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Touching true love story Thank you for not hurting me

by 哦豁 4 months ago in love
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Touching true love story Thank you for not hurting me

Touching true love story Thank you for not hurting me

Arion Hua is my landlord, a 35-year-old middle-aged man with a tall figure who looks great in a trench coat. The eyes are as deep as a spring, I have rarely seen a man with such beautiful eyes. He left his phone number for me, saying he could be reached at any time if there was anything wrong. He lived in building 1, I live in building 2, I heard that his wife was sent abroad, he was alone with his daughter.

I dialed the number of Huawongsheng, I said, "Huawongsheng, can you come and have a drink with me?

In less than 10 minutes, he arrived, dressed in a beige trench coat, sitting across from me, listening to me ramble about my relationship with my boyfriend, his bright eyes looked at me gently, and from time to time, he whispered to interject a sentence, think about it, do not be too sad.

When the bar clock struck 12 o'clock, Hua Rongsheng got up and said, "It's very late, I'll take you home. No, I still have to drink, I was stubborn. He did not persuade, and eventually dragged me half and half to the car. He whispered, Zhou Li, it's late, you go home and rest, it will get better. And I was in the Hua Rongsheng dragged me into the car, held tightly in his arms, suddenly fell in love with him. So small space, so close, his body's manly scent surrounded me, strong arms tightly around me. Such a temperature suddenly made me uncontrollably enchanted. I pretended to be drunk and fell asleep on his shoulder, and the warmth of that temperature made my heart, suddenly, change direction.

I have to admit, that night, I did like Hua Rongsheng in a thought, but only like, in the lonely and lonely night hurt, any warmth from others, are very easy to let me fall.

Assuming that Hua Yongsheng is not a kind-hearted man, then perhaps this night between him and me could easily be overlooked as just a small episode in our lives.

The next day, Hua Rongsheng knocked on my door, bringing his daughter with him, and he said he wanted me to teach her some simple crafts like origami. He said he didn't know much about it, so he asked me to help. I thought that Hua Rongsheng was really asking for my help, so I taught the little girl to do crafts and took her out to play with me. After a month or so, I was happy to accept the food that Mr. Hua often prepared and sent to me and his daughter to eat together, saying that I was grateful. With the child, my mood also unconsciously slowly up.

That day, I was kneading playdough with the little girl, she said, sister Zhou Li, you have been in a better mood lately? I laughed, when my sister is not in a good mood ah? She leaned close to my ear and whispered, "Dad said you've been in a bad mood lately and he's afraid you'll cry alone, so he asked me to keep you company. Are you in a better mood now? I was slightly shocked, I thought Hua Yongsheng was really asking for me, but I did not expect that he was such a careful man, afraid that I was alone and lonely.

That night, I ate the dinner brought by Hua Yongsheng, but I ate a different taste. I peeked at Huawongsheng, he was in the bathroom fixing my leaky faucet, his back was slender and upright. The first time I saw him, I was so happy to see him.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. I dried myself in the dark, wrapped myself in a towel and came out, but there was a knock on my door. I asked nervously, "Who is it? It was me, Arion Hua. I opened the door and he had some candles in his hand, smiling, I thought you didn't have such things, so I sent them to you.

The orange glow of the candles shed a warm and ambiguous light in the house, I was wrapped in a bath towel, my hair was dripping with wet water, my body was emitting an alluring and mature fragrance, Hua Yongsheng obviously realized what was going on, he got up and whispered, I'll go back first, my daughter is at home.

You lie, Hua Rongsheng. I said, this afternoon I saw her grandmother to pick her up. Hua Rongsheng speechless, a pause, turned and walked towards the door, I cried in despair behind me, Hua Rongsheng, why do not you like me? He sighed and turned around again, his palm stroking my wet hair, so gentle, but nothing to do with eroticism. I obediently buried my body into his arms, he did not push me away, but only like a father treating a spoiled daughter, and gently protect me in his arms. He said, Zhou Li, you are still young, do not do something stupid. He smiled faintly and patted my back, Zhou Li, you are in my eyes, and my daughter, are still just children.

