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Can My Marriage Still Be Saved (Can A Bad Marriage Be Saved)

So you're thinking to yourself can my marriage still be saved and you're looking for what you should be doing right now to get that process started in high gear. I know exactly how you feel, because I was in the same boat. If you're in a situation where you're saying can a bad marriage be saved, then this might be the most important thing you've ever read.

By Melody KhloePublished 2 years ago 6 min read
Can My Marriage Still Be Saved (Can A Bad Marriage Be Saved)
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A marriage never really fails until one of you has determined to give up on it. One spouse in the relationship can keep trying to preserve it and at times be successful but without a combined effort to rebuild the relationship, reconciliation is very difficult if not impossible.

There are a number of reasons that would make you seriously question whether the marriage is worth saving. If one spouse is abusive has been unfaithful or is some sort of criminal, it may well be best to simply walk away from the marriage before things get even worse. However, even under these types of circumstances a marriage still can be saved if both spouses are sincere about it. If you still love each other and agree to both work at preserving your relationship, then it is possible to preserve the marriage. Love brought you together in the beginning and it still can but it will not be easy. Although you may both still love each other, it will take a lot of work to be successful at preserving your marriage. It will not happen overnight and you both must be patient and willing to compromise.

Before trying to persuade your spouse to make changes, be sure you are following a plan that will improve your situation. You also need to understand your own behavior and how you may have contributed to the faults of your spouse that resulted in this crisis to your marriage. If you are to blame admit it and do something about it. Until you heal your own faults don't try to pass judgment on your spouse for his/her faults.

Try to understand what problems may have caused your spouse to stray. Hopefully, you both can openly discuss your feelings and how you've been hurt by the situation. Once you can understand how each other feels and understand their position, it's easier for you both to heal your wounds and start to move forward in a meaningful way.

This can be a very difficult process and you both need to be careful not to let hurt feelings or anger destroy any progress you are making. It may well be in your best interest to seek the help of a qualified counselor who can act as an impartial third party and advise you both how to solve your most serious problems that can be agreeable to you both. If you cannot both agree to consult a counselor, at least consider on finding a guide written by an expert that you can use as a road map.

Once you start making significant progress using a guide, it may be easier to agree to consult with the counselor if you need help with your major problems later.

As you work together to try and preserve your marriage, try to support each other and cooperate in rebuilding the positive parts of your relationship. Show gratitude and appreciation to each other as you make progress to make the task of reconciliation as easy as you can.

Try to spend time together doing things you both enjoy to help restore your mutual bond. Whether it's a common hobby or something you both share a pleasant interest in, start to rebuild some happy experiences.

This type of bonding is a good way to forget about the problems you are facing and place you in a better frame of mind to deal with them. Being together is one of the best ways to show each other you are still committed and you care.

If the worst happens and your spouse is not able to overcome his/her bad behavior, at least you will know that you tried your best to preserve your marriage. Ending it may be painful but it's preferable to enduring a relationship full of misery. Take some time to get over your anger and hurt, then fine someone who will truly appreciate you.

Repairing A Bad Marriage - What Couples Should Know

Marriage is a lifelong relationship and it is inevitable for couples to encounter trials and problems. A good marriage could turn bad and when it happens, couples must know how to save their relationship. Repairing a bad marriage is not easy, but it is not impossible. A bad marriage doesn't have to end in divorce. If you feel that your marriage is worth saving, the following ways to fix a bad marriage can be very helpful.

Make a list of the issues you usually argue about. If you keep ignoring the issues in your marriage, things may get worse. In repairing a bad marriage, it is helpful to analyze what is happening to your marriage and make a list of the things that trigger arguments or fights in your relationship. Once you have that list, find agreeable solutions to put an end to those issues.

Fight fair. Arguments and fights are inevitable in a marriage but it doesn't mean that you have the license to harm your spouse. Fighting fair means no name calling, cursing, sarcasm, negative remarks, criticisms and embarrassing your spouse. Fighting dirty with your spouse will not solve anything, but it will make the situation worse. In repairing a bad marriage, it is best to learn to stay calm if your spouse starts getting heated about the argument to avoid saying things you might regret later.

Start the positive change from yourself. It is said that you cannot control or dictate another person's reaction but you can only control your own reactions. Repairing a bad marriage does not mean forcing your spouse to change. This method will likely not work because forcing your partner to change could make him or her more defensive. Instead of trying to change your spouse, focus on changing yourself for the better. Think of what you can do differently to influence a positive change in your marriage.

Express your concerns in a positive way. Being too negative invites trouble. If you have concerns, express it in a positive way and avoid blaming or pointing fingers. Use "I" instead of "You" when airing your concerns to avoid making it sound like blaming your spouse. Saying "I find it difficult to... " sounds better than "You make it difficult for me to... " The way you express your concerns can affect the kind of response you will get.

Make decisions together. In a marriage, couples should make common decisions to avoid conflicts. Sometimes issues arise when couples do not consult each other in making decisions. If you have differences, it is important to listen to each other's concerns and make decisions that pleases you both. If you cannot arrive on a common decision, it is best to compromise. What's important is that you both consider each other's concerns.

Avoid temptations or getting involved in an affair. A bad marriage can make couples vulnerable to temptations but keep your sanity and always bear in mind that an affair is not the solution to your troubled marriage. Repairing a bad marriage can be very hard if infidelity is involved. Although many marriages survived after an affair, it is best not to get involved in an affair when your marriage is already on the rocks.

Repairing a bad marriage could mean a lot of work but if you want a lasting relationship, it is normal to work hard for it. Marriage is a lifelong relationship that needs to be nurtured. Couples should work every single day on their marriage to make it last.

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