anger at you is a not so subtle message that she is no longer comfortable in the relationship and for whatever reason is not getting what she wants or needs from you anymore. The good news is that relationships such as this are salvageable about 90% of the time!

If your wife has not filed for divorce yet, she may just be trying to get your attention in the most drastic way she knows how. If she has filed, then she has most certainly gotten your attention! In either case, you can still save your marriage, but you need to buy some time to keep her from going through with the divorce. She in turn will need to become convinced that the marriage might be worth saving after all and be willing to begin working things out.

Now here is where it begins to get interesting; there are certain things that you can do and say and certain ways that you need to behave to change the dynamics of this situation. By taking a powerful step by step approach that has been used successfully by thousands of married couples you will not only save your marriage but create a relationship that is better than you ever thought possible! This approach has nearly a 90% success rate and works even if one spouse wants a divorce.

Time is not on your side right now. You will need to take control of this crisis immediately if you want to have the best chance of saving your marriage. Statistics show that the longer you wait, the worse your chances become, so what are you waiting for? You have absolutely nothing to gain by continuing to search the internet while your wife may very well be on the phone with and attorney right now!

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