I really became infatuated with Hua Rongsheng, assuming that the beginning is an unnameable like, and now, indeed, into the love. He was such a man who knew how to live, making all kinds of dishes and soups delicious, and the fragrance of flowers always wafted through the house. I've seen him in the kitchen with his apron on, cooking with skillful movements and concentration. I suddenly wanted to go up to him and hug him, like a little wife, gently wrap my arms around his waist from behind, put my face on his back, and breathe in every inch of his body's skin. I'm afraid that a man who knows how to live and has good self-discipline like this is already extinct, right?

I asked Arion, "Do you and your wife have a good relationship? He looked at me and nodded his head. I did not die, and asked, is she so long out of the country, you do not feel lonely alone? He smiled, his daughter has taken up most of my life, I do not feel lonely. I don't feel lonely. Loneliness belongs to young people, I'm not young anymore. Where do you see old? I am angry that he is so solemn. Really, Hua Yongsheng looked at me deeply, lifted the hair in front of his forehead, look here, there are already gray hair.

Hua Rongsheng, sometimes I really wish I could be as old as you are, so at least you wouldn't call me small and say I'm childish and don't know any better. I sigh.

Another year, Valentine's Day, is the day I and Hua Yongsheng met a year ago. I asked him to drink, the same bar.

I drank a lot of wine, Hua Yongsheng looked at me, Zhou Li, you should go to a relationship, rather than bored here drinking. I interrupted him, Hua Rongsheng, drink the wine in front of you and we will leave. He smiled helplessly, picked up the wine in front of him and I toasted.

I was the one who dragged him to the cab, and I put a small amount of sleeping pills in his drink. I helped him back to my residence.

When he finally lay in front of me like a sleeping baby, my breathing became tense and rapid, and I slowly removed his clothes, one by one. The first time I kissed his skin, the smell of men made me dizzy for a while, and some indefinable tender emotions slowly enveloped my whole body.

I love Arion, but he refused to give me his love, I stubbornly want to keep something, so I want to leave a child, leaving a memory of him. I really wanted to have a child, and then leave him, far away, to live alone. I believe that it will be a very beautiful child, with eyes as deep as his and soft hair, and I will pour all my love for him into the child. Wally Watson, since I can't get your love, please allow me to love you in this way.

I will never forget that night when my rapid breathing and hot skin pressed against his body and his hands subconsciously tightened around my waist. I kissed every inch of him with a little bit of humility, but more than that, it was a great joy that made me want to cry and yet feel holy joy. There was no shame in giving my body to the one I loved most, and I really did everything with that kind of devotion and focus. My fingers threaded through his hair, my kisses fell on his lips with such warmth that I struggled like a fish out of water, tirelessly struggling.

I was pushed awake by Hua Rongsheng, I opened my eyes, he was already fully dressed, his eyes intertwined with complex feelings. He brought a glass of water to me, drink it. I obediently drank it, he sighed, you're hungry, I'll cook for you to eat. I sat across from him and chewed his food one by one, saying in my heart, "Goodbye, Hua Rongsheng.

I have foreseen our future, he will treat me as cautiously and vigilantly as a fellow traveler, he will no longer look at me with clarity and no knots, I do not want our relationship to go to such a dead end. So, after this meal, he and I will never see each other again. But a certain seed in his body, may be taking root in my body, that will be the best gift from heaven to me.

Hua Rongsheng didn't look at me, just bowed his head and ate. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. I smiled, yes, I will.

A few years later, when I was organizing my things at home, in an old photo album, I saw a photo of me and a little girl together, the person who took the photo, was Hua Rongsheng. This name came through the smoke and dust of time and space, curling up, still makes my eyes flooded with a slight dampness. I took the photo out in my hand and looked at it, and suddenly found that there were words on the reverse side, in Hua Rongsheng's familiar script.

He wrote: Zhou Li, the moment I woke up and heard you murmuring the word child in your sleep, I guessed what kind of move you were going to make. I know exactly how difficult it is for a person to bring up a child. You are so young and impulsive age, I can't let you make life too hard for yourself in the name of love when you are young. So, please forgive me for putting the morning-after pill in your water. I hope you, don't get hurt. Love yourself well, that's all that matters.

My tears finally fell in that moment with a loud bang. My son ran over and called out to me, "Mom, what's wrong with you? I shook my head, nothing, the wind blew.

Yes, I really do have a happy family, as he said, and a lovely child, but not Hua Yong born. That night, I did not get pregnant.

The name Hua Yongsheng, with the settling of time, with the successful peace of life, was gradually buried deep into my heart, no longer easily remembered.

