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My view of love

My view of love

By 哦豁Published 6 months ago 8 min read

My view of love

Since ancient times, love is a long-lasting topic, from poetry and songs to music and movies nowadays, if love is missing, it will lose a lot of flavor. As a college student after 80, whether intentionally or unintentionally chat or night after lights out dormitory "sleepover" this is bound to be talked about. It is normal for young people to be in love with each other or to be in love with each other. But what attitude should be used to treat love and the problems it may face, is there a trade-off between career and love or can we get along peacefully?

About the definition of love, I looked up the information is explained as follows. Love is the strongest, stable and exclusive feelings of a man and a woman who, based on a certain objective material basis and a common ideal of life, form within themselves the most sincere admiration for each other and desire each other to be their lifelong partner. The essence of love is the sublime feelings between the opposite sex that combines the social and natural attributes of human beings. Love has a rich content, she is usually composed of four elements: one is sexual desire, which is the physiological basis and natural prerequisites of love; two is the emotion, which is the central link of love, expressed as a strong feeling of spiritual and physical integration; three is the ideal, which is the social basis of love, but also the rational guide of love; four is the obligation, which is the social requirements of love, expressed as a conscious sense of moral responsibility. The above four elements are interlinked, one cannot be missing, otherwise it is a crippled or distorted love.

For the love inside the university, many people are pregnant with romantic ideas, that is to say, I am no exception. I imagined that one day I would meet a girl in a study room by chance, and then a look would be passed, and then there would be a relationship between each other. But reality often does not give such unrealistic ideas too much opportunity, so when looking around more and more students are no longer alone, they will inevitably some press lonely. In order to experience the taste of love during college and find the man of your dreams, it can be said that the eight immortals are all over the sea, each showing their skills. One is the realistic and traditional type, that is, through mutual contact, communication and understanding between classmates, to develop feelings and establish a relationship. Some are straightforward, open, by passing notes, writing love letters, etc., to each other frequently throwing the olive branch, and constantly send a message of love; some are emotional investment, step by step, by moving out to approach, passionate concern, so that the emotions along the care - gratitude - doubly caring - heartfelt appreciation of the mutual stimulation type positive cycle, so that the other party is difficult to refuse the tide of emotion, choose the best opportunity to court each other; there is also in this information age, the network has been an indispensable way to fall in love, there are in the campus BBS inside the recruitment of friends to be happy, there is a busy search for the target on the school intranet. Of course, no matter what, it is an effective way to find love.

Here I want to focus on the following issues

The first is the question of whether we should fall in love in college. This problem is actually a lot of students have been tangled up, this, I look at it this way. Love as a pure and noble thing, is unattainable, in the daily life of learning and contact with the opposite sex more, each other may find each other on certain characteristics of their own extraordinary attraction, mutual love, of course, this is also very good ah, are young people, so it is also very normal. If the interaction between each other for the study of the role of the better, and, according to a survey, and the interaction of the opposite sex to help enhance their own personality, improve the values of life and other aspects have a great role. However, the situation is that, due to time, social circles, and the differences in aesthetics and personalities of people, it is still a minority that can produce such love. Love, love, and marriage are the traditional trilogy of marriage. But many students do not fall in love with the purpose of marriage, just to seek emotional support, often looking at an "experimental activity", with a strong romantic color, lack of a deep understanding of the responsibility of love. Some people have done a survey, in college students in love, only 16% of them think that they can find a like-minded lover. 76.6% of students think that "the result of love may not be marriage", a number of students talk about "love is necessary, marriage is incidental, people are not in love for the sake of marriage, and not because of love and marriage". Some are even more explicit: "Love is noble, marriage is secular". Separate love and marriage relatively, both secular life, but also desire super-secular love. Since college students do not always fall in love for love, then why do they fall in love again? It could only be to satisfy the physical needs and experience the feeling of love. There are 41% of people think that falling in love is a physical and mental need. College students are in the physical maturity but not yet mature psychological period, the opposite sex has a strong desire to interact with the mystery of love is full of temptation, when the opportunity arises, even if they do not love each other, they will try. The second is to get rid of the pain of repression and find spiritual support. Twenty-eight percent of students believe that falling in love is about repression and loneliness. It is human instinct to escape from pain. In college life, the competition in study, economic constraints, employment difficulties have caused greater pressure on college students' body and mind, while the obstacles of interpersonal communication and the abundance of spare time have made them feel lonely. In the bewilderment and frustration, they hope to relieve the pressure and get rid of loneliness by falling in love. Third, to prove their charm and catch up with fashion trends. College students in adolescence often lack rational thinking about things, lack full affirmation of self, and like to follow their feelings. Once most people are in love, they will have low self-esteem because they do not have a lover, so they will not go against the trend. Especially those love movies that transcend life and death, romance novels with windy flowers and moonlit nights, lingering love songs - everything that is popular on campus subconsciously influences students' behavior. In this case, the meaning of love is misinterpreted, so I still think that when love comes, we can let nature take its course, but if it doesn't, I still think we should be patient and study hard and take a long view.

The second is about love and study and future career issues. If I were to define an ideal love, I would say that both parties have common ideals and aspirations, and happen to have a mutual attraction to each other, and then struggle hard together for the ideal, then it is really a match made in heaven. In accordance with the description of the characteristics of love, a true love requires a strong sense of morality and responsibility for each other. Therefore, love is not something that can be achieved overnight, perhaps my mind has not been able to keep up with the speed of progress in the minds of college students nowadays. I always think that each other first from knowing to understanding and then to love this is the time needed to do guarantee, if yesterday or strangers today became lovers, then who can guarantee that you will not love the speed of the breakup, perhaps tomorrow you will go your separate ways, then what is the meaning of such love? So, I still think that if you are in love with each other to a direction will be doubly motivated, if you are not in love, then it is more career-oriented, a student named Yi Ming published an article on the Internet entitled "the benefits of not falling in love in college". The main idea is that not falling in love makes me economical, because I don't have to tighten my belt to buy clothes and clothes for my girlfriend in order to get a smile on her face; I don't have to call every day to make my girlfriend happy, leaving a shy bag. I don't want to fall in love, because I don't have to often to video halls, cinemas, restaurants as a battlefield, in addition to vision loss, fat will also grow fiercely; there is no every day in the dormitory building waiting for the traces of the wind and rain, and write love letters caused by poor sleep. I don't have to worry about the panic caused by other people's love, and I don't have to think or eat after losing love. The actual fact that you are not in love makes me honest, because I don't have to say in good conscience that you are my summer popsicle and winter sun. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

After writing all this, in fact, deep inside me, I certainly hope that there will be a true love in my college life, but if she really does not appear, I think I will spend my time in the place that is really worth it. Not to set the tone too high, say for what the country's prosperity and technological progress and so on, even for the sake of my parents who have worked hard to send me to the university campus, I do not have any reason to refuse to study hard. Not to mention the seven-foot man, if there is no future career and how to stand in the community? Therefore, in my future days, I will face all that life gives me with a normal heart, I will work hard for my career, and also for a person who really deserves my love.


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