A touching true love story In this summer, the sky is the limit

In the second year of my parents' divorce, Lu Ye began to walk with her head down, as if she were an ostrich that would never raise her head again. That day, she bought a bunch of ginger flowers from a flower vendor. A dollar a bunch, a bunch of 4 flowers. She bought 5 yuan and happily walked down the street with a bouquet. The streets are clean, the air is clean, and the heart is clean. The girl holding a large bouquet of flowers, whether roses or ginger flowers, should have a story to tell, or a little story about to happen.

She tilted her head up and suddenly she saw the blue sky and a pink balloon thrown by who knows who that was hanging from the top of a tree.

Then she stopped at an open basketball court. She saw a boy in straw-colored clothes playing basketball.

She stood there for a long time watching. This boy, who had transferred to their class only yesterday, was named Qin Shang, and she sat in her seat and watched him quietly as he introduced himself. He turned around and wrote his name on the blackboard. That name was written into her heart one stroke at a time.

He ran over to talk to her through the wire. She did not dare to look into his eyes, but by the feeling, she knew he was smiling.

Those conversations were all tedious questions, such as the name of the class president, the temperament of the teacher. She kept her head down during that time. Finally, she pulled a ginger flower out of the bouquet, carefully slipped it through the mesh of the wire, and said timidly, "It's for you.

She looked up without thinking, and saw those eyes, in the summer air, mixed with a hint of the fragrance of ginger flowers, suddenly pushed open the door in her heart.

Is not qualified or not courageous

On the day before her birthday, Qin Shang stuffed a small thing into her school bag, which she saw outside the window. In that moment, her face was slightly parched red. She pretended to peel the green moss growing on the window, but her heart was so shocked that it was about to jump up.

When school was over, she happened to hear some girls talking about Qin Shang. The family is very rich, beautiful family, the father is a dignitary, the mother comes from a bookish family. At that time, her heart sank a little. She thought of her divorced parents and buried her head like an ostrich.

Qin Shang gave her a small scented capsule, and when she carefully turned it over, she saw that it was filled with stars made of folded paper. The paper smelled of flowers.

She spread the stars out. Then she saw what was written inside.

After reading it, she smiled. After laughing, there was a little worry. In the end, she did not move and gave him back the scented bag, which read: Maybe I do not deserve to fall in love. After all, we are still very young.

The next day Qin Shang stopped her at the door of her house. He stubbornly wanted to give her his birthday present, she said nothing, so the two pushed and gave way, until her mother coughed lightly upstairs.

She was so shocked that she rushed upstairs. As she went up the stairs, she waved at him and said, "Go away, go away, we are still friends. Qin Shang stubbornly refused to go and finally said: Do you think I won't wait for you? Her steps up the stairs slowed down a little. At that moment, she was a little shaken.

But she was a precocious child who learned too soon that having it instantly didn't mean anything. At that time, she understood that the gulf between Qin Shang and herself was insurmountable.

You think I won't wait for you?

In the college entrance examination to fill in the volunteer, Qin Shang and she filled in the same city school. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. Anyone could see that he liked her, but she had to pretend she didn't know anything. When the college entrance exam results came down, her results surprised everyone. Her mother always felt that it was her divorce that affected her.

She went to a distant city to study third grade, and the school Qin Shang got into was on opposite sides of the world. The day she left, Qin Shang called her name from under her house, but she didn't go down.

When she left, she went through the other door. When she saw Qin Shang's back from afar, tears rolled down her face.

She began to feel that her fate was irreversible, always desolate, always sad.

In college, she became even more inferior, even humble to the point of being somewhat self-absorbed. She didn't like to go out of the dormitory building, and didn't even want to go around the campus in the usual way. People are very strange to this girl, always feel that she has a full heart, but do not want to speak out, like a face full of sad toys, always present, but do not know why it was made so sad.

That day she was brushing her teeth, a mouthful of foam when she heard the phone ring.

There was no one in the dorm room, they were all out. So she rushed to answer the phone and heard Qin Shang's voice.

Tears fell from her eyes.

Qin Shang asked her: Why have you been avoiding me after the college entrance exam? She did not reply, just kept falling into tears.

Qin Shang said again: I asked a lot of classmates to ask for your phone number. I said I would wait for you, you thought


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